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This is a prequel to Chinese Paladin and takes place 50 years earlier. Jing Tian is a mischievous pawnshop assistant who because of the power of a mystical jade, crosses paths with the spoiled and sassy Tang Xuejian, the beloved granddaughter of Tang Manor's Tang Kun, who meets with danger when an evil cult tries to take over control of the Tang Manor. Xu Chang Qing, the eldest disciple of Mt Shu Sect aids the pair in defeating the cult and rescuing the Tang Manor. Meanwhile, Chong Lou, ruler of the evil world, breaks into Mt Shu's Demon Locking Pagoda to retrieve a magical sword. He passes the sword to Jing Tian, claiming that it belonged to latter when he was a deity in his past life and forces Jing Tian to battle with him. The five elders of Mt Shu Sect call upon Jing Tian and Chang Qing to attain 5 mystical pearls to seal up the Demon Locking Pagoda and destroy a powerful force of evil so as to save the world from destruction. Together with Xue Jian, the group set off to accomplish their mission. On the way, they overcome various obstacles and must solve mysteries pertaining to their pasts.

The series begins with Jing Tian riding a sword in a dream. He meets an old man, who has a mysterious box. Jing Tian, being the funny chap he is, wonders if it's treasure. The old man says, he has to do two things for him in order to see the box.

Jing Tian's guess: Money, women. ROFL!

Then Maomao, Jing Tian's best buddy, wakes him up. He's like, "HOW DARE YOU? I WAS ABOUT TO MAKE DA MONNAIII!!"

Biping, another friendof them, starts calculating the money they owe each other for that.

Suddenly, a shooting star comes, and a pendant is landed in Jing Tian's hands.


Jing Tian think about how much he should sell it for.

He examines the treasure and plots about the MONNEYYYY he'll get $_$

Jing Tian goes on the streets and gets excited about it again.

Suddenly, another girl with a pendant that looks almost the same, appears on the streets. Their pendants glow and suddenly they get stuck together. Literally!


They get into the "you pervert, how dare you touch me!" fight.

They get stuck on a sedan on top of a building.

Suddenly, the sedan falls and drops them both on the ground.

After all that, Jing Tian goes on his merry ways and suddenly, a MASKED GUY!!! WHO COULD IT BE?????

He says that Jing Tian is the savior of the world, and shows him a picture of what the world will become in 300 days time. Jing Tian thinks he's just ridiculous and continues thinking about how much money he's gonna make with the treasure.

The mysterious masked dude takes away Jing Tian's pendant.

After he leaves, Jing Tian suddenly gets captured by the Tang's, which is Xuejian's household - for offending their Young Miss. OH DEAR, Jing Tian! What have you got yourself int??

Xuejian is humiliated and wants to think of a way to die (of course, she really wasn't, just pretending!)

Jing Tian goes up to her and says, "What? Seeing how handsome I am, you suddenly don't want to die?"

Jing Tian says he has a plan, and for everyone in the Tang household to listen to him.

Jing Tian sees that Xuejian is trying to find ways to die, so he gives her this giant knife and says how horrible of a death it will be if she died that way. Suddenly, she didn't want to die!

Xuejian's grandfather watches and smiles secretly with Jing Tian's ingenious method.

Jing Tian kept going with all the possibilities of death, such as how horrible of a ghost she'd be if she poisoned herself, or hanged herself...

Xuejian gets so frustrated, she says "I suddenly don't feel like dying today. I'll think of a better way to die tomorrow" and runs off.

Xuejian asks who he is, and Jing Tian says...

"I'm Jing Tian. The Jing as in Jing Tian, and the Tian as in Jing Tian." What a brilliant way to explain the words in his name. That's totally clever! (And Jing Ke uses the same words! They really are so similar)

After all that, the grandfather searches Jing Tian's whole body (looking for the pendant), and since he didn't find it, he let Jing Tian go.

In return, she went to get some more clay next to the latrine, and of course it stunk like hell.

Also she found out that his most treasured teapot was broken, so she takes it to Jing Tian's pawn shop and asks forces him to make a new one.

From what we can see here, even though Xuejian appears to be spoilt, she cares a lot about her grandfather and would do anything to make him happy. That's a really sweet, and positive trait.

She watches Jing Tian at work with the teapot.

