Author Topic: The Legend of Qin - Translated Song Lyrics  (Read 1686 times)

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The Legend of Qin - Translated Song Lyrics
« on: May 06, 2012, 02:02:52 AM »
This thread is for posting any translated song lyrics in English for The Legend of Qin.

胡彥斌 Anson Hu YanBin - 月光 [Yue Guang] [Moonlight]
Album: 音樂斌潮/Music of Anson Hu
Anime: 秦時明月/Qin's Moon
Songwriter: 胡彥斌 Anson Hu YanBin
Lyricist: 林文炫 Lin WenXuan
Arranged by: 胡彥斌 Anson Hu YanBin
Produced by: 胡彥斌 Anson Hu YanBin
Pin Yin and Translation Credit: tammiest@AsianFanatics

月光色 女子香
Yue guang se Nu zi xiang
The color of moonlight, The fragrance of woman
淚斷劍 情多長
Lei duan jian Qing duo chang
A sword broken by tears, An affection deep and long (1)
有多痛 無字想
You duo tong Wu zi xiang
No words to describe My pain
Wang le ni
Forgetting you
孤單魂 隨風蕩
Gu dan hun Sui feng dang
My lonely spirit sways with the wind
誰去笑 癡情郎
Shei qu xiao Chi qing lang
Who laughs at This sentimental lover?
Zhe hong chen de zhan chang
In the battlefield of this mortal world
千軍萬馬 有誰能稱王
Qian jun wan ma You shei neng cheng wang
There are a million strong and mighty-- who can declare himself king?
過情關 誰敢闖
Guo qing guan Shei gan chuang
The gates and obstacles of love-- Who dares to charge through them?
望明月 心悲涼
Wang ming yue Xin bei liang
Gazing at the moon, My heart is desolate
千古恨 輪回嘗
Qian gu hen Lun hui chang
Eternal regret for the ages, each cycle, again and again (2)
眼一閉 誰最狂
Yan yi bi Shei zui kuang
Once the eyes have closed, Who is the victor? (3)
Zhe shi dao de wu chang
The uncertainty of this world, of these times
Zhu ding gan ai de ren yi sheng shang
Has doomed those who dare to love to a lifetime of hurt and sorrow

(1) In wuxia novels, the sword was literally regarded and treated as the second "life" of the hero. In the lyrics, the sword has not literally been broken by tears... rather, his lover's tears are so powerful and so devastating that he feels that his sword-- or his "life"-- is broken.

There is also a saying in Chinese: tears can 斷腸 duan chang-- a phrase which means "heartbroken," but can actually be translated literally as "break the intestines." If, indeed, tears are powerful enough to break the intestines, so vital to one's "real" life, why not also powerful enough to "break the sword"?
(2) For the purposes of this song and this line, 恨 hen should not be read in its typical standalone form or definition of "hate" or "hatred." The lyricist meant for it to be read in the context of 悔恨 hui hen, which means "deep regret."
(3) "Once the eyes have closed" is a euphemism for "once one is no longer alive."

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