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Author: Icha (Bali – Indonesia) – January, 2001

Warning: Contains Spoilers

As I watched and finished the Adventure of the Swordgirl (Treasure Venture), I found myself inspired by many philosophies of the film. Here are just some pearls that I’ve found and I’d like to share with everyone.

True Love
Of course this is the most attractive one! I’ve read some good essays on the film, and all of them saluted the deep love growing between Shui Ruohan and Lu Jianpingz. I admire Ruohan’s willingness to stab himself in Jianping’s sword, rather than hurting the girl’s father, and eventually hurting the girl he loved the most. I love watching the couple’s eyes meet together, as they nursed the baby, played in the street, etc… Already mentioned many times. It was also true love that united Wuma (a Japanese samurai disguised as Jianping’s nanny) and Song Yinniang (Ruohan’s stepmother), bridging their differences.

Unconditional Love
Nicky Wu was so totally involved while playing Shui Ruohan, from being a cold professional killer to a thoughtful swordsman. He was willingn to let Jianping marry the Prince, as he understood he might not be able to live long enough to make Jianping happy. I also admire the Prince himself – Zhu Yulong for his ability to accompany Jianping to Shaolin Temple, though he understood that the girl didn’t want to marry him. I also admire his willingness to help the Lu family in the midst of wedding preparation of Ruohan and Jianping. But most of all, I admire his decision to let the girl go once again as Ruohan kidnapped Jianping in the middle of the imperial wedding. And I admire the Prince’s sincere love that enabled him to feel the compassion towards Ruohan and Jianping, and to treat them as if they’re his own brother and sister.

Friendship eventually grew between Ruohan and Yulong after being rivals for such a long time. Jianping didn’t care about the fact that Wuma was a Japanese. Race is not important, but love and friendship were.

Xuezi – Ruohan’s fellow apprentice eventually sacrificed herself to save Ruohan and Jianping from their enemy (Cao Youxiang – Ruohan’s adoptive father) though the price was Xuezi’s death.

Jianping forgave Wuma’s attack that brought death to her mother 18 years ago, as Jianping still considered Wuma as if he was her own mother. Ruohan chose to save his adoptive father – Cao Youxiang, though he knew that it was Cao who brought death to Ruohan’s family when he was only 7 years old. Though in the end Ruohan did kill Cao, he did that with no personal feeling, as letting Cao live will endanger the security of the state.

A very inspiring sentence of Ruohan that I remembered is about marriage. He said that marriage is not easy, but it’s worth it. A couple should be able to find passion in the monotonous life of marriage, and even regard each other’s weaknesses as something interesting and something to savor.

Life is worth living
Ruohan understood that he wouldn’t live long enough to marry and make Jianping happy. Yet he still tried to live his life with her, wandering around the country, living and working as commoners, raising a baby. All just for a day, even an hour for life. Jianping herself insisted on marrying Ruohan, even if just for a day. Even just a day of happiness is worth a try. They’re trying to live, and celebrating life in any condition.

Flexible as a bamboo, living as water
We should respect and honor our lives and others’ as well. Ruohan eventually learned how to live like bamboo, flexible yet so powerful. He learned to respect his enemy’s soul, to consider the soul’s value before he took a life. From a killing machine who swung his sword without a blink, he became a swordsman who respected others’ lives, and who was willing to die to save strangers. Jianping herself learned to live like water, flowing, giving happiness to others, without any worries. She grew up to be a mature girl without loosing her cheerful character and her ability to celebrate life.

So my final word is this: See The Swordgirl, and let’s celebrate our life!

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I'm a crazy fan of Tangren, love most of their productions to death and are on my top of the top lists. What I love most about Tangren is their female characters. Huang Rong, Xiaoqi, Sanniang, Xiao Lian, Fei Yang, Yueru -- they're all female characters that truly stand out for me. I was watching a couple of other series and notice the difference in the personalities, and I really wanted to do a comparison on them. Don't get me wrong, I don't hate the other producers/characters, but I just feel there's a lot of difference between them.

I also understand that some of Tangren's characters are based on a previous work, so personality may have already been written. But there's something in common with all the characters above, and that is - they are strong, they love with all their hearts but they love selflessly, as well as they have a really cute, fun side to them.

Tangren: Xiao Lian (The Beauty Mermaid)

Cute, bubby, strong, magnanimous, protective and loves to have fun. She has the best philosophy ever, probably because she's a free-spirited mermaid, who doesn't think people should care about etiquette and should just have fun. She'd rather catch butterflies and think random thoughts that make no sense, rather than follow everything by the rules. She stands up for people, she really tries to protect others, not just her love, but also her friends, she is 100% in trying to help, without a single part of her doing it for herself. Xiao Lian did all she can for love, she gave it all, but what I admired most is her magnanimity. She sacrificed so much for his happiness.

Feiyang (Don't Love Me)

Bold, confident, giving and fun loving. In her dying days, continuously helped Xufeng to be with his girlfriend, even though she loved him. Feiyang would go out of her ways to do things for him, without wanting anything in return. Her quote was something along the lines of, just wanting to see him happy was enough to make her happy.

Yueru (Chinese Paladin)

Yueru started out to be more on the "mean" side, but as her past was revealed, she really started to show a different side to her. What's most admirable about her is she constantly trying to help Li Xiaoyao, she is what I would call noble. The first time I was really surprised with how she acted was when she was helping with the red dandelions. I love what she said, that she understood the source of his happiness wasn't from her, but she wanted to stay with him, but not to "steal him away", but because she cared and wanted the best for him.

