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on: October 03, 2012, 01:35:20 AM 2 News and Introductions / Introductions / helllo


I've been a fan of Shaw Brothers wuxia films, and now I'm half-way thru Romance of Red Dust. Think I'm getting the bug!

Very excited to find out more about these serials.

Thanks for providing such a great resource to newbie enthusiasts like me.

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I think apart from the trailer, it is also important to put a good summary for the movie or series. Most of chinese series kind of lack this thing (in my opinion). Some even leave it blank.

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How I got to watch ancient-chinese series is rather weird. Out of the blue I decide to watch Chinese Paladin, because that was the only ancient-chinese series that I have heard of before going this website. From there I start to love ancient-chinese series thanks to this website  :)

I have thought several ways, but whether it is good or applicable is up to you guys to decide.

1. Coordinate with other ancient-chinese series lovers who manage to create fansite, such as ChibiJennifer of I mean it would be easier if we 'ally' with them.

2. Trailers for ancient-chinese series are important. People say dont judge book by its cover, but many people still do that. The self-made trailers in your youtube account are great, just need to think how to give them more exposure.

3. Promote ancient-chinese series stars, such as Hu Ge, Liu Shi Shi and Wallace Huo. For me, one of the reasons why I love ancient-chinese series is because I can watch my favourite actors/actresses. 4 ancient-chinese series that I have watched so far, Hu Ge starred in all of them, and 2 for LSS.

4. Focus on specific target, like gamers or something. Chinese Paladin, Chinese Paladin 3, and if I am not mistaken, Xuan Yuan Sword 3 are all based on games. For people who play these games, and love the games surely not hard to get them to watch the series. When they love it so much, we can go promote to the forums where they discuss the games.

5. Spread wings to ancient-chinese movies as well. There are great movies out there such as Painted Skin 2 that can get people interested in ancient-chinese. This is to lure them to watch the series because when they are interested in the ancient-chinese genre, they will be more willing to watch

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I love ancient Chinese series very much to start with. For me, its all about the great kunfu, the captivating plots, the rich culture and deep morale values. I believe the essence of raising awareness about anything is to be sure that that thing is of/have the potential of being of some value to the audience. I have gotten many people hooked on these shows just by inviting them to watch it with me. they loved it just like i did and that was it. I have seen some great ancient series remakes this year but there are no subtitles to it. that has kept me from watching it because i do wanna understand whats going on when i eventually get down to it. I believe what is essential is to create English subtitles for as many ancient shows as possible especially the new ones and once people can understand what they are watching, the rest will sell for it self. Dubbing is a turn off by the way :D

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My opinions may not work with the general public, but just individual groups instead.

Similar to Korean shows and Japanese animes, when you think 'Chinese', I assume most will think of 'Kungfu' and 'martial arts'. So, especially towards males, that can be played up in trailers and promotions to draw in audiences. There are so many popular English shows about boxing, fighting, and all that, and those audiences are all potential audiences the moment they see a clip of a Wuxia series and think "the fighting looks awesome!" Maybe live displays of sword fightings can be performed during exhibitions and such? Performed by professionals though, so it's safe yet realistic, and super cool.

I agree with audioscream on having English versions of games on which Wuxia shows are based, or vice versa (although, I'm not exactly sure if there aren't already). Cool online games spread faaaaast. And more people than we know are in fact closet gamers. That will be a quick way to spread attention and garner interest towards Chinese Wuxia in general, then draw them towards the shows.

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well, Im a newbie here but I think you should observe how other asian movies and series get their attention, for example, korean shows are very dramatic and are liked for many girls for that; chinese series have a lot of action and especial efects and you can explore how to take advantage of that by go to conventions or something like that. In the web you can also write reviews or articles and put them in every web or forum that you can. Showing trailers, ads, projecting movies, etc. maybe some of this things can help to spread ancient chinese

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Personally I feel that trailers are very important for promoting and advertising productions. Looking back at the Wuxia's that have made it to American theaters: movies like House of Flying Daggers, Hero, and Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon, all these movies had trailers that successfully appealed their respective movie's redeeming features which captivated an audience. If such trailers were made, and were made accuractely to portray the charms of wuxia, then perhaps people would spark an interest. <

I would like to talk about poor productions and how they would negatively impact expectations for wuxia but that would probably go off topic.

However, I'd like to suggest that instead of only focusing on series series, perhaps you can start translation projects for actual cinema productions as well. I watched Painted Skin and Painted Skin II (Movies) recently, and they were definitely more enjoyable to watch than series, had higher production quality, and required much less commitment and investment in time.

I'm highly against the idea of dubbing Ancient Chinese Series. I'm against it for many reasons but I'll list some of the complications that comes with dubbing:

1. Expensive to hire voice actors to dub so many series.
2. Content, lost in translation, leads to confused audiences.
3. Generally a turn off to see mouth movements that doesn't move accordingly to the words produced.
4. Lots of cultural linguistic issues would be lost if such linguistics were to be attempted to be translated/dubbed in English; for example: when an undesirable event takes place, an Chinese person might say "Aiya" in response to it.