OOPS, I THINK SOMETHING IS WRONGG! Xuejian's hair starts growing like a.... WOW, what grows at this pace? She mentions it's the first day of spring, so her hair will start growing like crazy.

This may not seem important but it's a big clue to revealing who she is!


Xuejian gets the hair cut off and learns that her grandfather is very ill with diabetes. If he could drink dew from the flowers at the foot of Mt. Shu, it may be a way to help him.

Xuejian, being the filial granddaughter she is, had absolutely no hesitation and went to the foot of Mt. Shu to collect the dew. She meets Jing Tian there, who's also looking for something *COUGH*MORE*TREASURES*.

He thought Xuejian was also there for treasures...

Before they could do much, a bunch of zombies came crashing in...

OH SHIT!!!!!

Suddenly, a really skilled guy, Chang Qing, a disciple of the Mt. Shu Sect comes in and uses his powers to get rid of the zombies.

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Seven of the Sky is a fantastic series that delivers romance, action tragedy, happiness and the philosophical exploration of many different types of love. I really hope as many people as possible get to see this series. Be warned though, it will send your emotions on a whiplash and a rollercoaster!

This is a big SPOILER before the story summation, so skip it if you want to get the idea of the whole story first. Here, I'd like to describe some of my favorite scenes from the show. First, I`ll start with my absolute favorite mainly due to what they were able to accomplish. The scene occurs right when Digua gets his memory back after Xiaoqi visits him while he is a slave. IN it, through a series of circumstances, the only way the two are able to express their love for each other is by saying that they hate each other, and that each one is the only person they can hate. To me, this is an amazing accomplishment by the writer in several ways, first in getting hate to mean love in such an honest way, and second to show such strength of these charachters to both face and resolve against the immense challenge before them of being able to continue their relationship in a world which refuses to let them be. To me this is a truly powerful scene, complimented by the acting skills of Ariel Lin and Hu Ge. Others, such as DG's final confrontation with the Jade Emperor, as well as Haoqi telling off his grandmother, are also freaking amazing just for the FUCK YEAH moments they give to the charachters in question.

The Storyline

We start with Digua flying kites and having fun with his classmates, basically setting up the basics of the characters, who all develop into full, complete character arcs by the end. Digua, or Dong Yong, is our main character, and a curious one at that. Calm, but honest and holds to traditions quite tightly. He has a strong sense of justice which is tested throughout the story. Through his Kite flying, which sets off the major events of the story, we meet Xiaoqi, the 7th daughter of the Jade emperor. Side note: Did the Jade Emperor have sons as well as daughters? We never see them. She, as we find out, is searching to help her 2nd sister, who has been served a fate that will serve as a constant Phantom over Xiaoqi's thoughts when she meets Digua.  Xiaoqi is cheerful, but also headstrong, which serves to contrast to Digua's patience and faith in others, Xiaoqi is much more of a “take action” type of person.

The other characters, whose fates cross with Digua's several times, are as follows. Yuanbao, the girl-crazy and hyperactive son of a Rich man who constantly lies to himself, saying he is poor, as an excuse for his greedy behavior. Yuanbao is a good friend to Digua, and serves well to lighten the mood of the series when it gets dark.  He seems like simple comic relief in the beginning, but as the story direction moves towards his family as the series goes on, you find out the reason for his Wasteful and carefree behavior.  His female counterpart is Cui Niang, who is another funny character in that she acts similarly to how a rich, popular, vain girl in an American series would act. Her father, an official in the town, is one of the series' primary villains, who makes trouble for Digua constantly, although she herself turns out to be good in the end.

On the opposite side of the spectrum is Digua's other best friend, Haoqi, who has a very stoic and reserved attitude due to his grandmother, as a counterpart to Yuanbao's father, is a poor woman who is very proud and thinks she is rich. Because of this, she is very strict with Haoqi becoming successful, which has caused him to become a cold person, who only finds warmth in his friends. While writing this, it is interesting to note that Haoqi's grandmother and Yuanbao's father never interacted over the course of the series, it would have been interesting to see what would have happened. His female counterpart is the demure and devoted Saijin, whose mother runs an inn. She often stays in the background except for events concerning Haoqi, which has dire consequences near the end of the series.

One more major character is Master Lao, the teacher of all the people in the series. He, 50 years prior, had had a romance with Xiaoqi's 2nd sister, the cause for her predicament that xiaoqi wanted to get her out of. He is very wise, and serves to guide Digua while he sees him in the series. His attitude is one of conflicting optimism and pessimism because he lost his love to heaven.