When it comes to love, Tangren's philosophies greatly differs to others. Tangren's  philosophy is, that when you love someone, you love them in wanting them to be happy, giving, rather than taking. And of course, when it comes to Tangren's female leads showing this trait, I feel that most of them have a great magnanimity and selflessness. Yueru, Xiao Lian and Fei Yang were perfect examples. They continued to do their utmost for their loved ones, even if it meant helping them be with the one they love, even if it wasn't themselves.

However, I can see there's a big difference compared to other productions.

On the other hand, I will compare it to some of Qiongyao's characters, who has written novels and created series like Princess Returning Pearl and Romance in the Rain. Qiongyao's philosophy in love seems very different, and that a lot of relationships should be based on jealousy. If you look at both couples in Princess Returning Pearl, Ziwei was jealous of Qing'er, Xiao Yan Zi was jealous of Cailian, Yong Qi was jealous of Xiao Jian. It seems that a couple's problem has to be about not trusting the other person just because they "seem" to love someone else a bit more.

Xiao Yan Zi (Princess Returning Pearl)

Xiao Yan Zi is definitely a great, strong character who's funny, righteous and awesome. However, when it comes to love, she is very different. She doesn't seem to have a great deal of understanding towards Yong Qi, and him riding horses with a girl she saved got her so mad she ended up throwing rocks on his head.

Ruping (Romance in the Rain)
Ruping is one of the worst case scenarios. I thought she was very selfish and manipulative. Sometimes, I felt like hitting her over the head to knock some sense into her. Firstly, she's madly in love with a guy she hardly spent time with, she thinks that Yiping "stole" her boyfriend. That's very delusional because I felt that they were never together. Then, she tries to steal him away when they broke up, and she couldn't wait to crawl into his arm, not caring at all about her sister, who is in such a horrible situation, being so depressed over this whole thing, and all she was interested in was stealing him away. Gosh, I really do not like this character.

However, please note that I am not saying that's all characters written by one person is a certain way. I really love the Tangren philosophy and characters they develop. I think it's interesting that every production company seem to have their own philosophies and ideas on how a character should be, or what love means.

Please don't get me wrong, I love the characters (minus Ruping - who's a selfish bitch) from both productions. I just think it's interesting that their values, actions and beliefs are so different from each other.

It seems like Tangren's philosophy of love is: Love means you do things for the other person, to give without asking for anything in return, whereas other philosophies of love seems like, love is for me and me alone, which cannot be shared.

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In short, I love wuxia! “Back in the 90's I came upon some comic books from Jademan Press that featured some incredible martial arts and complex storytelling and I enjoyed them immensely, but they stopped issuing them translated into English and figured that was that and moved on.  Years later, I came across the movie, "The Storm Riders" and was impressed by it.  I had hoped to see more movies like it, but alas, my somewhat half-hearted attempts to find more came up with nothing and once again, I moved on.
Then, on Facebook, a friend on there had told me about ancientchinese.net and I made a note of it, but it wasn't until later that I saw a share for the page, Promoting Ancient Chinese and from there I decided to check out the website and my mind became blown!
After going through a few of the trailers posted on the Facebook page, I decided to start watching the series, "Legend of Condor Heroes 2008"
I finished all 50 of the 49 minute episodes in about a week!  I was officially hooked.

I expected to get great martial arts fighting with effects for the more magical aspects of the fights like I saw in "The Storm Riders" and was not disappointed.  What surprised me was the complexity of not only the plots but the characters and their development as well.  Some of the villains not being completely evil, some of the heroes having their own flaws, and the relationships between characters went past the standard good vs evil and love triangle plotlines, there was interplay between even secondary characters and it was deep and rich and fulfilling.  It was such a completely satisfying experience and I moved to my next series (which I am still currently watching) "Chinese Paladin 1"
As I got into Chinese Paladin another thing about wuxia that struck me was the strength of the female characters.  The roles of females in wuxia aren't the typical damsel in distress or overcompensating tough girl.  The females in wuxia are capable and complex, with their own foibles and power...actresses in Hollywood would kill for these kinds of roles and in wuxia they seem commonplace.
The lore behind the more fantasia aspects of the characters' martial arts are also deep and detailed.  The CG and practical effects that the studios are using to display the martial arts techniques are very good (for the most part) and make sense.  They aren't just gratuitous graphical garbage just thrown out there for some eye candy (looking at you, Michael Bay) but instead show the effects of the established martial art, based in centuries long mythology, being used to their fullest effect and the damage those powers cause to both opponent and the surrounding environments.
Everything about what little wuxia I have seen thus far has been great, never insulting my intelligence, and it's taking me on quite the entertaining ride as it takes me on the journey with the characters.

– Sakebito

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Lately, I've been really in an inspired mood to create some music videos. I don't know how that happens, but it does. I

Download: https://rapidshare.com/files/1944106571/Strange_Hero_Yi_Zhi_Mei_MV_-_Hero_Tactics.avi

Strange Hero Yi Zhi Mei MV

Since I love making fast paced, action based MVs, I tend to make them short because when each scene is cut to about 5 seconds or so, it can be tiring to find many clips to put together.

Download: https://rapidshare.com/files/481404841/Chinese_Paladin_3_-_Love_and_Loss.avi

Chinese Paladin 3 MV

I used music from Two Steps from Hell, because their music is just really epic. Even though Chinese Paladin 3 had so much more humor than it appears here, it still makes a pretty fast paced, serious MV.

I kind of wish it was easy to blend both serious and funny parts, but music sometimes doesn't work that way.

Download: https://rapidshare.com/files/1966300813/The_Legend_of_Qin_AMV_-_Magic_Last.avi

And finally, The Legend of Qin AMV, I did this because I've been long overdue to make an MV for this series.

Hope everyone likes my latest creations!