Instead of dubbing, I would much rather Non-Chinese speakers receive input and output, to our language, through viewing our series and eventually making generalizations to some of our cultural linguistics. Like understanding when we'll respond to events with "Aiya", etc.

Another thing to consider is to research how other culture's series series got so popular. For example, you often hear of people going home to watch Korean shows, known for their emphasize on series; and Japan's pretty famous for their Anime genre.

Just some random ideas, in an attempt to show my appreciation for your work on this site. Hope it helps, if you don't like the ideas then scrap it. Thank You.

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Ok at first i would like to add that Hollywood movies who try to portrait Chinese Wuxia or Fantasy movies..truly miss the original story and concept...but yes..they have the vast sponsor and advertising that helps them to pass in every corner of the are some of my opinions...

1)Specially many peoples (even myself in the beginning) don't have the patience to read the subtitles and watch the series at the same if its possible then we should have an English dubbed version of the series with original script.

2)Again a lot of advertising and promotion as much as we can to the foreign countries who have no idea about this culture and TV series.

3)If there is any possibility then we should put up a booth about Ancient Chinese at comicon so that many other peoples specially gamers and TV series lovers can get attention to this region...!!!

4)And lastly my point of view games like Dynasty Warriors and Chinese Paladin should release an English version of their game so that English speaking peoples can play it such as me...this last point is optional since games are not relevant to this topic....hope it helps...:)...and thank you for sharing great TV series...!!!

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as for my opinion, the only way to keep people remembering it by always play movie and series series on television because most of people will always have their free time to watch  :)
try getting a booth for ancient chinese shows at anime conventions such as momocon, dragon con, and anime weekend atlanta
Chinese Paladin OST

Chinese Paladin 3 OST
I don't know if anyone here knows about this series but i personally really like it so i just thought i would like to give others heads up about this series

works are scan by egscans

this url takes you to where the downloads are

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on: August 27, 2012, 09:31:44 PM 14 The Legend of Qin / The Legend of Qin Fanworks / my Qin's moon AMV

hello ancient Chinese series,I am kinda new to ancient Chinese series i have watched a bit so far and loved them :D

Anyway I just started working on a video editor called Sony Vegas and decided to do a Qin's moon music video(its also my first music video I have done...ever) because I find it an Awesome anime. I am really surprised to see China has a cool 3D animation o.o but seriously since I'm new to editing don't expect any cool flashy effects  :afro:
haha but anyway do check it out if you like,please do share your opinions and if you have any tips don't hesitate to give it to me.

Thank you.

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Sadly with the way things are in China, much of it's classical religions and thought processes have been forgotten. I am hoping to make a thread here where I can post my thoughts and insight on each of the beliefs I have studied. Be mindful though, if I discuss a belief it doesn't entirely mean I am subscribing to that belief. My own course of beliefs is almost like a fusion of different thoughts, so it's perplexing to discuss. Regardless I hope to share various documents, and things I came across to help those who are perhaps not aware of the ancient religions of China. The one I am going to showcase right now is the fifteen buddha rules. These rules were place down for all of those who were wishing to become a monk. Those who wanted to learn the ways of the shaolin had to internalize these beliefs and reciet them as a form of initiation. I shall share with you them now:

Buddhist Ethics:

 1. To undertake the training to avoid taking the life of beings. This precept applies to all living beings not just humans. All beings have a right to their lives and that right should be respected.

2. To undertake the training to avoid taking things not given. This precept goes further than mere stealing. One should avoid taking anything unless one can be sure that is intended that it is for you.

3. To undertake the training to avoid sensual misconduct. This precept is often mistranslated or misinterpreted as relating only to sexual misconduct but it covers any overindulgence in any sensual pleasure such as gluttony as well as misconduct of a sexual nature.

4. To undertake the training to refrain from false speech. As well as avoiding lying and deceiving, this precept covers slander as well as speech which is not beneficial to the welfare of others.

5. To undertake the training to abstain from substances which cause intoxication and heedlessness. This precept is in a special category as it does not infer any intrinsic evil in, say, alcohol itself but indulgence in such a substance could be the cause of breaking the other four precepts.

These are the basic precepts expected as a day to day training of any lay Buddhist. On special holy days, many Buddhists, especially those following the Theravada tradition, would observe three additional precepts with a strengthening of the third precept to be observing strict celibacy. The additional precepts are:

6. To abstain from taking food at inappropriate times. This would mean following the tradition of Theravadin monks and not eating from noon one day until sunrise the next.

7. To abstain from dancing, singing, music and entertainments as well as refraining from the use of perfumes, ornaments and other items used to adorn or beautify the person. Again, this and the next rule.

8. To undertake the training to abstain from using high or luxurious beds are rules regularly adopted by members of the Sangha and are followed by the layperson on special occasions.

This is why many people who believe in Buddhism seek out a path of vegetarianism. It was very important for the monks to follow these ethics or risk being removed or worse. In ancient times it was said that they had to recite these often and also have further rules during holy days and festivals as I listed above. It seems like it would be tough to be a monk in this age. I guess that is why when I study now many of my teachers tell me to go out into the world so I could fully understand~

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