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How did you find out?:
I've been watching Chinese dramas as a child. I found out about Qin's Moon through sites like deviantart though, and even saw it advertised on tv while I was in China.
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Ways to promote these series?:
This is quite hard to answer, the reason being, I think people first need to be interested in the culture before anything. Many English speakers may choose not to watch foreign films because they don't understand the language. Even with translations, it takes time to understand why things are said in certain ways. Language is tied to each culture, so maybe one way is by getting people interested in learning the language. Then it becomes easier for people to choose to watch shows and listen to music in that language.

The most basic way to spread awareness though, is probably just emphasizing the kungfu aspects- since that seems to fascinate many English-speaking/Non-Chinese people. Movies like Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon, House of Daggers, etc. are popular in the West.
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