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OMG, the upcoming RPG Game Xuanyuan Sword 3 is being made into a TV Series by Tangren, who also made Chinese Paladin 1, 3.

This is a fanmade opening. I simply love it!

The song fits the scene so well. I can't stop watching it. Can't wait for the series.

Xuanyuan Sword 3 mainly centers around two descendants'-namely Yu Wentuo and Chen Jingchou - plans to recover the Chen and Northern Zhou Dynasties, their respective heritages, by finding several mystical powerful weapons. These weapons also help in closing up the doorway that demons use to enter and wreak havoc on the Human World. An unlikely friendship forms, yet they are fated to be enemies. Chen Jingchou's adventures lead him to befriend lots of different people, such as Yu Xiao Xue and Tuoba Yu'er, while Yu Wentuo meets Dugu Ningke, a supposedly spoilt princess with a mysterious heritage. With misunderstandings and emotional entanglements throughout their adventures, will they still manage to finish the quest and save the world from all evil? .

Also, this is one of my favourite photos from Xuanyuan Sword.

This is the actual trailer of the series. There was another 13 minute trailer but it hasn't been subbed yet.

I made a translation for the trailer because I couldn't find one, thankfully it wasn't not too long so I can still handle it without too much steam coming out of my head.

Main Cast: Hu Ge - Yuwen Tuo, Liu Shi Shi - Tuoba Yu'er, Jiang Jinfu - Chen Jingchou, Tang Yan - Tokgo Ningke, Guli Nazha - Yu Xiaoxue, Lin Geng Xin - Zhang Lie.

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Sword of Xuanyuan 3 - Scar of the Sky is a new television series starring Hu Ge, Liu Shi Shi, Tang Yan, Jiang Jinfu, Guli Nazha and Lin Gengxin.

Produced by Shanghai Tangren (Chinese Paladin 1-3, Legend of the Condor Heroes 2008), this series is based on the video game of the same title, developed by Softstar Inc.

The newest photos have been released for Sword of Xuanyuan - Scar of the Sky featuring Hu Ge and Tiffany Tang Yan as a couple. Does anyone think that Tang Yan's outfit looks somewhat similar to her outfit in Chinese Paladin 3 as Zixuan?
This series mainly centers around two descendants'-namely Yu Wentuo and Chen Jingchou-plans to recover the Chen and Northern Zhou Dynasties, their respective heritages, by finding several mystical powerful weapons. These weapons also help in closing up the doorway that demons use to enter and wreak havoc on the Human World. An unlikely friendship forms, yet they are fated to be enemies. Chen Jingchou's adventures lead him to befriend lots of different people, such as Yu Xiaoxue and Tuo Ba Yu'er, while Yu Wentuo meets Dugu Ningke, a supposedly spoilt princess with a mysterious heritage. With misunderstandings and emotional entanglements throughout their adventures, will they still manage to finish the quest and save the world from all evil?

The newest stills released for Sword of Xuanyuan 3

Cecilia/Liu Shi Shi as Tuoba Yu'er

Hu Ge as Yuwen Tuo

Tiffany/Tang Yan as Tokgo Ningke

Guli Nazha - Yu Xiaoxue

Jiang Jinfu as Chen Jingchou

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Startling By Each Step/Bubujingxin is a novel by Tong Hua, that is adapted into a TV series by Tangren.

Filming locations: Hengdian Studio, Hangzhou, Dongyang
Screenwriter: Wang Li Zhi
Production company: Tangren Chinese Entertainment Shanghai Limited
Producer: Karen Tsoi
Director: Lee Kwok Lap (Chinese Paladin, Strange Hero Yi Zhi Mei, Legend of the Condor Heroes 2008)

Chapters 1-8 have been translated bythe BBJX Subbing Team.  Faeries Fansubbing Team will be taking on the project of subbing the series when it airs.
Zhang Xiao (Liu Shi Shi), a contemporary, ethnically Han Chinese young woman from the 21st century, accidentally travels back in time to the Qing Dynasty period during the reign of Kangxi Emperor after experiencing a deadly combination of traffic collision and electrocution, resulting her somehow reliving the life of one of her previous incarnations and forcing her to assumes the identity belongs to her past avatar: Maertai Rouxi (Liu Shi Shi), teenage daughter of a Manchu nobleman, who also had a near-fatal incident in her own time which Zhang awakes from.

Official MV - Three Inches of Heaven

Being stranded in the past, in the body of a centuries earlier incarnation of herself, and believe by many of Maertai's family and friends that the sudden change of her behavior and memory loss is resulted of her head injury, Zhang Xiao awares that there will be a dangerous power struggle known to history between the scheming princes for the throne, which will results Aisin-Gioro Yinzhen, Fourth Prince (Nicky Wu), to succeed as the Yongzheng Emperor after his father's death. Zhang Xiao tries to change the future outcomes for the better, hoping to prevents any casualty as written in the future without interfering a man's destiny, while trying to find a way to return to her time period. However, Zhang ultimately realizes that, not only she fails to alter the course of the approaching events, but also, under a predestination paradox, she is fated to become an instigator of the tragedy she tries to prevent resulted by her actions in the past and the princess' romantic affections towards her.

Official OST - Season of Waiting (By Liu Shi Shi)

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Hu Ge - Plum Blossoms in Heaven and Earth

After YangEir convincing me to watch Strange Hero Yi Zhi Mei, I finished this series within a week or two.

Download Series: http://www.ancientchinese.net/series/strangehero/

Yes, I can be crazy and watch 5-10 episodes a day when I am really hooked on a show.

The main storyline -
Li Gexiao was asked by a former colleague to help him bring back gold that was stolen. He teamed up with three other people, Chai Hu (muscle fighter), Yan Sannian (thief and lock picker) and He Xiaomei (performer and has the abilities to change into anyone he wanted to look like) to accomplish the task.

