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Transcriptions of lyrics, pinyin, and translation for the theme song of Legend of the Condor Heroes (2008) by Ronald Cheng are below.

Waiting for whose soul to emerge
Looking at the discoloration of the scenery
Going to save this horizon’s dreary loneliness
Who is sentimental over life’s changes?
Many worries are exposed on the heart
Just because the world’s affairs killed myths
Many minds of the world are intersecting
The bloody massacre dyes the enemy’s land
Hard to disobey even the wrongs of Heaven
How to prevent regret, the elegy of sorrow?
Fearing that life had only moved through the years with faith
This, for the next generations to decide
He is the roaring wind
He is the firm mountain
He is the sword of tomorrow
Watching the moonlit night
Eyes full of sorrow
He is the calmness of water
He is the withering flower’s silence
He is the pride of the world
The actual sunset beyond
Quiet sighs of woe


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