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Ancient Chinese Games / Legend of the Condor Heroes: Zero
« on: November 04, 2014, 05:09:25 AM »
 So apparently Perfect World in China has created this. Similar to Age of Wushu but definitely different and apparently better than Swordsman Online. Comparable to more a bit like Tera and Dragonnest because of the non-target Action MMO. Non-target AMMOs imo is more realistic and fluid than target AMMOs and would love to give this a try if they ever bring over globally.  ;D


I heard about the game from my friend after posting my new love interest for the show of this game haha. I would love it if there is a translated version of this game. I can also help with proof-reading English too if it helps. I also heard from my friend that this game has so much DLC because some of the things are open-source and thus people make a lot of things such as outfits. Which is pretty cool IMO, something like Gaia Online, but in a form that we love. :D

I do not remember where I found these set of lyrics  :'(, but they are... more in-depth. I found these between half a year to a year ago and the translator wanted the English to match the meaning and depth of the song while making sense (it feels poetic to me) as possible instead of just a literal, simple translation. I find this one well thought out and tried to find the site again for credit but couldn't find it. Here it is, up the people to decide which translation is better or suits their taste (since Chinese is sometimes confusing, it would seem the translator took it as the song asking the person listening to the music, which I find thought provoking):

Whom shall we wait for, that has a burning heart
So passionate that the lands pale in comparison
To save this desolate world from its fate?

Who started the unending cycle of love and hatred
Such that it troubles one's heart constantly
Only to create legends for the world?

Only the wish to restore goodness to the world is to cherish the world
But killing the enemies is considered a bloddy massacre
Could acting against Heaven's will be so wrong?

Lamenting the unfinished elegy, regretting one's helplessness;
Fearing the passing time, I only live for my beliefs;
Let the future generations be the judge

You are passionate, fierce like the roar of the desert storm;
You are resolute, unyielding like the lone cliff standing on its own;
You are like a sword that swept through a battle,
Lonely, as you gaze upon the moon

You are calm, untouched like a droplet of water;
You are gentle, soft like the falling flower petals;
You are praised through generations but you are just a mere mortal
Who silently laments the sunset

Ancient Chinese Games / Re: Age of Wulin/Age of Wushu/九陰真經Online
« on: January 22, 2013, 04:29:13 AM »
I made a new topic post about the english one without really properly looking if it has been posted up before. Sorry about the topic double post. If Sapphy deletes that topic, it will be fine. I will be posting the ENGLISH version (website) that has a good amount of information here then.

*Edit:The Facebook Page-
Apparently the beta sign up now goes straight from  to

Ancient Chinese Games / Age of Wushu ENGLISH!
« on: January 22, 2013, 04:16:02 AM »
I'm sure it was mentioned before somewhere, didn't really properly looked, but it seems to be coming out in English!

Maybe the first game to make you really feel like you are your own martial artist in the world of the Jianghu?


**Edit: Actually went through the game list more thoroughly this time and there is indeed a topic about it already, sorry to the people that think this is a double post.

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