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Hi everyone! It's been ages.
I just wanted to let you know that I'm selling my Tian Ming and Yue'er plush which was custom made a few years ago. They are really great quality but we're in a bit of a desperate situation so I have to part ways with them.
If you want to auction, go to this link:

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Ever wanted to know how how a Seven of the sky Sequel would be like? HERE'S AN EXCELLENT MV to represent that!

Seriously, this is done so FREAKING amazingly well that it even satisfied my cravings for a SEQUEL!

I seriously love this MV creator!!! I LOVE THE ENDING! AHHH I'm going crazy here because I LOVE THISSSSSSSSSS! AHHHHHH !!!!!!!!!!

Anyway, here are posters and video!


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English subbed version:
(Click here to view the rest!)

I usually upload the subbed version a day or two after it's released, so check for updates always!

How would you spread awareness of Ancient Chinese Series?

This is an extremely important question so I encourage everyone to please have a go at answering.

Firstly, I should say that it is my goal to make the world know more about Ancient Chinese Series during my lifetime, and I would pretty much do anything to make this dream come true, so that there will be more fans, more events and you see more fansites & etc. To do this, I truly need your help with ideas.

If you were promoting Ancient Chinese Series to mainly an English Speaking audience, how would you get people to notice these shows?

Keep in mind:

1) They probably know nothing about Wuxia/Ancient Chinese Series and may be skeptical.
2) Most people don't like trying new things.
3) They may be too busy even if they were interested.

I'd like everyone to please stay on topic and not to deviate from the subject.

Thank you, this will mean the world to me!

Please list all the ideas you can think of on this thread. You can also suggest ideas that requires money.

Dear Members: I will appreciate if you can spare a few minutes to answer this in your busy schedule, consider this the ultimate way to say thanks! Because seriously, this is the one thing I really need, so the more details you can give with your answer, the more eternally grateful I will be. Thank you!

Update: Firstly, I truly appreciate every single person's reply, it makes me so absolutely happy to see people replying here and I really thank you for your time! ;D

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I just realised we didn't even have a thread to the amazing author of so many great wuxia stories/series.

Real name: Louis Cha (aka Tra Luong Dung)
Born: June 06, 1924
Pen-name: Jin Yong (aka Kam Yung, Kim Dung)

The greatest wuxia writer and one of the most influential Chinese-language novelists.

Louis Cha aka Zha Liangyong (Cha Leung Yung), was born on June 6, 1924. He is known to most by his penname Jin Yong or Kam-yung (Cantonese), and is one of the most influential modern Chinese-language wuxia novelists of all time.

He is widely regarded as the finest Chinese wuxia ("martial arts and chivalry") writer, a reputation based on 15 wuxia novels and short stories he wrote from 1955 to 1972. He has a widespread, unchallenged, almost religious following in all Chinese-speaking areas, including mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Southeast Asia. His books have sold over 300 million copies worldwide (over 1 billion if one includes bootleg copies) making him by far the best-selling Chinese author still alive.

His works have been translated into Korean, English, Japanese, French, Vietnamese, Bahasa Indonesian, Thai and he has many fans abroad as well, thanks to the numerous adaptations of his works made into films and television series.

Jin Yong's novels:
Book and Sword: Gratitude and Revenge

Jin Yong's first published novel. The story revolves around the Red Flower Society, led by its leader Chan Kar-lok, in its battle to overthrow the Manchu Dynasty. They are forced to rethink their mission after it is revealed that the current Manchu emperor, Qian Long (Chien Lung), is actually of Han birth, and is the older brother of Chan Kar-lok.

Sword Stained with Royal Blood

Set in the final years of the Ming Dynasty. The story revolves around Yuen Sing-chi, the son of a Ming general who was wrongfully accused of treason by the Emperor Chong Zhen. Yuen grows up to be a master martial artist, who wants nothing more than to avenge his father, and clear his name. Complications arise when Yuen falls for the emperor's daughter.

Flying Fox of Snowy Mountain

Not a feature length novel, but a short novel based on the exploits of the Flying Fox Wu Fei. The story is about Wu Fei's mission to avenge his parents, but Jin Yong uses Fei to bring out his parents' history and the reason they died.

The Young Flying Fox

As the title suggests, this is a short novel about the early years of the Flying Fox, and his relationship with difficult girls. His love for justice and fighting for the good is counter-balanced by his cold-heartedness, and his inability to hold down friends.

