Author Topic: Wuxia! Issue #1 - "The Jasmine Dawn"  (Read 535 times)

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Wuxia! Issue #1 - "The Jasmine Dawn"
« on: April 28, 2018, 11:42:58 AM »

You have been in Jasmine Dawn for sometime now and you have quickly learned that the best way to pass your days until you move on is inside Dragon's Landing. Jasmine Dawn is a small town, with a single teahouse, no access to any bodies of water or rivers, a small woodland to the north, farmlands to the south and after a day's walk, the Western Reaches to the west. Its people are not very friendly to outsiders and you can tell by their stares at you. Regardless, the local brewmaster (whose name you have learned to be Chubby Dragon as a reference to his weight) is friendly enough and he does brew a wonderful tea for such a small place. The tea servers are also not as awkward around you, except for that young one who kept spilling some tea on the table when he was serving you (thankfully, he is no longer sent to your tables). The teahouse is at a busy hour on a quiet day, so it means there are about fifty people in the building. There are two floors and a small atrium in the middle of the place. Despite the protests of some of the elder folk, liquor is also being served in small doses. Currently, you may have seen each other in town once or twice, but you have never talked to each other, thus you are sitting at different tables. What do you do?

Please help.

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