Author Topic: The origin of Nwa and Fu Xi (Nuwa's Husband)  (Read 6692 times)

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The origin of Nwa and Fu Xi (Nuwa's Husband)
« on: March 03, 2012, 03:24:06 AM »

Goddess Nwa

All right, the last time on fuckyeahchinese myths, we talked about Pan Gu and how he awesomely created the world in like, 18 000 years by holding up the sky and dying, because lots of his body parts became the hills and valleys and made the earth oh -so-awesome.

But yknow who came after that? Nwa!

She is so badass, because shes like, the female creation goddess who actually came to earth from the heavens, took a look around here and was all, aw damn, this place is too awesome, yall and so she started making all the animals that lived here today.

And after doing this for six days, she still felt lonely, and she finally decided to create people in guess what? Her own image!

Hmm, it seems like shes not the only god who does that, huh? So she painstakingly made each and every human out of clay, but of course she got tired [I mean, the assembly line hadnt been invented yet,] so she just started making them haphazardly.

Aaaaand this is why there are nobles and peasants. You know, since the nobles were presumably the ones that were better made.

Oh yeah. And there was this really cool bit about her mending the sky, too. You see, Nwa had a husband named Fuxi, and when he died, she took over his duties, which made this other god, Gong Gong, pissed. He then destroyed the sky and there was a huge hole in it, so the sky couldnt completely stretch over the earth. There are other versions, and in another, Gong Gong was fighting with other Chinese gods and made a pillar in the sky fall down to the earth, making a big hole. Ooops.

Oh yeah. And then floods and fires and other disasters occurred. Shit.

So, to make things right again, she used the legs of a tortoise to patch up the pillar, and she patched up the sky bytaking seven colourful stones and melting them. Voila. You have a masterpiece!

And for an added bonus, you have a modern-ish type illustration of her, and a more archaic one. The first one is her mending the sky, since she is riding on a tortoise.

Woo! Sorry this took so long!

Edit: Sorry, the second picture wasnt that of Nwa, but the first one is, so I took the former down. Apologies for the mistake!

Fu Xi (Nuwa's Husband)

See, Fu Xi was one of the Five Emperors that ruled during the mythical dynasty before the Xia Dynasty. (More on them later.)

So once upon a time, there was this place in the country called the state of Huaxushi, there was this perfect village (utopia) full of people who had like, no desires whatsoever. They also had like, very very very long lives, so they didnt know the diff between life and death. Also, Huaxushi was named after a well-known lady, and it was this well-known lady who gave birth to Fu Xi.

Huaxushi went to this place called Leize, in the east, and on the way she saw this huge-ass footprint. So she did what any curious human being did. She stepped in it, and tada! She was pregnant with Fu Xi. Oh yeah, Leize was this god who had a human head and dragon body, so when Fu Xi was born, he looked like that, too.

Fu Xi and Nwas Marriage

Yay! Look at the porno pic of the first couple! K, it was said that Fu Xi like, totally invented marriage because errbody was like, totally having sex left and right. There was like, total chaos cause people were jealous of other people having sex with their wives or husbands, so Fu Xi was all, K, guys. Imma make a law that says you can only be with one person and one person only, so get married, yall. Which is what people did.

Anyway, in this tale, Fu Xi was Nwas brother, and they were like, the only beings on earth. And so, they couldnt get married to each other, cause it would be incest - gross. Anyway, what they did was this. They went to Mount Kunlun, and each of them made a bonfire.

Hey, Jade Emperor, if we can like, marry, let the smoke of the two fires mingle, k?

The smoke from the fires like, got together, and they got married. Woo!

The Other Story in which they also get married.

Fu Xi was like, fishing in a lake, totally minding his own business, but a turtle showed up. He was all, Dude, Imma let you finish, but theres this epic flood comin yknow the drill - the earth will sink and everywhere will be like, water. This will happen after 100 days, though. I can totally help you out, but you have to catch me fish errday, yo.

The deal was pretty reasonable, so Fu Xi was all, k. Nwa also did the same thing when she heard that, so the turtle nommed as much fish as he wanted.