The Eagle-Shooting Heroes

The first part of a trilogy. Set in the Sung Dynasty (12th Century AD China) at a time when the Mongols were threatening to invade, the story is centred around a young man named Kwok Jing. Kwok grows up in Mongolia but is of Han descent. He becomes a staunch supporter of the Sung emperor, and vows to stop the Mongol invasion. Kwok falls in love with Wong Yung, the daughter of Wong Shin-yeung, one of the five greatest martial artists of the time. The others are: Wong Yat-si (The Sinister East); Ou Yeung-fung (The Evil West); Hung Chat-gung (Northern Beggar); and Duen Zhi-shing (Southern emperor).

The Return of the Eagle heroes

The second part of the trilogy. Set around twenty years after the first book, the Mongol hordes are invading China; Kwok Jing and his wife, Wong Yung, are desperately trying to save the city of Seung Yeung from falling to the Mongols. Although Kwok and his wife are featured prominently in the novel, the real hero of the book is Yeung Gor, the orphaned son of Yeung Hong (friend/enemy of Kwok Jing). Yeung has had a troubled upbringing, and is more of a rebel of the traditional themes. He meets a beautiful young woman called Little Dragon Girl, who teaches him martial arts. Later they fall in love, but due to fateful circumstances, they have to wait another sixteen years to be finally together.

Heaven Sword and Dragon Sabre

Final part of the trilogy. Set around a hundred years after part two, the story revolves around the two greatest weapons on earth: the Heaven Sword and Dragon Sabre, said to be forged by Kwok Jing and Wong Yung. If combined together, the weapons would give the bearer ultimate power, so that he/she could rid China of the Mongols. The hero of the story is an orphan boy called Cheung Mo-kei, who gained great power from the Nine Sacred Scrolls. He becomes leader of the Ming Sect, and by the end of the novel, enables one of his commanders, Zhu Yuan Zhuang, to become the founder of the new Ming Dynasty; while Mo-kei runs off into the sunset with a Mongol princess.

Demi Gods and Semi Devils

Regarded as one of Jin Yong's greatest pieces of work. Demi Gods and Semi Devils is a very long story about the different behaviour aspects of people turned good/bad. The three heroes of the book are: Qill Fung, the leader of the Beggar society. Brought up by a Han couple, he believed himself to be of Han descent, but when it is revealed that he is actually a Khitan, his fellow members forces him out; Duen Yuet, a prince of Dali, is a young happy-go-lucky man whose good luck gets him the best of everything; and finally, Zhu, the cowardly monk, whose inability to fight becomes much a farce. But he overcomes his fears and becomes a master martial artist.

Way of the Heroes

Story about twins, whose separation at birth leads them to have very different personalities. One is a serious goody-two-shoes, while the other is a mischievous brawler, whose obsession with good looking girls net him half a dozen wives.

Requiem of Ling Sing

One of the most depressing stories ever written by Jin Yong. Yun has had a poor upbringing, but his friendship with a girl gives him hope. However, she goes off with another bloke, which leaves poor Yun heartbroken. He learns some damn good martial arts, but is betrayed by people he thought to be friends.

The Proud Smiling Wanderer

One of the most famous of his works, this was different in respect that there were a number of anti-traditional themes within the story. Main hero Ling Wu Chung loses his girlfriend to another bloke; is betrayed by his master, and later faces Asia the Invincible.

Deer and the Cauldron aka Duke of Mount Deer

Another one of Jin Yong's classics, and the last one he ever wrote. This is more of a comedy than a serious outlook on the jiang hu world. The hero Wai Siu Bo is more of an anti-hero, whose characteristics are certainly the very opposite of a traditional hero. He doesn't know any martial arts at all, and his crude womanising ways is certainly something a true hero would frown upon. However, his endearing qualities mean that he is quick to make friends, even turn enemies into friends, and he remains one of the best loved characters created by Jin Yong.


A native of Haining county, Zhejiang province, China, Cha is the second of seven children from an illustrious family of scholars. Cha was an avid reader of literature from an early age, especially of wuxia fiction. He first studied at Zhejiang Province Jiaxing High School, and was admitted to the Faculty of Foreign Languages in Chunking Central University. He later transferred to the Faculty of Law at Dongwu University to major in International Law.

