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Hi everyone! It's been ages.
I just wanted to let you know that I'm selling my Tian Ming and Yue'er plush which was custom made a few years ago. They are really great quality but we're in a bit of a desperate situation so I have to part ways with them.
If you want to auction, go to this link:

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Mr2tail you rock for all your awesome translations!!!!!!!! I LOVE that you're doing so much for the songs, cos those lyrics give me headaches as the language is soooo poetic and poetry is my worst enemy when it comes to translating because I barely understand it.

Yes I totally agree, the more translations there are, the better chance people will notice something.

Thank you also to everyone else who has given some input in this. I REALLY appreciate it.

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WOW I just saw that, OMFG I never thought the person who crashed into her would be Nicky/4th Prince (damn, don't know his name in the modern time) That is soo interesting. I wanted to see what happens afterwards.

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It's always a pleasure to read your posts and yes, I think some are destined to be together, some like CQ and ZX aren't. I got the feeling that though CQ (and his past lives) enjoyed experiencing love, but his true heart lied with taoism and reaching immortality.

OMG I KNOWW!!!! That was such a heartbreaking moment when they were drinking the water and I knew that neither one of them wouldn't bear to really drink it because they'd rather remember and feel that longing/pain for each other than not feel it at all and as CQ said, drinking that would be like drinking poison!

You're soo right that it was really awesome seeing their relationship mature, and you could see how much it changed.

AWW YEAH! Sometimes I wonder what would happen after CQ became immortal... in the next lives...

AW YEAH! It's odd that Qing'er didn't grow up with Zixuan or Shenggu, I wonder who "Laolao" was in Chinese Paladin, I don't think she was Zixuan though, as many people asked, but they never said if she was Qing'ers mother, so that's still a mystery.

AWW I AM SO HAPPY that you saw this and really enjoyed the show, it is ALWAYS so awesome reading your thoughts!!

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HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR EVERYONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I wish everyone HAPPINESS, HEALTH, and all the great things in the world. May all the exciting moments of joy be with you!!!
Click on the link to see awesome fanarts, artworks, wallpapers and an AMAZING fanmade Chinese New Year song!!!!!!!!

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HI WULF! Welcome and i'm so excited that it all started with Evil Cult with Jet Lee that got you into the genre. I am really excited taht you like the 2009 version, WOW I also saw the 1993 vrsion too, not a lot of people saw that, I saw this when I was a little kid, haha.
Hope you do check out a lot of the other awesome Wuxia series.

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AHHH OMG OMG OMG you even put Wuxia Edge watermark, THAT IS SO THOUGHTFUL AND NICE OF YOU!! You're putting in SO MUCH work for all this, you just rock
I LOVE seeing these screenshots and pics. I'm really enjoying this series!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I'm having a blast going through all of them :D WOOW I haven't even seen that fanart you posted before :O

THANKSSS oh by the way, i had to install some stuff on the blog and i just realized some plugins weren't working so I just went to fix it. Could you tell me if everything's working normal again? i noticed some errors going to recent comment in my log and managed to fix that.

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OMGGGG HuangRong, you summed up this really really well! I LOVe the way you described JC and XX's love that it was like a first snowfall. GOD that is SO FREAKING CLEVER, why didn't I think of that? HAHA!!!

OMG YES I totally thought so as well, if they had met at the same time. I think it would totally depends on what kind of upbringing they had, I believe if YWT didn't live under YS's influence, he would have been JC, then I think he would have been attracted more towards XX, but YWT who was imperfect and killed, could defintiely relate more to NK, so it's so hard to say, haha. 

I just wish they both existed separately so they each get their love. Damn, why couldn't YWT split himself? HAHAHAA

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Shakespeare, you're the best for putting so much effort into creating these AMAZING detailed threads with so much pics and info about each of the series. I LOVE coming here to see them, it really really is so nice of you to do such a thing for this site!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Ohhhh I know is pretty good but I like buying stuff from taobao, you just search for the show name + cosplay and you usually see lots of results

Also, you need to use a taobao agent. I made a tutorial here

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WOOOW BBEAUUUUTIFUL posters, that looks really awesome! I hope someone subs it, I only really want to get invested in a show (like posting about it) if I know people are going to be able to watch it, otherwise it just feels like teasing people if I posted and wrote about it, and people couldn't even find a way to watch.

on: January 20, 2013, 12:14:48 AM 15 Ancient Chinese Entertainment / Seven of the Sky / Re: Seven of the Sky

^HuangRong, your quote about the philosophy of this series should totally be framed and put on the wall!! I AGREE COMPLETELY! The depth and philosophy in this show is INSANE, as in, it truly shows some of the most in depth values of love! I don't know who wrote the script or came up with the idea, but OMFG I admire whoever did that because it has taught me sooooo much!

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