Anyway, now that I set up the characters, on to the story events! Digua's character of innocent faith and sense of justice is set up in the beginning, as he receives his first letter from Xiaoqi while flying a kite to ask how tall the sky is. Xiaoqi finds his kite and responds asking for something that seems impossible, an Apple that will never rot. Digua not only solves this by making one out of beads, but on top of this, delivers a ridiculous amount of supplies by kite to help Xiaoqi!

This act makes xiaoqi interested in Digua, but it isn`t until she comes down to earth to find the man her sister fell in love(Lao) with that she truly meets him. On the mission to find him, Digua, through curiousity and willingness to help, becomes attached to Xiaoqi, and they begin to fall in love. After Lao gives a lesson to Digua about how the feeling of love is more important than the words, he and Xiaoqi are quickly separated in that she is called back to heaven as the terms of her sister's release were filled. Xiaoqi, however, was punished for going to earth without permission and for her stubborn attitude while being lectured. She in turn has to  perform 100 good deeds on earth, disguised as a boy! Her father sets her up with Digua to stay and learn from, knowing he is a good and righteous person, but not knowing he is in love with xiaoqi. Nevertheless, he removes her “love root” as a precaution against a repeat of his other daughter's actions.
Through funny circumstance, Xiaoqi, acting very differently without her love root, is integrated into Digua's circle of friends as Long Guangbiao. Throughout this part of the series, Digua is conflicted about the fact that LG looks exactly like Xiaoqi, yet claims not to know her. This confuses Digua greatly for a few episodes as he tries to teach LG to be noble, but “he” constantly will not listen and acts spoiled.

Through events concerning another plot involving Cui-Niang's wicked father, LG learns to do good deeds by first helping to rescue people from a fire. After this, LG does more and more good deeds, even helping to convict Cui-niang's father of wrongdoing, though the messenger to the capital is killed by his assasins. Through an accident, it is discovered that LG is in fact Xiaoqi, who regains much of her former attitude, as she, as a girl is still accepted into Digua's school and circle of friends.

From this, Digua and Xiaoqi fall further in love, but Xiaoqi, until talking with Master Lao, is thinking her feeling cannot be love since her love root was removed. Lao explains that roots cannot be completely destroyed if the “base” (heart) is still intact, and Xiaoqi realizes she is in fact in love with Digua. For this lovely part of the series, we see scenes of them bonding and falling in love. Even Digua's parents, who had previously disapproved of Xiaoqi, get to know and love her as well, proving they are both very good people, which is shown throughout the rest of the series. It is around Episode 10 and 11(cut version) that things start to go very, very badly for Digua and Xiaoqi. The Queen Mother, seeing that the two have fallen in love, quickly sends the Kind God of land and the Stalwart Erlang to bring her back before her father notices this, even though her task is not yet completed.

The two, at first disguised as Xiaoqi's parents, attempt to placate Digua's parents for taking care of Xiaoqi by giving them much gold. However, both refuse and instead scold the two gods for being terrible parents to Xiaoqi, on top of leaving her there, not letting her marry the man she loves(Digua).

Xiaoqi attempts to fight Erlang, but still did not recover her powers, and buys some time to say goodbye to Digua. Eventually, after seeing how determined Xiaoqi is to stay, the Queen Mother allows Erlang to use a powerful staff against Digua. Digua, finally meeting her “parents” is at first very respectful, but even he with all his code of following elders and traditions, is furious at the parents for not letting Xiaoqi love.

Erlang uses the staff to try to knock him out, but through the sheer power of his love for Xiaoqi, Digua, in one of the best, saddest, and most memorable scenes in the series, withstands not one but several blasts of the staff that would normally knock a man out in one hit. Only Xiaoqi lying to him that she does not love him, to save his own life, stops him from follwing them to heaven, and he eventually submits to his wounds. Lao, finding Digua, is mortified that the same thing that happened to him happened again to one of his students, no less. This is the climactic end to the first “part” of the series, and then comes the very depressing, but the uplifting middle part.