In 1947, Cha joined Shanghai's newspaper Ta Kung Pao as a journalist. One year later, he was posted to the Hong Kong division as a copyeditor. When Cha was transferred to Hsin Wan Pao as Deputy Editor, he met Chen Wentong, who in 1953 wrote his first wuxia novel under the pseudonym Liang Yusheng (梁羽生). Chen and Cha became good friends, and it was under the former's influence that Cha began work on his first serialized martial arts novel, The Romance of the Book and Sword, in 1955. In 1957, while still working on wuxia serializations, he quit his previous job and worked as a scenarist-director and scriptwriter at the Great Wall Movie Enterprises Ltd and Phoenix Film Company.

In 1959, together with fellow high-school mate Sham Po Sun (沈寶新), Cha founded the Hong Kong newspaper Ming Pao. Cha served as its Editor-in-Chief for years, writing both serialized novels and editorials. His editorials were well respected, and Ming Pao gained a reputation as one of Hong Kong's most highly rated press. Cha wrote his last wuxia novel in 1972, after which he officially retired from writing, and spent the remaining years of that decade editing and revising his literary works instead. The first complete definitive edition of his works appear in 1979.

By then, Cha's martial arts novels have earned great popularity in Chinese-speaking areas. All of his novels have since been adapted into films, TV series and radio series in Hong Kong, Taiwan and Mainland China. The important characters in his novels are so well-known to the public that they can be alluded to with ease between all three regions.

In later years in the 1970s, Cha was involved in Hong Kong politics. He was one of the writers who drafted the Hong Kong Basic Law, although, after the Tiananmen Square massacre in 1989, he resigned in protest. He was also part of the Preparatory Committee set up in 1996 to supervise Hong Kong's transition by the Chinese government.

In 1993, Cha prepared for retirement from editorial work, selling all his shares in Ming Pao. Together with the royalties from his works, Cha's personal wealth is estimated at some HK$600 million. One of his cousins is the Chinese poet writer Xu Zhimo, who studied in Cambridge University.

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OMG! They released new pictures of Legend of Qin season 4, they also confirmed that season 4 has finished dubbing (for real this time LOL)

LOL it is soooooo absolutely hilarious! Tianming is his usual, funny self, up to lots of mischief!

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Fairy2 is a two singer group who creates their original music on 5sing and sing covers. They have a beautiful voice range.

Fairy2 - Snow Telling the Departure Song 雪诉离歌
"Legend of the Ancient Sword" fanmade song!

Singers: Ling Zhixuan & Meng Lan


Instrumental Version:

江湖怨 情仇有谁能言
The enmity of rivers and lakes, who can speak of the love, the hate?
红尘事 是非有谁能辨
Who can change rights and wrongs of the mortal world?

问世间 谁书旧诗卷
Asking the world, who writes the classic books of poems?

问梦里 谁拨古琴弦
Asking our dreams, who's playing the ancient instrument strings?

看远山的飞雪 雪落相思却成灰
Watching the snow flying in the mountains afar,
Falling snow, missing each other, turning to ashes.

Snow doesn't understand how pognant the flowers are

When love seems like flowers withering,
When leaves pile up,
When longing becomes tears

My only purpose is to search for you.
In this life, I don't care if it's right or wrong

We're predestined in this life, a lifetime of sadness

To leave each other, to remember each other - that's the ending fate has written for you

Though I'm filled with regret in this life, but I won't express it.

看远山的飞雪 雪落相思却成灰
Watching the snow flying in the mountains afar,
Falling snow, missing each other, turning to ashes.

Snow doesn't understand how pognant the flowers are

When love seems like flowers withering,
When leaves pile up,
When longing becomes tears

My only purpose is to search for you.
In this life, I don't care if it's right or wrong

Ostentatious half a life, drunk in another half

To leave each other, to remember each other - that's the ending fate has written for you

Though I'm filled with regret in this life, but I won't express it.

My only purpose is to search for you.
In this life, I don't care if it's right or wrong

We're predestined in this life, a lifetime of sadness

To leave each other, to cherish teach other - that's the ending fate has written for you.

We held our hands, fleeting time is like water


Jiāngh yun qng chu yǒu shu nng yn
Hngchn sh shfēi yǒu shu nng bin
Wnsh jiān shu shū jishī juǎn
Wn mng lǐ shu bō gǔqn xin

Kn yuǎn shān de fēi xuě xuě lu xiāngsī qu chng huī
Xuě b dǒng luhuā de qīměi
Děng i ru huā kūwěi
Děng y chng duī
Děng sīnin yě huchng li

Zhǐ wi xn nǐ bguǎn jīnshēng cu yǔ du
Yīshēng qngyun yīsh bēi
Xiāng l xiāng y sh mngyn wi nǐ xiě xi de jij
Cǐshēng suī yǒu hn qu b yn huǐ