Soon, it is revealed that his former colleague treated Li Gexiao as his rival and tricked him into stealing the gold from the good people, and therefore framing the team and making them wanted criminals. After the four worked together and did good things for the country, they realised how good it felt to help the people, so they formed a team called Yi Zhi Mei, which means a branch of plum blossom, and their purpose and mission was to punish the treacherous evildoers, suppress the strong and aid the weak and get rid of bullies and bring peace to good people!

This series goes by cases, each case can be three or more episodes, usually focusing on one specific event. However, the development of the characters and their past is continous.

This series will continue to drop little hints with flashbacks of the character's past, and reveals their backstories to make us understand more about them and their actions.

There are also arcs that focused on a particular character's past.

For example, the arc about the medicine and poison focused on Sanniang's past. The curse one focused on Xiaomei and the one with Chai Hu's daughter of course would focus more on Chai Hu. In a way, each of the characters had some tragic events that happened to them.

All about the Characters of Strange Hero Yi Zhi Mei

As for the characters, Li Gexiao is the brain of the group, he thinks of most of the ideas but he loves to try and do things on his own and risk his life. At first, he seemed to be someone that lost all hopes of the world, that really didn't want to do anything. However, after he met his friends, he realised the importance of life again and what it means to do good things. In a way, he became alive again. He is calm and extremely smart and righteous. He would not be afraid to lose his life fighting justice.

He Xiaomei has the ability to turn himself into anyone he wants to look like. He is also a performer. He appears to be easily scared and at first, he looked like he really loves money, but there's a lot more to his personality. He is really calm and collected, always trying to pull back Chai Hu during his "charge forward without considering the consequences moments", he also has a gentle characteristic, which sometimes he gets called girly by Chai Hu. He is also very skilled with medicine and treating injuries.

Chai Hu is the muscle fighter of the group, he is the type who would rush in and charge forward without thinking and his first solution would just be to kill everyone. However, he is a very nice person and loves to help people. He also had a very difficult past which he finally escaped from. At first, he says that he is Li Gexiao's rival and wants to fight him, but in reality they are great friends.

Yan Sanniang is one of my favourite characters, she kicks ass!

I just love her! She is a really strong character that does a lot of the physical fighting. In the beginning, she appears to be cold at first, but she has a really warm heart. She had a tragic past which caused her not to trust people, but she is a very nice person. She may get irritated easily at first, but it's usually for a good reason, perhaps when Li Gexiao is trying to carry everything on his own. Sanniang also has an absolutely adorable side to her, where the way she talks is absolutely so cute. She is a very strong character who won't let her past run her down, she also determines to be herself.

One of Sanniang's kickass fights.

What I love about this series?

It combines action from Legend of the Condor Heroes and mystery from Young Justice Bao, as well as lots comedy, suspenseful, exciting and sweet, heart wrenching moments.

It explores the concept of justice, being righteous and what honour means, what it means to truly do good things in the world.

One of the very good examples was when Li Gexiao sacrificed himself for a heroic act in the beginning and for that, he was sentenced to death. The brocade guards watching him knew that he was innocent but at first didn't dare to say anything. Later, they told him how it was much easier for them to live helping the bad people do wrong than to go against them, for the sake of their families. However, they were willing to help Li Gexiao, by giving him 10 counts. During the 10 counts, they would ignore anything that happened, so that they would allow him the chance to escape. This was a moment where you really felt just how much honour and bravery it took for them to make that decision. Afterwards, Li Gexiao had to go into a battle with them, and you could see he "had" to injure them, so they had a chance of survival.

Some of the very memorable quotes from the series -
"What does living forever mean? - The true meaning isn't for your body to live forever, but memories of you to live forever."

"Being a good person may take the efforts of an entire lifetime, but doing bad deeds only takes an intention."

"The most difficult moment is usually right before you succeed."

"Every person has a life. However, not everyone understands it. Those who do not understand life sees it as a punishment."

Strange Hero Yi Zhi Mei OST - Forever Friends

The music is another thing that I loved. I have always enjoyed Tangren OST songs. The combination of the colours, music, story and characters of Tangren series always makes me feel warm and fuzzy. Although this series does reuse some of the Legend of the Condor Heroes soundtrack, but it still has nice songs from its own. They must release an OST for it! I need "Plum Blossoms in Heaven and Earth", full version!

The camera angles and fight scenes, OMFG was I impressed with them.

It's like Tangren just stepped up a new ladder with their camera angles. Every part of it was filmed so well, that really made the fight scenes stand out, even though they had no special effects added.

I absolutely loved the use of closeups and slow motion, especially of the weapons, the way the light body skills/flying was filmed, and how the candles dimmed. Everything was just done exceptionally well.

A kickass fight scene:

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I discovered Qin's Moon by a complete fluke, but I am sure glad I did.

I had been a fan of a voice actress, Huang Yiqing, who has been in many Ancient Chinese Series like Seven of the Sky, Chinese Paladin 3. I looked up her profile on baidu and saw that she was in Qin's Moon, and the animation of her character, Yue-er seemed very interesting, so I searched it up. I downloaded the series for a good few months before actually watching. I started with season 2.

I wanted to sub this series because it was Wuxia Animation and it could help more people discover this genre. While I watched and subbed, I was becoming more and more excited about every episode. Finally when it came to season 3, I was crazily addicted.

Despite the animation quality in the first two seasons, what I was amazed with was how good the story was.

I absolutely loved how intelligent Yue-er was, and how much she contributed to the story, even though she wasn't a fighter. I also love Shao Yu's attitude towards Tianming, how he wanted to be known as the Big Brother. I love the personality of Tianming, his attitude to facing difficulties and danger.