In this stage, the story shows absolutely no mercy to Digua and has him and his family suffer perhaps every hardship possible, despite him, through his injuries, having memory loss about Xiaoqi. His injury invites a new character into the story, the Leapord Cat Spirit, Xiang Xuehai. Xuehai and her assistant are at first traveling innocently around, and even help heal Digua. It is later learned that the 2nd sister in fact had Xuehai with her during her romance with Master Lao, and Xuehai now wishes to know love in the mortal world like her. This has unforeseeably grim connotations for later on in the story.

However, it seems I have skipped over the majority of another story going on during Part 1, the story of Haoqi. During Part 1, Haoqi and Digua fought off assasins trying to kill a prince, and mistakenly, his personal guard as well. Seeing their proficiency, the prince praises them and wants them to have a match to decide who will accompany him to the capitol where he will hold a competition to decide the next Martial Arts scholar, a prestigious government post.
During the duel, Digua lets haoqi win, explaining that he is happy as he is and wishes for Haoqi to lead a happy life. In part 2, during the hardships Digua faces, Haoqi also faces his own in that the prince reveals ulterior motives in picking Haoqi. During the competition, he pegs Haoqi as the most likely to win, making all of the other participants go against him, even trying to poison his food. Later on, as he gets further in the competition, the prince reveals that Haoqi must take a dive for his favored candidate, whose victory will give him power with the Emperor. Haoqi was merely a pawn to be used in the Prince's power games. Haoqi refuses to go along with the plan, and after he defeats the Prince's chosen winner easily, he is framed by the prince for molesting the Prince's sister, and at the same time, the Prince catches him by surprise and gravely wounds him. The Prince tells this lie to the public and casts haoqi onto the streets, because of the Prince's words, no doctor will treat his wound.

Returning to Digua, at first, his family is blessed by good luck in the form of neverending gold being found in their fields, a present from the Jade Emperor who did not know of Digua and Xiaoqi's love. At first, this is good, but because of the greed of Cu-Niang's father, with help from Yuanbao's the entire family is swindled out of all their money, house, and even the factory they own, finally being forced to work at the factory they used to own for Yuanbao's father.

This horrible situation is slightly alleviated by the revelation that Digua, through the kindness of Lao and his friends, will not have to pay school fees due to his unfortunate situation.  While preparing for a celebration for this, to compound misery onto misery, Digua's parents are killed by an accidental fire.

Showing some of his more evil intentions in the series, Yuanbao's father tells Digua that he must pay all the money his parents owed him, not including any kind of funeral preparations.  Digua has no choice but to sell himself as a slave to Yuanbao's father, and he must work for him as a slave for 3 years.

Xiaoqi and her friends see this from heaven, and even the Queen Mother agrees that something must be done about it. Using a secret passage that her father will not see, Xiaoqi sneaks back down to the mortal world, and, after restoring Digua's memories, proceeds to slowly help Digua out of his situation. By making clever bets with Yuanbao's father, Xiaoqi eventually gets Digua's term of slavery down to two months. Digua is also happier now that at least Xiaoqi is there.

Sorry to go back again, but before the tradgedies began, Yuanbao and Cui Niang both found themselves along on special days for them that coincided. To share their “misery” they had a party at an inn for the two of them, and woke up, both thinking they had slept with the other. Yuanbao, as a player, is terrified by the implications of this in ancient times, and through a thankfully humorous sequence during these depressing parts of the story, is chased by Cui Niang all about town and finally leaves town for good, desperately not wanting to marry Cui Niang. This is the reason why Yuanbao never tried to stop his father from being so cruel to Digua, he was not there at the time.

At the same time, Haoqi's situation also improves. Xiang Xuehai, now on a deadly mission that I will get into in a moment, Recognizes Haoqi as someone who once saved her life. Because of the fact that both his father and grandfather also saved her life, their fates had been bound together. Xuehai heals Haoqi's wound and forces the Princess to tell the truth about the Prince and Haoqi. The emperor punishes the prince and allows Haoqi to take the final test for being the Marital Arts Scholar.

In one of the coolest sequences of the series, Haoqi is at first losing the final battle against 3 powerful soldiers at once, but then sees the faces of everyone he cares about in his sword, and gains a burst of confidence and energy, obtaining the upper hand and defeating the three. After fighting the soldier he and Digua fought back in his hometown, Haoqi is finally made the Martial Arts scholar. Because of slow news travel, everywhere he goes people accuse him of being a rapist, only to be humbled by the truth and his official status.

