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Re: Qin's Moon Season 5 is out!!
« on: January 30, 2015, 12:58:43 AM »
Hi everyone! I'm able to do some rudimentary translations if anyone's interested. Really in-depth subtitles would take quite a while for just one person, but I'm willing to post the most important dialogue here.

Qin’s Moon, Season 5, Episode 2
I’ll be using the Chinese names for the characters.

First 30 seconds: Ad for the new Qin’s Moon tabletop game!

I’ve skipped some of the less important dialogue. The basic gist is this -
General Zhang: The legendary King of Thieves… Dao Zhi. A rebel from the Mohist school.
Dao Zhi: That’s right!
Zhang: You do know you’re being pursued…?
Dao Zhi: Yep.
Zhang: No person ever escapes me.
Dao Zhi: That’s right…you have an illustrious name as well! It was… (16-character title that is difficult to convey concisely). But basically you’re an unparalled bum beetle.
Zhang: I’m glad someone remembers it! But no matter how fast you run, you can’t escape your own shadow! And I am that shadow.
Dao Zhi: But…before we got here I did something to this tree.
Zhang: So?
Dao Zhi: I also did something to this branch. Still not giving up?
*fighting commences*
Dao Zhi: You really are quite the bum beetle!
Zhang: There’s always a bright side…From now, you can be taken off the Most Wanted list!
Dao Zhi: The stars told me not to come out today. I guess they were right!
Zhang: This here’s a famous thief. Keep a close eye on him.
Soldiers: Yes, general!

*on the Dragon Boat, Mirage*

Yunzhong Jun: It seems that Mohist rebels have infiltrated this boat.
Gongshu Cho: From the weight capacity of this tiger, only up to two adults could have made it here.
Yueshen: Or three children.
Gongshu Cho: I’m very familiar with the mechas of the Mohist. I’m sure there’s something going on here. I’ve never seen anything like this in all my years!
Yueshen: Shenlou (the boat) has far too many secrets. It would be best for Yunzhong Jun to find these trespassers.
YZJ: I’ve already sent 50 searchers on their way.

Tianming: Wow! I’ve never seen such a big tree before! So tired from climbing, too.
Shilan: Its name is Fusang Shengmu.
Shaoyu: I’ve heard of it! The Chu kingdom has a song about it. At the top is a three-footed crow that can grant people’s wishes!
Tianming: What? A three-footed crow?
Shaoyu: Well…no one’s ever seen it before. Have you seen it before, Shilan?
Shilan: This tree once grew in the Shu Mountains… They stole it.
Shaoyu: Why?
Shilan: The legend that it straddles the gateway between the three worlds. And there’s a dragon at the base. I…believe this story.
Shaoyu: …Ah, I believe it too! Or else…we wouldn’t have written a song about it!
Tianming: If this crow thing can grant wishes, then I can see Yue’er again!
Shaoyu: Yes, she should be easier to find than the crow!
Tianming: I’ve never seen a three-footed crow before…

Shaoyu: It’s not safe here. Let’s go.

**half time** (Note: They actually sell this fan on their website. *drools*)

Soldier: Reporting! The rebel Dao Zhi has been successfully captured.
Li Si: The Shadow Division lives up to its name!
Fusu: What does Minister Li think of this assassination attempt?
Li Si: The plan is too elaborate to be the work of mere rebels. The Mohists have always been pacifists, but they have always opposed the Qin empire.
Zhang: Attacking is the best defense.
Fusu: The general believes that the Mohists are responsible?
Zhang: When capturing Dao Zhi, a member of Quicksand also appeared. Baifeng was at the scene…This is not an ordinary occurrence.
Li Si: Quicksand was never truly loyal to us…I’ve always just been using them.
Fusu: But the Mohist leader was killed by Wei  Zhuang. This strife between them is too deep. It’s not possible that they could have made an alliance…

*Mohist Hideout*
Datiechui: What? Dao Zhi was captured?
Baifeng: It was clearly his own fault…
Xuenu: You were supposed to work together. Obviously it was you who turned a blind eye.
Chilian: Needing someone to save him…doesn’t that mean he’s too weak?
Gao: Mohists never abandon a brother! We go to battle together, we live together, we die together!
Yingfu: People like you aren’t likely to live together. Dying together is more like it.
DTC: How dare you! I’ll kill you!

More updates tomorrow! Enjoy. Also, just let me know if you want Episode 1 subs as well.

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