The main story of Qin's Moon is described as -
Qin's Moon follow through the Qin dynasty time when the Emperor of the Qin, King Zheng conquers the other 6 nations and unified the whole of China to the rise of King Western Chu, Xiang Yu who capture the capital city, Xianyang.

The story circle around a young protagonist, Jing Tianming who carries the blood of a hero turning from a weak and ignorant young boy into a great hero, who single-handedly changes the process of history.

Following the story, different moments of history and folk's myth will be re-light, heroes and swordsman that causes the change of history will appear in the land of unrest and chaotic times of great china. Young protagonist, Tianming who's life is as strong as weeds that survive in the era of change, among the chaos, the face of violence in the regime, dangerous enemies, difficult family relationships, friendship, love, the profound changes, reincarnation of sorrows and joys , eventually the end of this era became the start of a new era of decisive force, the brilliant achievements of a romantic legend.

The creators of Qin's Moon just keep improving. They have shown how they've grown from season 1 (the original, and not remade version) to season 4. It's clear they are developing just like Tianming, the main character.

Season 3 was what really made this series to be such an inspiring and wonderful series. Although, I did not see season 1 until the end, which was absolutely fantastic as well.

What I find amazing is this story is very focused on real historical events. I have never been much of a history person, I always find history hard to understand. But this is absolutely different. This mixes history with fantasy, telling the story through a young hero, and making it so easy to understand. They also combine history very well with comedy, action and inspiring scenes.

Qin's Moon tells the story about the Qin Dynasty, about the Emperor Qin Shi Huang, which was known earlier as Ying Zheng, the Hundred School of Thought, which are all the philosophers in that era, focusing majorly on the Mohist and Confucian Schools. It also tells major events such as Jing Ke's assassination attempt, the Great Wall and many more. So many of the characters are actual people!

This series explores many Mohist philosophies, such as being against wars and fighting and loving everyone in the world. This philosophy is known as "Anti-war and Universal Love". The Mohist leaders pass this belief down generations after generations. The heroes also explore what it means to be a hero.
"Anti-war is being against wars. All wars, no matter what their reasons are, as long as there's war, it will cause the common people to suffer. Universal Love means that people should love and take care of each other. Those with powers should use it to help others. Those with wealth should share the money with others."

"Massacre is never the reason to become strong. This word "xia" reads "chivalrous hero". If a person must defeat another in order to prove themselves, they've already lost. The right part of this word reads "human". It represents the actions and behaviours of a person. And on the right, the word reads "double-layered". It is made up of a big “human” with two little “humans”. What it means is that a strong person should help those who are small and frail."

When you help one person, you're a chivalrous hero. The more people you help, you're spreading the way of chivalry to more and more people. If you can help everyone in the world, then you're a great chivalrous hero.

When I saw how amazing season 3 was, I had to sub the entire series.

After watching Qin's Moon, I learned a lot about the different philosophers, such as Mohism, Confucianism, Taosim, and much more. I really enjoyed seeing how the Confucian School used the etiquettes.

The fights were really awesome! It's like live action wuxia mixed with fantasy effects.

I've noticed a lot of people comment on how deep Qin's Moon is, and I must absolutely agree there. They really explore the characters and pasts of the characters. Some of them had gone through a lot of tragic events and shows how they become the person they were.

Now, the anticipation is on the fourth season. There's several jokes about people's grandsons dying of old age before they get to watch it, because it is taking so long to come out.

What others are saying about the series -
This series is amazing, the animation/art work is well put and the story line is indeed unique. I watched this non stop from season 1 ep 1 to season 3 ep 8 English subbed, i truly liked this and i hope many others do. Can't wait for the rest of it, tyvm for all the uploads.
All the characters have a unique background which is expressed in entire episodes of just explaining their past and hardships, beliefs and experience through flashbacks. It's not the boring filler episodes which sometimes take months to end and have you bored to death lol. So far each episode has been very intriguing even without all the fighting you get the sense of reality from each of the characters.

One of the best un-cliche fantasy story ever seen with funny scenes and heartbreaking scenes and every scenes molded in a story(of course every story have that. What am I saying?)

One of the best anime watched in years... i mean years... thanks you

Olivier Leung
Okay i have to agree with Oscar on this one the animation is amazing so much depth and quality put into these characters to make it trully lifelike.The effects are amazing.I think the animation might be making a little dizzy because i don't usually watch anime that much only two.But it is a really great series you learn something form it too ^D^

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Chinese Paladin 3 is a prequel to Chinese Paladin, and this is the main story and takes place 50 years earlier.

This is the storyline of Chinese Paladin 3 -
Jing Tian is a mischievous pawnshop assistant who because of the power of a mystical jade, crosses paths with the spoiled and sassy Tang Xuejian, the beloved granddaughter of Tang Manor's Tang Kun, who meets with danger when an evil cult tries to take over control of the Tang Manor.
Xu Changqing, the eldest disciple of Mt Shu Sect aids the pair in defeating the cult and rescuing the Tang Manor. Meanwhile, Chong Lou, ruler of the evil world, breaks into Mt Shu's Demon Locking Pagoda to retrieve a magical sword.

He passes the sword to Jing Tian, claiming that it belonged to latter when he was a deity in his past life and forces Jing Tian to battle with him.

The five elders of Mt Shu Sect call upon Jing Tian and Chang Qing to attain 5 mystical pearls to seal up the Demon Locking Pagoda and destroy a powerful force of evil so as to save the world from destruction. Together with Xue Jian, the group set off to accomplish their mission. On the way, they overcome various obstacles and must solve mysteries pertaining to their pasts.

