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Title: Huang Yiqing 黄怡晴 - VA for Gao Yue (Yue-er)
Post by: sapphiresky on May 23, 2011, 04:02:00 AM
Huang Yiqing is one of my favourite VA's ever, she's the reason why I know this amazing series, I've been a huge fan of her's ever since I knew she voiced Xiaoqi from Seven of the Sky, and then I loved all the roles she's been in since.

I think she has the voice of an angel! :D

It's sad but she was suffering from illnesses sos he had to quit voice acting, but her voice will live on forever!!!!

I've made lots of pages/videos for her! :D

NOTE: I put a pic of her young cos that's the only one I could find. She is older than in the pic though!

Huang Yiqing 黄怡晴 - Chinese Paladin 3, Fairy from Wonderland, Mischievous Princess Voice Reel (

Huang Yiqing 黄怡晴 - Voice Reel (Anime, Fairy from Wonderland, Chinese Paladin 3, Qin's Moon) (

Huang Yiqing 黄怡晴 - Voice Actress (Xiaoqi/Ariel Lin) Fairy from Wonderland 天外飞仙 (

This is her fanpage, so come and talk about her awesomeness! :D
Title: Re: Huang Yiqing - VA for Gao Yue (Yue-er)
Post by: sapphiresky on April 14, 2012, 12:38:49 PM
Here's an interview of Huang Yiqing I translated a while ago that I just dug up from Facebook.

The adorable girl behind the Mystic Princess

Interview with Gao Yue's voice actor, Huang Yiqing.

In Qin's Moon, Gao Yue is a mystic type of girl, her background, life experiences and destiny hides so many secrets. Because of that, people cannot help but feel a strong sense of curiosity for her character. In the animation, Gao Yue's voice is tender and very cute, with faint traces of mystery. It really lets the fans love the character. Handing this to you, for the "Princess Interview"

Interviewer: Miss Yue'er, hello!

Huang Yiqing: Hello! (Xiao Pian/interviewer, hearing your sweet voice feels like I've eaten sweet candy!)

Interviewer: May I ask, when did you start your voice acting profession? Did you study voice acting as your career choice?

Huang Yiqing: It should have been around 2002 when I started to do voice acting formally. Even though I didn't study that as my major in college, but from the year 2000, I studied with a voice director the skills in this area.

Interviewer: There are many vieweres interested in voice acting in animations and heading this direction for their career, but they are unsure of what conditions are required of voice actors and how to develop their own capacity in this area. Miss Yue'er, could you give our friends some suggestions?

Huang Yiqing: I feel that natural talent in language is very important. It will be much easier to enter this line of work if the person has a strength in language. Another thing is having the ability to understand what is happening in the shows, and learning to use language and voice to perform. Of course, the accumulation of learning experiences are very important. When I first started, I could only use my real voice to perform. However, slowly after gaining some experience, I learnt to master the voices and characteristics of people of all ages, and gradually able to talk in many different voices, from children to older people.

Interviewer: For this character you voiced, Gao Yue, how do you interpret her? Before you started voicing her, did you have to do some preparation work?

Huang Yiqing: In the animation, Gao Yue is a pure, classical and refined little girl. I really like her, My voice suits this type of character very well, so it is easy for me to grasp this type of character, I was able to get the hang of it very quick.

Guess what Yue'er is thinking about at this moment?

Can you talk about your evaluation of Qin's Moon?

Huang Yiqing: Qin's Moon gives me a shaking and moving feeling. It is a very good animation, after it is broadcasted completely on TV, I will watch it again properly. I believe this animation will definitely leave the audience with a deep impression.

Interviewer: Thank you, and in your opinion, what is the difference between dubbing live action series and animated series?

Huang Yiqing: I personally feel that dubbing is like doing a type of immitation, that I have to immitate the way these people use their tone, the way they speak, and so on. But, animated series is a creation, that it is created from scratch. There are quite a big difference between the two.

Interviewer: Personally, what type of role do you like to voice most?

Huang Yiqing: I like to voice delicate and cute characters, because I feel that it suits myself the most. (Interviewer/Xiao Pian's brains have a wave of craziness!)

Interviewer: Japanese Seiyuu in anime is considered very important and very well sought after. Can you talk about your current state in chinese animation voice-overs and the future development of voice acting?

Huang Yiqing: Japanese voice actors do have a great strength in their jobs. Their entire animation industry chain is more mature. The current development of animation in China is not yet very complete in its industry chain, therefore voice acting and voice overs are fairly weak. I believe that in the future, with gradual growth of domestic animation industry and improvement, the voice acting will be paid a lot more attention to, with much better protection for them.

Interviewer: I believe audience would love to see domestic animation industry becoming greater.

Huang Yiqing: Yes, we have the confidence!

Interviewer: Haha, is there anything else you would like to tell the audience of Qin's Moon?

Huang Yiqing: I wish you the best of luck and success in your work, study and life. Hope you gain heaps! Chinese audience should definitely not be disappointed in their animations. I hope everyone can support us, the voice actors, believe in us!

Interviewer: Thank you, Miss Yue'er! (Crackling, thunderous applause!)