It is at this point where the story transitions between to sagas, the 2nd, that of tradgedy and overcoming it and the 3rd, concerning Xuehai. During the Tradgedy saga, Xuehai and her assistant visit a tree with a deceptive name, the tree of life. It's middleman, the snake demon, asks what Xuehai wants. She only wishes to become a mortal, to experience love. Rather flatly, the demon tells her to collect the hearts of 50 men, and hang them on the branches of a tree that will grow from a seed he gives her. With little hesitation, she agrees.

This begins her tragic saga, in that word quickly spreads of a murderer who kills by removing people's hearts.  The emperor assigns Xinba, an envoy from Persia, to assist the new Martial arts scholar in this task of finding the murderer and bringing them to justice. Not knowing it is Xuehai, Haoqi is given a drawing of the woman believed to be the murderer, recognizing her but keeping it to himself.  On his journies, he arrives back in his hometown and is welcomed back. He exposes Cui niang and Yuanbao's Fathers' treachery and lets them off with a warning as long as they return all stolen property to Digua and his girlfriend Xiaoqi, ending the Tradgedy saga.

From there, the story delves into a saga about Xuehai and her grisly quest to kill 50 people in 120 days, or she will disappear. Haoqi quickly confronts Xuehai, and they get into a fight, as haoqi's sense of justice will not let him let her go no matter what he thought of her before. As they fight, Haoqi realizes that the wounds he inflicts on her also become inflicted on himself, and that they are cursed to share a single fate. This torments haoqi to no end, and to buy time for them, Xuehai's assistant takes the fall for the murders and has herself killed by the guards trying to capture her. Haoqi tells everyone Xuehai was innocent and being strung along, while they begin to try to understand one another.

While Xiaoqi was helping Digua during the tradgedy saga, a Princess from Persia named Nana, at first disguised as a man, came to the town to find information about the person who killed her 12 brothers. This is later found out by the audience to be Xuehai, because of the method of killing.

This part of the story is where everything has “normalized” for many of the characters after a great deal of turmoil, and a lot of developments occur during this stretch of episodes. Through Xuehai, Haoqi finds out the truth about Xiaoqi as well as her 2nd sister. In an extremely tragic part of the story, Master lao is reunited with his love through Xuehai in exchange that he will give her his heart the next day. The two catch up after some tense moments, and for a while things begin to go fine, but Lao has a sudden realization that he will never be able to be there for Xiaoer forever, and pushes her away. Resigned to his fate, he tells Digua that his story with Xiaoqi will end similarly before Xuehai takes his heart.

Haoqi becomes slightly villainous as he tricks one of his old friends into giving up his heart to Xuehai, and as we find out later, many other men. After Xuehai gets Lao's heart,  she becomes more and more regretful for killing for her own gain. During this time, Xiaoqi, through a method of fortune telling, finds out that the person Digua is destined to marry is in fact Nana. This fact, coupled with the fact that haoqi married Xuehai instead of his old love Saijin, makes her want to set up Digua with Nana so he will have love in his life, and she is convinced that it cannot be her.

This goes on until Haoqi makes Xiaoqi realize that she cannot make Digua love someone else if she herself cannot. During this, Saijin finds out the secret of Xuehai, and vows to help them because it will help haoqi live. In a few short episodes, events explode as Xiaoqi finds out about Xuehai, and they have a brief fight. Due to a lucky hit, Xiaoqi is knocked out. A large fight erupts between Xinba, nana, Xuehai and Saijin. During the fight, Xinba kills himself due to his feelings for Nana being denied and wishes to contribute to Haoqi. Ironically, his heart is not taken, but Nana, who loves Digua and had tried to marry him multiple times, is enraged by his death. Fighting more fiercely than ever before, Nana almost strikes a lethal blow to Xuehai, but Saijin takes the hit and is killed instead.

Around the same time, Digua finds out about Haoqi, and has another duel with him, this time for real. Shockingly, he loses, but his life is spared, as Haoqi will not kill Digua meaninglessly.

After this, Gods and Goddesses from heaven start to get involved, as the deal Xuehai made with the snake demon has implications on a cosmic level for the Immortals. Goddess Guanyin, of Mercy, and the God of Land go to Earth to try to defuse the situation. Guanyin talks with  Xuehai, and after a stirring speech, convinces her not to go through with her deal with the Snake Demon. The demon, losing his influence to start a war with heaven, retreats from China and Xuehai makes the ultimate sacrifice. After a touching final scene with Haoqi, Xuehai gives her Life essence to make Saijin come back to life from near death, and in the process, is herself killed.

