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Two brothers were involved in a bitter argument over the division of the asset their late father had left behind. Because they were related to Emperor Zhenzong, the judge was afraid of them and would not rule. Even the emperor did not know what to do. When his prime minister Zhang Qixian heard of it, he offered to solve the dispute.

He summoned the two brothers to his office.

“Is it true that both of you think the other person has received a bigger share?” he asked.

“That’s right,” the two men replied.

“Are you sure?”


“You must make a written statement to that effect.”

Thereupon the younger brother wrote: I believe my elder brother received more asset than I.

Then he signed the statement.

The elder brother wrote: I believe my younger brother received more asset than I.

Then he signed the statement, too. Thereupon Prime Minister Zhang announced his verdict.

“As each of you believe the other person received a bigger share of your father’s legacy, to make both of you happy, I order you to exchange the asset you have with your brother.”

The two men were shocked, but agreed it was a fair solution.

    This was shown in Young Justice Bao 2, the 2nd episode where Bao Zheng had a bunch of different cases.

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