I first bought when I was in Melbourne. I found this asian DVD store that happened to have it. However, because the quality was so bad, I didn't really watch it for a long time...

Until one day, I discovered just how awesome it was.

Chinese Paladin 3 is absolutely awesome. I loved it because of the story and mostly because of the humour. I love Jing Tian's happy-go-lucky personality and how he makes the whole show so entertaining and funny.

The highlights that I particularly remember were -

The part where Jing Tian had half realised that he was in love with Xuejian, and Changqing was talking about the thunder pearl, being so full of attraction and sparkling with energy. Jing Tian was like, I thought you liked Zixuan, since when did you like Xuejian? How do you know she's sparling with energy? Those weren't the exact words but just Changqing's face was so funny.

Another scene was when Jing Tian was up in the Celestial Realm and he was trying to play with those guards, so he stepped through again and again, making them say "Greetings, General Feipeng!".

This scene is here -

Another scene that was one of my favourites was when Jing Tian was in the Demon Locking Pagoda and beaten almost to death. When Changqing came, he was trying to find a way for him to not die, so he went... "If you dare to die, I'll kill the sow, your sister and that fat Maomao. I'll also burn all your antiques and burn Yong An Pawnshop. Then, Jing Tian suddenly came to life, going "stop with all that nonsense, you can't even act like me!"

And this part I'll always love, when he was talking to Red Hair about falling in love... It is a complicated scene to explain so this is a great one for people to find out.

Of course, I love Jing Tian's famous line - "I'm Jing Tian, the Jing in Jing Tian, the Tian in Jing Tian."

Other than the comedy scenes, some of my favourite moments would be the part where they go to the Heaven world and discover their past lives as Deities, with Xiyao, which is a character I love. I really pity Xiyao in the end, but admire her for willing to let go.

I really love the conclusion of Zixuan and Changqing's love. Zixuan in her first life as an 18 year old was one of the most adorable characters. I loved it when she yelled, "Gu Liufang, wo xihuan ni (I like you)", in this context, like means so much more here. She was just so sweet. I also love her hair style.

I loved the part where they go to the ocean to find the last pearl, and discover the story of Shuibi and Xifeng. That was a very touching love story.

Something that I thought was so cool was the RPG game setting in a fantasy world and being an adventure show.

It has such a nice balance between comedy, adventure, action and romance.

Firstly, I really loved the effects. I think the team has improved heaps since Chinese Paladin. They really did a great job making people feel like they're in a game while watching.

Of course, I met a great MV maker called YangEir and we worked on a Chinese Paladin 3 trailer. It was so fun to make.

Finally, the ending. Ending. Where should I begin? Be prepare to be spoiled!

Seriously, Tangren (the producers) really hate happy endings. Eve for a series like this that could have had a happy ending for everyone, it is so sad. So many characters had fates I wish they did not. However, the ending is nowhere as depressing as Chinese Paladin, but still I want it happy, I really want to see more.

One of the most beautiful scenes is the very end with Xuejian and Jing Tian in the snow.

I almost believe it brings hope, so I try not to see it as a completely bad ending. I will imagine things so that it doesn't end so sad.

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February 14, 2012, 08:51:26 PM by sapphiresky in Ancient Series

Treasure Venture is an adventure series that combines a great story, characters, comedy, fighting/action and romance. It is one of the best examples of a show that has everything.

Download Episodes: http://www.ancientchinese.net/index.php?topic=237.0

The Emperor asked Prince Cheng and Lu Dingwen to obtain the Divine Book of the Supreme Counselor in the underground tomb of the previous Emperor. While on the mission, they face all types of dangers. In the end, Prince Cheng decided to rebel and wanted to keep the book to himself, and trying to kill Lu Dingwen. Thankfully, his wife (Du Huixin - the mother of the main character) came and saved him on time. However, the taking of the book wasn't as successful, as a result, Du Huixin died after giving birth to a baby girl.

18 Years later, the baby girl, Lu Jianping is a very playful but kind hearted girl who dressed up as a boy and helped people. She met Shui Ruohan one day and helped him. She had him come to her house to be a reading partner. However, least to what she expected, Ruohan was an assassin sent by Eunuch Cao, one of Prince Cheng's people who would do anything to obtain the book.

Ruohan couldn't help but be taken by Jianping's happy, carefree and sweet personality. He finds himself falling in love, yet at the same time he was there for the mission of stealing the three keys that opened the tomb.
"The way of the chivalrous heroine should be having the courage to help people who are in danger. That’s why they should have a benevolent heart. They should be especially good at showing understanding towards people, understanding other people’s difficulties. They should be extremely able to forgive others.” - Jianping

The Bamboo philosophy  -
“Look at how slim and soft this bamboo is. It can be bent at will, but to break it is by no means easy. If the force passes from the arms, it can become a bamboo sword, which turns into a weapon. It can pierce through flesh and blood of the human body. Its limit and tolerance absolutely does not fall below a steel knife and a metal sword.

Ancient people often compare bamboo to a hero. This is because the centre of a bamboo has a great capacity. This is just like a hero’s heart, which should be open minded and wary. The Bamboo joint is just like the ambitions and moral courage. A hero would follow way and have control over the actions they do.

The sharpened bamboo can protect yourself but also kill. When the point of the bamboo touches the skin of the other side, you still have enough time to consider the value of the other’s life. Life for any person can only happen once.”

This series if everything about sacrificies, love, the beautiful values of life, action, comedy, a great storyline and character development combined.

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February 14, 2012, 08:46:10 PM by sapphiresky in Ancient Series

Inspiring quotes from Ancient Chinese Series - Treasure Venture, Seven of the Sky, Chinese Paladin and Qin's Moon.

