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  • minhchau1997: if anyone knows it, please help! [link]
    November 19, 2014, 02:20:52 AM
  • minhchau1997: psst
    November 19, 2014, 02:19:59 AM
  • sirena: Fall in Love
    November 17, 2014, 01:51:01 PM
  • miss sorry: hi, i'm new here
    November 17, 2014, 08:44:17 AM
  • coolbreeze: how do you download the series?? I click on the DL link then it showed me some page and click the download, is just a blank page??  :o
    November 16, 2014, 04:05:06 AM
  • FalconG: xuan yuan
    October 25, 2014, 08:19:22 AM
  • 55wayne55: can somebody help me figure this seres out?
    October 13, 2014, 01:13:46 PM
  • 55wayne55: hello there... m looking for a chinese series that i watched years ago but cant remember the title or the whole story.... just remembered a part that he learned his inner strength by copying dolls that was given to him, and a part where he was invited to look at scriptures inside a cave but because he is uneducated and does not knw how to read... took the scriptures as pictures and was able to learn the martial arts there. also, because of his innocence he drank 3 bowls of wine that the others wont because of suspicion of poison, but turns out to be helpful to add your inner strenght
    October 13, 2014, 01:13:05 PM
  • chaosdrgonlord: so y isnt Legend of the Ancient Sword here on this list? :D
    September 29, 2014, 12:03:21 AM
  • WJV: almost done with condor heros. i dont want it to end
    August 31, 2014, 07:03:50 PM
  • rexon: helo
    August 27, 2014, 11:42:07 PM
  • hafizadam: to much spam I see
    August 22, 2014, 08:19:15 PM
  • ay2014: sorry guys i am new at this.
    August 13, 2014, 10:43:47 PM
  • ._.: Youtube channel terminated D:
    August 08, 2014, 03:32:38 AM
  • Roviel: Laughing in the Wind
    August 07, 2014, 09:37:54 PM
  • Roviel: mischievous Princess:
    August 07, 2014, 09:37:18 PM
  • aringkingking: i was watching wuxia from youtube and everythings gone i couldnt watch it from the net coz our net is not yet fixed
    August 07, 2014, 09:31:50 AM
  • aringkingking: guys can someone help me how can i download the mischievous princess from here
    August 07, 2014, 09:31:14 AM
  • marjeza: i want to follow ba suzhen on facebook. . . . please help anyone . . .thanks
    July 22, 2014, 03:25:19 AM
  • moeini711: Laughing In The Wind episode
    July 21, 2014, 06:04:31 PM

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  • post the Blancos are willing to move the German midfielder - 28 November
  • Arsenal-Related stories from other newspapers and online ... Free Fab dealArsene ex Wenger could sign former League player of the year FIFA Fabian Delph free transfer, according to the newspaper talented new Star.The England reports, does not extend his current deal Villa, which means that the suitors, including the Gunners looking winger.Delph movement was by Roy Hodgson for Euro 2016 qualifiers Three Lions last month and made a substitute appearance in the victory over Switzerland.The Claret and Blue do everything to the star to a new deal at Villa Park, reportedly worth Ł 50,000 a week to get cheap fifa coins signed, but it is not likely looking u003c- beginning of the widget id:.! 1489271, name: Survey View: yesNoPoll - u003e Survey loading hellip; U003c- end widget ID: 1489271, name: list view: yesNoPoll - u003e Khedira move arsenal adjust their pursuit of Real Madrid's Sami Khedira continue to rebel by opening contract talks with the Spanish giants, according the Blancos are willing to move the German midfielder after he does not agree to a new deal at the Bernabeu, which means it is free to talk to other clubs in January.The Gunners were associated with FIFA 15 sign winner on several occasions the summer transfer window, but the wait in 27 years, Arsenal might actually be able to get a free switch.With Mikel Arteta and Aaron Ramsey both potentially facing layoffs time game, Arsene Wenger could try to force the deal early for the beginning of 2015 as extras League clubs cover.
  • post They are desperate to stay at Vlaar - 28 November
  • Ferdinand adds: What is the philosophy of FIFA English nowadays? I also think we have a. It's mostly about running a hundred miles per hour and employee. For every FIFA are working on a hard fact. We need clear direction and leadership. We produce good players. But what good is it if nobody knows how the national team last FIFA be mounted on a consistent basis? Here's all related stories today open FIFA Mirror ... Villa on Vlaar talksRon Vlaar says Aston Villa are ready to begin contract negotiations.But the club still face a struggle to convince the Dutch international to stay long term .Skipper Vlaar is fifa 15 coins expected of contract in the summer after he arrived from Feyenoord in August 2012.Villa have recently confirmed boss Paul Lambert in a new agreement, along with Gabriel Agbonlahor and Alan Hutton. They are desperate to stay at Vlaar, even after the midfielder was the target of Southampton in the summer.United also maintaining control over the system, in the absence of serious negotiations on fresh terms at Villa Park. We have been here before (I) Louis van Gaal is rejected by Wesley Sneijder after the Dutch star revealed that he will not join FIFA.Sneijder has previously been on the radar of the US and Galatasaray midfielder played for the Netherlands under Van Gaal FIFA 15 .but in the former Inter Milan star says he will not sign up for van Gaal, because he is happy in Istanbul.Sneijder, 30, said: It is great to hear that van Gaal is interested in me, he is a genius FIFAing .
  • post 《通天狄仁杰》片花 Legendary Di Ren Jie / Babel Di Renjie / Tong Tian Di Renjie - 23 November