Xuehai's story comes to a bittersweet close, as she finally realizes her dream, to feel love, right before death. Unfortunately, after one Crisis, another begins. The Jade Emperor, with unimaginable fury, finds out that Xiaoqi was in love with Digua, a mortal, and summons her back to heaven. Xiaoqi, in tears, rebels against her father, rejecting his foolish rule of love being a crime. Using his own definition of “Mercy”, the Jade emperor gives her three “days” imprisoned to think about her crime, or her spirit  will be destroyed if she does not repent. This shocks all the gods and Goddesses, even Erlang.

When Digua finds out about this, he begs the god of land to tell him how to get to heaven so he can rescue Xiaoqi. During this time, he also trains with Yuanbao and Haoqi, both of whom have resolved to help him.

After much showing of resolve, and Haoqi giving up 50 years of life, the god of land shows the three how to get to heaven from earth, and warns them how treacherous the route is. Unfazed, the three set out and end up getting sidetracked into a demon-infested area. Showing their Unity and power, they manage to best the first test, a flying dragon guarding the path to the Green Gate, the barrier between heaven and Hell.

At the green gate, they meet the final guardian, who at first seems like a simple young boy. When they ask to get past the gate, he turns into a giant and starts fighting them. The three are no match physically for him, but Digua manages to pass thanks to Yuanbao cleverly tricking the Giant into concentrating on a pearl he was eyeing earlier.

Digua passes through the gate, the first mortal ever to reach heaven, and is greeted by Xiaoqi's sisters. After a breather, we learn that Xiaoqi has been brought before her father one last time for a chance to repent. When she still refuses, the Jade Emperor foolishly tells her that if Digua truly loved her, he would be there to defend her. Xiaoqi states the obvious response to that, until, at that second, probably my most favorite part of the show begins, when a sentry informs the celestial court that a mortal named Dong Yong(Digua) has broken into heaven and is fighing his way to the celestial court! I mean, COME ON! How FREAKING EPIC is that!!!!!! One of the most kickass moments in any show I've ever seen, second only to the several climaxes of Gurren Lagann. This goes beyond awesome into GODLIKE. The guy fights against ALL POSSIBLE AND IMPOSSIBLE odds to be with her, fighting against HEAVEN ITSELF all because he knows that the love between him and Xiaoqi is RIGHT.  For the first time, the Jade Emperor looks stunned, and sends erlang, his dutiful guard to take care of Digua once and for all.

At this point in the show, I'm thinking “ooh yeah, this guy has been ASKING FOR IT the whole show! Come on Digua, KICK HIS ASS!” At first, Xiaoqi's sisters try to protect Digua from Erlang but he fights them all off, facing Digua. Digua attacks first, but Erlang blocks him.. and Sheathes his weapon. In a stunning show of even more AWESOMENESS, Erlang simply says “Come on, you have to hurry if you're going to save Xiaoqi.” I was floored. How can this get any more awesome.

At this part, even though they don`t show it, I keep picturing Digua, erlang, and the sisters riding on his giga-spear thing through a HUGE courtyard, fighting off lesser guards to get to the main chamber where the Jade Emperor is waiting, alone.

At this point, Digua sees Xiaoqi for the first time in a while, and they want to hug, but are separated. The Jade Emperor, fitting for a final boss, is actually impressed that Digua, a mortal made it to where he did, but he is still unimpressed and disgusted with why.

In the climax, Digua gives the emperor a Philosophical Beat Down, telling him exactly how rediculius his policies are, and how Love is more important than anything else, and what the love between two people really means to the two of them. It means more than just affection, and more than just time spent together, it is a feeling, a bond that encompasses all human emotion and by simply existing it grows ever stronger. The jade Emperor slowly runs out of arguments, and the other gods slowly creep back into the room. All of them now Stand with Digua. The Jade Emperor stands alone. Finally, the Queen Mother completely debases the Jade Emperor's stance and Point of view by revealing he had been under medication for several hundred years now.

At this being the last straw, and Digua seeing in his eyes that the Jade Emperor knows he is right, asks him to admit that Immortals have and need emotions as well, and to let Xiaoqi love as she pleases.