"What are love roots? Just like a seed. Even if the roots are torn, they’ll still grow back. The most important is the heart. Whether someone has love depends on their heart."

“The root isn't the most important, the most important is the seed. As long as the heart exists, roots can re-grow when pulled out. It's just like the theory of rebound which I taught you. The greater the resistance, the more powerful the repelling force. This tree has weathered all sorts of obstacles. The more treacherous weather it is, the greater it manages to flourish. It's able to withstand any obstacle now.”

“Let us be nourished together, let us grow together, let us withstand this treacherous weather, experience wind and rain, and emerge to become even stronger than before.”

-Seven of the Sky

"The fire burning in my heart attracted me towards you. Each of us burning, together. There was no longer "you" or "me". We become soaring birds, always in pairs, flying together. Flying over the rugged mountains, jumping over the wide rivers. We returned to the beginning of time and went to edge of the world. We kept flying, and flying, without ever feeling tired. We both knew this is the instead of undying love, our eternal mark."

-Chinese Paladin
Massacre is never the reason to become strong. This word "xia" 侠 reads "chivalrous hero". If a person must defeat another in order to prove themselves, they've already lost. The right part of this word reads "human". It represents the actions and behaviours of a person. And on the right, the word reads "double-layered". It is made up of a big "human" with two little "humans". What it means is that a strong person should help those who are small and frail."

-Qin's Moon

"Relationships between humans should be built on the foundation of love. As long as there's magnanimity and forgiveness, can this world rid of bloodshed and anger."

“What is love? Love is care, concern, being magnanimous, being open and understanding each other. It is just like a fiery fire whose flames will never die! Love can enable two individuals with different mindsets, actions and even a completely ifferent world to come together. In love, your partner’s well-being is more important than your own. Even till the end of time, it will never change for eternity.”

- Seven of the Sky

“Misunderstandings often happen because you think you understand. Rather than love each other, you should try to understand each other.”

- Chinese Paladin

“There are thousands and thousand of stars in the sky. Having seen one is enough. There are thousands and thousands of girls in the world. Having fallen in love with one is enough.”

“It doesn't matter whether we are in ancient times or present times. Because, I believe that time and space will not change true love or make it fade away. Even after two thousand years, I will still remember you, and I will fall in love with you again.

- Fight and Love with a Terracotta Warrior.
“The end of the road brings fragrance; it fills the entire sea of snow.”

- Seven of the Sky

"The way of the chivalrous heroine should be having the courage to help people who are in danger. That’s why they should have a benevolent heart. They should be especially good at showing understanding towards people, understanding other people’s difficulties. They should be extremely able to forgive others.”

- Treasure Venture

There was a long snake, the snake's tail was very unhappy and finally asked the snake's head: Snake head, why do you always lead the way in front while I have to follow behind you? The head told the tail: Because I have eyes and a mouth. That's why I always lead the way. But the tail wasn't convinced. It argued with the head: If not for me wriggling behind you, how would you be able to move forward? The snake head ignored the tail, and wanted to go. But the tail had coiled itself around a tree. No matter how hard the head struggled, the snake tail would not let go. Just like this, they carried on for three days and nights. The snake head was extremely exhausted, and had no choice but to tell the tail: forget it, forget it. I won't fight with you anymore. Let go of the tree, I'll follow behind. The snake tail won, it swaggered proudly in front. Even when it came to a cliff, it still wanted to keep going. And in the end? There is no need to say anymore.
The snake can't do without the head, nor can it do without the tail.
One lives, the other lives.
One grows, the other grows.
They compliment each other.
A hundred rivers flow to the sea. The sea has such a great capacity.
Listen to the sound of the wind. But, does the wind make any sound? It brushes against the trees, the trees move, and makes a sound. When it blows into valleys and caves, that's when a noise can be heard. Initially, the wind is soundless. The trees are also soundless. But, when the wind blows past a tree a noise can be heard. Is that made by the tree or the wind?
Hearing echoes in the valley. One looks around to see the boundless sea and sky.

-Young Justice Bao 2

"Being a good person can take an entire lifetime, but being a bad person only takes one intention."

- Strange Hero Yi Zhi Mei
“If I go and take revenge, I'll have to kill someone. Then, if I kill that person, the enemy's son will come and take revenge for his father, which means he'll have to kill me. Then, my son will have to take revenge for me and kill that person's son. With all this killing, when can this grudge ever end? There is no end to revenge. Hatred cannot be resolved by hatred, only forgiveness can resolve hatred.”

- Legend of the Condor Heroes 2008
Life is always full of obstacles, ups and downs. That is the original meaning of life. Wealth, success and even life can be lost or deprived of unexpectedly, only knowledge and the dignity that comes along with it can never be taken away. It can even change destiny.”

"No path or relationships. Stay with kind people. Whether someone succeeds has nothing to do with his background or past. The most important aspect is his mindset. In the past you could blame your surrounds to have blocked your chances, but now there is a bright path in front of you. You no longer have any excuse or reason to complain."

-Seven of the Sky
"As long as green mountains are kept, there will never be shortage of firewood to burn. Let's not fight for this moment, but fight for this lifetime. Let us endure humiliation in order to carry out an important mission."

“Look at how slim and soft this bamboo is. It can be bent at will, but to break it is by no means easy. If the force passes from the arms, it can become a bamboo sword, which turns into a weapon. It can pierce through flesh and blood of the human body. Its limit and tolerance absolutely does not fall below a steel knife and a metal sword. Ancient people often compare bamboo to a hero. This is because the centre of a bamboo has a great capacity. This is just like a hero’s heart, which should be open minded and wary. The Bamboo joint is just like the ambitions and moral courage. A hero would follow way and have control over the actions they do."

