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Ancient China game?
« on: October 25, 2017, 11:57:42 AM »

Paradox already made Sengoku and introduced great new Far Eastern features to both EU3 and EU2 in the past.
Why not make a strategy game set in the period between 300 BC to 1000 AD in the Middle Kingdom? There are many scenario possibilities for such a game.

Also, inclusion of non-Chinese factions can make a game much more interesting. For example, in 300 BC there are several kingdoms in China, such as Chu, Han, Zhao and Qin. At their western border lie various Rong tribes, like Di, Chidi, Gunru, and Wusun; at their north three great tribal confederations of Yuezhi, Xiongnu and Donghu; at the east are Chenguo (Jinguk), Chaoxian (Joseon) and Fuyu (Buyeo), at the south are Minyue, Dongyue and Nanyue states. The West and North can wage raids against China and each other, while the Chinese state that controls the Emperor may appease "barbarians", such as Xiongnu, Xia or Chaoxian by giving them imperial titles, receive tributes and so on.

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