On the day of the flood, the turtle swallowed them up and brought them back to his palace, and they saw all the fish they had given the turtle. Aaaaand, when the flood was over, the turtle brought them back to earth and they saw they were like, the last people on earth, and they were like, k, we need the human race to continue, right? So should we marry or not?

Each of them then like, took a millstone, which looks like this:

And they rolled it down the hill, going, Well, Jade Emperor, if we were like, supposed to get married, let my millstone combine with the other, k? And after this, they saw that the millstones combined together, and they got married.

Other Things Fu Xi Did

He came up with this, the 8 trigrams used in divination, which is thought to be able to predict errything in the whole world. And of course, under King Wenwang of the Zhou Dynasty, the 8 trigrams became the 64 trigrams, and TADA! You got the I-Ching!

And he pretty much invented fishing nets, and taught errbody how to make one, yo. He also gave them the gift of fire, invented the lute and the psaltery.

Misc Stuff about Fu Xi

Fu Xi is buried - gasp! - in Huayang in the Henan province, and erry year, people go to his tomb to say wassup to the first ancestor of the human beings.

(You seriously didnt think he was real, didnt ya? There was probably a guy like that, too, except he didnt really um, have a snakes body.)

Some people say, that after his death, Fu Xi totally became like, God of the East Heaven, with the God of Wood. Hes also like, in charge of the season spring, and governs from like Jieshi Mountain from Hebei Province, all the way up to Korea and Daren State till the place where you can like, see the sun rise. Cause of this, his symbolic colour is green.

(Last Say: Waaaay to introduce heteronormativity into the pantheon, eh? I bet Ancient Chinese people (wayyy before the Xia) lived in a matriarchal society, until some old bugger like him came along and introduced this shit. But oh well. I guess evidence of all this is attributed to a god, so its not necessarily a bad thing.)

《Upcoming: Xuan Yuan Sword - Scar of the Sky:

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Re: The origin of Nwa and Fu Xi (Nuwa's Husband)
« Reply #1 on: March 15, 2012, 03:42:43 PM »
Wow, a masterpiece of info! It's so funny how you narrate it.... :D
I haven't read about Fuxi yet...but, it's sooooo interesting so far!
I would like to know more about Pan Gu and Gong gong... (whatever it is)....very interesting.
(BTW, is "voila" a French word?)

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Re: The origin of Nwa and Fu Xi (Nuwa's Husband)
« Reply #2 on: March 20, 2013, 05:01:45 AM »
Just a quick FYI:
In Chinese Paladin series, Zhao Ling Er is considered to be a decedent of Goddess Nu Wa, hence the snake tail coming from Ling Er.
In the Feng Shen Bang series, King Zhou visits the temple of the ancient Chinese goddess Nwa to worship her. He notices that the statue of the goddess is very attractive. The lewd king spouts blasphemy before the statue, "It'd be good if I could marry Her". He writes poems on the walls to express his lust for the goddess. He has offended Nwa unknowingly and Nwa foresees that King Zhou is destined to be the last ruler of the Shang Dynasty. She sends the thousand year old vixen spirit, nine-headed pheasant spirit and jade pipa spirit to bewitch the king and hasten his downfall. The king becomes obsessed with the spirits, who disguise themselves as beautiful women, and starts to neglect state affairs and rule with cruelty. The people suffer under his tyranny and eventually join King Wu of Zhou to rise up and overthrow him.


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Re: The origin of Nwa and Fu Xi (Nuwa's Husband)
« Reply #3 on: March 24, 2013, 08:28:27 PM »
I've always found it strange that the fox, the pipa, and the pheasant demons (I prefer to call they demons since they are technically alive creatures) were sent by Nuwa, yet in the end they get killed by the other party also sent by Nuwa instead of being assigned as deities for their contribution in bringing down Shang dynasty. Although it might be because the way they achieved it was rather cruel.

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Re: The origin of Nwa and Fu Xi (Nuwa's Husband)
« Reply #4 on: August 23, 2013, 01:57:17 AM »
The other one, I have no idea and never really got it LOL!

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