- Treasure Venture

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February 14, 2012, 08:36:24 PM by sapphiresky in Ancient Series

Out of everything I've watched, I think Huang Rong would be one of the strongest and most kickass female character I've seen, so I made a video dedicated to a scene I really loved, that showed her intelligence and strength.

From Legend of the Condor Heroes 2008

Watch and download here - http://www.ancientchinese.net/index.php?topic=230.0

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February 14, 2012, 08:30:32 PM by sapphiresky in Ancient Series

Seven of the Sky is one of those inspiring series that changes your whole concept of love. To me, it's like a guide to life.

Download Series: http://www.ancientchinese.net/series/littlefairy/

This series is also known as The Little Fairy.

Before any misunderstanding begins with the word "fairy", let me just explain that in Chinese mythology, it is a completely different concept. Fairies are female immortal beings who possess some form of magical power and take the form of a human, and live in the realm, known as the Celestial Court.

Seven of the Sky doesn't just show a love story, but it shows the motivation behind it, it talks about what love is and overcoming the impossible.

Seven of the Sky trailer -

The main reason why I love this series was that it really inspired me.

One of the example is "I don't love you". When you see that, you immediately think, one does not love the other. In this series, this notion is completely wrong. I admit, when I saw this, I skipped to the end and saw this scene, and I was confused, and felt sad because I thought they did not love each other. Oh boy, was I wrong. I do not love you has its most significant meaning. It means, in this context, that you love someone so much, that it can even transcend the definition of love, that you can love someone to the point where you love them by not loving them, by allowing to let go, so the other doesn't suffer. This is something that the characters slowly learned.
"We had the wrong notion that stubbornness equated to love, but if there was love between us, why was there a need for stubbornness? Saying I don't love you would not affect the quality of love, as long as love exists, nothing will change, what more mere words? We can love a person so much that it transcends the definition of love."

I really loved the explanation of the love roots. In this series, the love roots enabled one to love, and they were pulled out to prevent Xiaoqi, the main character, from falling in love with a mortal since she is not suppose to or allowed to fall in love. They learn that this root can be grown, as long as the heart exists. The heart, is that one seed.

This series showed a love that transcended heaven and earth. One of the quotes to explain what love is would be something I'd always remember.
"Love is care, concern, being magnanimous, being open and understanding each other. It is just like a fiery fire whose flames will never die. Love can enable two individuals with different mindsets, actions and even a completely different world, to come together. In love, your partner's well-being is more important than your own. Even till the end of time, it will never change for eternity."

“Let us be nourished together, let us grow together, let us withstand this treacherous weather, experience wind and rain, and emerge to become even stronger than before."

"I feel pain, because I exist. The deeper love is, the sharper the pain. As long as we’ve truly loved before, we have happiness. Pain is a transformation of happiness. I guess it counts as a synonym. Memories are where pain and happiness are born, so it is also the proof of our existence. So don’t give up your memory, just like we shouldn’t give up on our life."

This series attempts to explain all different kinds of love, whether it is a family member or friend, it also talks about important morals of life, such as, never to be greedy, that wealth is nothing compared to being with your family. One of the quotes I'd love to share is one of my favourites - "Life is always full of obstacles, ups and downs. That is the original meaning of life. Wealth, success and even life can be lost or deprived of unexpectedly, only knowledge and the dignity that comes along with it can never be taken away. It can even change destiny."

What is the story actually about?

The story starts off with a play that is being performed. The theme of the play is, the Distance between Immortals and Mortals. The ending of the play was that they were separated forever, because of their towering status and they were from different worlds. This made one of the students, Dong Yong question, if their love was so strong, why can't they surpass all barriers? At the same time, Xiaoqi (means Little Seven) in the Celestial Court is trying to find a way to save her second sister, who broke the celestial rules 50 years ago by falling in love with a mortal, now being punished severely. For her to return, she must say she did not love the man. However, she is stubborn and said the only way she would agree to say she did not love him, was if he wrote a letter to severe all ties with her.

This started Xiaoqi's adventures to the mortal world. She secretly descended down to find her Second Sister's lover. She meets Dong Yong (nicknamed Digua), who helps her search. Xiaoqi is a mischievous and adorable character, and loved to turn the Earth God into a carrot!

While they searched, they slowly developed love for each other as they had lots of things in common.

However, Xiaoqi was caught and was brought back by Erlang Deity, and the Jade Emperor and Queen Mother (her parents) thought that because she was so mischief and was not afraid of anything, they would send her to the mortal world to learn some disciplines from Digua. They removed her love root (so she was unable to love, and lost her memories of any love between Digua) and changed her name into Long Guangbiao, and took the identity of a male. At first, Digua thought Guangbiao was Xiaoqi, and it took him a while to accept that he is Guangbiao, until one day, during a game of football, her identity was revealed as a female.

Slowly, they go through more and more, and Xiaoqi starts to feel strange again, that she starts to regain her memories of how close they once were, and the explanation given to her was, that her heart was the origin of everything, that no matter how many times a love root is pulled out, they can grow back again, stronger and stronger each time.

When the Queen Mother realises that Xiaoqi had fallen in love with Digua, she decided not to waste any time, and have Erlang Deity take her back. However, Digua was so absolutely determined that literally, not even the most fatal blows would stop his determination. He was hit with the rod 3 times, but he still was determined to chase after Xiaoqi, until Xiaoqi had to say, she never loved him, only that, stopped him from continuing.

I shall stop here before I completely spoil every last detail of the story and make people very aggravated.

A final note, the hate scene is one of the best scenes in the series which will be covered in another blog post.

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