Author Topic: Qin's Moon Season 5 is out!!  (Read 271864 times)

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Re: Qin's Moon Season 5 is out!!
« on: April 19, 2017, 11:54:38 PM »
2 episodes by Friday, oh wow, you don't have to! xD It'll be nice to have them in advance, but when there's a chance, rest well. ^.^

I'll be putting season 5 episode 31 to the public soon~! I'll leave an edit (or post) when I actually do it. Okay, episode 31 is switched on the public view. I hope this wasn't crazy, because I did wanted to wait. Forgive me if this surprised you guys.

But proofreading is ALWAYS welcome! <3

I will start the draft video for season 5 episode 33 tomorrow. Not sure if I can finish it in one night.

9 Songs episode 13 is still going to be translated this the weekend. If I have time, then I'll make draft video for 9 songs episode 12.

Note: I work 10 hours a day, Mondays-Thursdays. Lately, there has been no overtime, so I am planning on spending more time on either season 5 or 9 songs. The only solution to get away from family is by having less hours of sleep... or sleep at 6pm and wake up at 2am. Something like that. Bah haha.

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