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About Me:
Ever since I watched Qin's Moon in January 2013, I have been a complete fan. XD
Favorite Shows:

3D animation: Qin's Moon (all of them), RWBY, NanoCore, Hua Jianghu Zhi Ling Zhu, The Young Imperial Guards

Japanese Anime: Kuroko no Basket, Fairy Tail, K Anime, Guilty Crown, Kimi to Boku, A Certain Scientific Railgun, Hakuouki, RideBack, Super Gals, A Certain Magical Index, D.Gray-Man, Summer Wars

TV series / live actions: Running Man (Korea), The Legend of Qin (2015), Gods of Honour, Face to Fate, Journey to the West (Dicky Cheung & Benny Chan), Legend of the Ancient Sword, Perfec
How did you find out?:
...Um, my first series started when I was very young. XD My parents watched them often in Thai dubbed (for wuxia series). I'm not Thai, but I know the language a little bit since I watched a lot of wuxia in Thai dubs.
Translating, listening to music, AMVs, fanfics, video games, some drawing
Asian American
Ways to promote these series?:
AMVs! I try to use Anime songs, but many are copyrighted, so I try whatever I can. Popular songs are a good idea, but I tend to use whatever I feel like making with.
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