Kn yuǎn shān de fēi xuě xuě lu xiāngsī qu chng huī
Xuě b dǒng luhuā de qīměi
Děng i ru huā kūwěi
Děng y chng duī
Děng sīnin yě huchng li

Zhǐ wi xn nǐ b r lnhu de huāng hn bnsh fhu bnshēng zu
Xiāng l xiāng y sh mngyn wi nǐ xiě xi de jij cǐshēng suī yǒu hn qu b yn huǐ

Zhǐ wi xn nǐ bguǎn jīnshēng cu yǔ du yīshēng qngyun yīsh bēi
Xiāng x xiāng xī sh mngyn wi nǐ x xiě de jij zh zǐ zhī shǒu tn linin s shuǐ

Some of the translations are probably not that accurate but I tried my best. This is a song I really love, it's so peaceful and just pretty.

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Transcriptions of lyrics, pinyin, and translation for the theme song of Legend of the Condor Heroes (2008) by Ronald Cheng are below.

Waiting for whose soul to emerge
Looking at the discoloration of the scenery
Going to save this horizons dreary loneliness
Who is sentimental over lifes changes?
Many worries are exposed on the heart
Just because the worlds affairs killed myths
Many minds of the world are intersecting
The bloody massacre dyes the enemys land
Hard to disobey even the wrongs of Heaven
How to prevent regret, the elegy of sorrow?
Fearing that life had only moved through the years with faith
This, for the next generations to decide
He is the roaring wind
He is the firm mountain
He is the sword of tomorrow
Watching the moonlit night
Eyes full of sorrow
He is the calmness of water
He is the withering flowers silence
He is the pride of the world
The actual sunset beyond
Quiet sighs of woe


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I'll be posting the funny stories I hear in interview or other places about actors/actresses while filming.


So, I was watching this interview of a guy talking about Qiong Yao series and there's this one actor called Steve Ma (Ma Jing Tao), and he is the famous 'madman' when it comes to acting, because he's so drawn in the acting that he's capable of doing actions that you wouldn't think he'd do, like WELL over-dramatic.

For example, he was acting in a scene when he was raging mad, and this wasn't on the script but he threw a fan at the female lead just because it was there. Often, the female lead would be afraid of him.

Interview guy: So, she had to arrive on set extra early. She'd be like... "No, take that away, get rid of this. Move that, GET RID OF THAT BOOK! The laptop there won't do, GET RID OF IT!" (cos he'll likely to pick it up and throw it at someone). So in the end - the room is like BARE and all he can do is slap the tables a few times. LOL!!

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The Legend of Qin - Official Fan Site

I'm proud to announce the debut of the Official English Website for The Legend of Qin. I would really love everyone to go on it and look at it. Also, like like our twitter and facebook pages:

This will support the official English release of The Legend of Qin (the Official English name for Qin's Moon) and is just the first of many exciting things coming.

Stay tuned for more news on The Legend of Qin, including official sites where you'll be able to watch the series (with my English subs!!!!!)

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As you can probably can tell, the mediafire links for all the series aren't working. I am not going to upload on mediafire anymore because it's too unreliable, as they not only randomly delete files, they randomly delete accounts too. (At least for now, I won't be using it)

I am working on re-uploading the series on rapidshare, and yes I do realise it's slow, but there is no better option right now, so unless you're willing to go search for a better host and upload the episodes on there to share with us, please do not complain about the speeds or ask for mirrors (unless you want me to be very annoyed and not want to upload anything at all.)

Re-uploading files on rapidshare will take a long time, because there are over 50 series and it takes about two or three days to complete one series (depending on size). I ask that you are patient, because they will eventually be up, it will just take time. 

If you really want series up fast, then please help us by uploading some.

Sorry about this but with megaupload taken down, many of the uploading services are very paranoid and things like that will happen a lot. Luckily all the files are on my computer or harddrives so it's just a matter of uploading. Thanks for your patience and I will continue to update you which series are uploaded!

I'd like to say a special thanks to SusanJA19 for helping with reuploading some of the series. It is greatly appreciated!
OMG! I went on Weibo and SAW THIS AMAZING poster they put up for Season 4 of The Legend of Qin/Qin's Moon. I want a really HQ version of it cos it looks so great.

And the new opening is out! HQ too! It looks so freaking amazing, I'm gonna go crazy!

In my opinion, this is one of the BEST openings ever! I LOVE IT TO DEATH!!!

Screenshots of the Opening -

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