When we next see the Jade Emperor, he is in Tears… and pushes Digua off the edge of heaven into seemingly nothingness. What a Dick.

But it turns out, actually that this was all just so he could return to earth. Surprise! The gods are there as well, and best of all so is Xiaoqi, in wedding clothes! The Jade Emperor has finally allowed the two to be married!  They are, in one of the most romantic and fulfilling scenes of any show I've seen, but it turns out, not without a sacrifice. The group learns that Haoqi died at the hands of the Giant protecting the gate, allowing Yuanbao to return to earth.

In the last episodes, a few loose ends are also tied up. Cui-Niang's father's crimes of murder and corruption were found out, and his property revoked and he was executed by the capitol. Because Yuanabo's family now also has little money left, and the two find they have more in common than originally thought, they take the first steps towards becoming a real family.

Haoqi's grandmother finally sees the error of her ways of raising Haoqi. In repentance, she becomes a nun, thinking the Shangguan family line is finished. As Digua and Haoqi find out, she is wrong, as Saijin is pregnant with Haoqi's child. She after seeming so unhappy and nervous thought the series finally seems fulfilled with this, having the son of the man she loved. She will take the place of her mother, running the inn. Although it is not shown, it is my hope that someone will help her and help raise the child!

However, in a sad turn it turns out that XQ and DG can only spend 100 days together, even though they have a child on the way. They treasure these days in many touching scenes, but sadly, XQ does indeed have to go back, and her child is even taken away from her and given to DG to raise. It is implied, though not stated outright, that the two do not see each other again.

Finally, showing, extremely surprisingly in modern times, analogues of Xiaoqi and Digua meeting and recognizing each other in the last scene of the show, proving and showing that Love is eternal.

Throughout the entire show, the main characters were told to stop believing in their dreams by people who have experienced similar things and failed. In every single case, the main characters proved them wrong not through any kind of miracle, but from the trust and alliances that come from all kinds of love, and through sheer work and determination.

It also proves that everyone's experiences are different. Just because two people's experiences start out and seem similar does not mean that they will end in the same way. I recommend this show to anyone who loves this genre and a show that proves that love will find a way to make things work out.

The actors emote extremely well also, especially Hu Ge and Ariel Lin.  

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Actually, I'm not afraid of anything. I'm not afraid of destiny, nor am I afraid of suffering. I only fear that every time I wake up, the people around me would be missing. The one who is left behind is like trash -- Being abandoned and forgotten. In the end, they even forget who they were. When you lose your loved ones, you lose yourself as well? Having forgotten the person you love most means you have forgotten who you are.

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I just wanted to talk about the scene in Seven of the Sky#22, where Digua regains his memory of Xiaoqi, and they confirm just how deep of a situation they are in if they are to continue their love.

At first, Digua is angry that he has remembered how much he loved her, because he knew all of the troubles it had caused both of them, and since he loved her, he didn’t want to cause her pain.  Xiaoqi capitulates this, as she also wants what would make Digua happiest in the end. However, they cannot deny their feelings for each other surmount the suffering that they know will befall them if they continue their relationship.

Digua greatest fear is to not be with Xiaoqi, as he loves her so much he feels she is a part of himself, and would be akin to removing a limb to be separated.

Thus, they crux of the scene culminates into what I believe is an excellent display of the true meaning of love, the need to simply be with the other person and wish for their happiness. Digua is so distraught by the things he knows will happen if they remain together, that he reconciles that he can only hate Xiaoqi if he is to be with her outwardly, but love her inwardly.

Xiaoqi, once again understanding his feelings, agrees, realizing the tragedy of the situation and necessity of his “hate”, knowing that the only way their feelings can reach each other is through this outward “hate”. Both are clearly mortified by this prospect, but seem resigned to it until they embrace.  Digua then confesses that if he is to have only one emotional connection in the world, it would be to “hate” Xiaoqi.  Xiaoqi says the same, as their love runs so deep that they would forego all other emotional bonds.  

What happens then is a tragic reversal of the “I love you more” argument, and they embrace in tears. Finally, with this in her heart, and the enormous burden they have left, she says she will always be with him.

In my opinion, I think this is a great scene truly showing the depths of love, and what it truly would mean to love at all costs even in the worst circumstance. It is one of the many great Philosophical points of Seven of the Sky.

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