  • Babel Di Renjie 通天狄仁杰 / Tong Tian Di Renjie / 《通天狄仁杰》片花 Legendary Di Ren Jie 2015


    Kan Kiyoko,
    Miao Junjie,
    Chen Yi,
    Jiaojun Yan,
    Guo Xiaodong,
    Wang Yu,
    Bai Bing,
    Cao Xin, and so on.

    Spent $ 300 million.
    The play was turned in HengDian July 5, 2014, is being shot in Chinese name Babel Di Renjie
    Production company Beijing Oriental Star Culture Media Co., Ltd.
    Production area in mainland China
    Zhejiang Hengdian location
    First time 2015
    Directed by Li Wenlong, Yezhao Yi, Lynette Chen
    Episode 40


    《通天狄仁杰》片花 Legendary Di Ren Jie 2015 任嘉伦, 阚清子



  • post Re: ROCH 1995 request - 23 November
  • Look here

    In Cantonese only, just let it buffer/download for sometime and come back to watch. Only 1-10,16 works.

    In Cantonese + Mandarin, but you need install chrome app to evade china user ip check:
    Holla Better Internet or Unblock Youku chrome app. Sometimes erractic, works half of the day and not the other.
    Different time of day, so speed of video will vary because china has a lot of users.
    Here's how to select the different languages on these sites:
    For Toudo:
    For Youku:

    Complete series available to download, just rename the file extention from .txt to .mkv to play:
    In Cantonese + Mandarin, you can switch audio to either one any time:
  • post Re: What made you check out Chinese Paladin 1 and 3 series? - 21 November
  • My cousin got me into chinese paladin 1 it was sad how it ended
  • post Re: A Chinese Ghost Story 倩女幽魂...Trilogy - 19 November
  • I saw the product I wanted to buy some.
  • post Re: “Dream of the Red Chamber” - Song of Flower Burial (in Rhyme of Peking Opera) - 19 November
  • You know, everything started again.
  • post Ways to Gear Up Fast purchase cheap wow gold euon - 19 November
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  • post Draenor Guide:Build Your Own Garrison wow download free wow gold buy - 19 November
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    After you hit level 60, any further Warlord of Draenor Guide at Gold4fans experience you earn from killing monsters will begin to count toward Paragon levelsThere are 100 Paragon levelsEvery Paragon level will reward you with:Core stats such as Strength, Dexterity, Intelligence, wow Garrison and Vitality in amounts similar to what you'd gain from a normal level3% Magic Find and 3% Gold FindIn addition, a distinctive increasingly impressive border will surround your character portrait in the in game party frame to denote your five days of free game time for WoD launch Paragon progression, with a new frame earned after every ten levels. Your Paragon level will also be visible to other players wherever your normal level is shown..
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  • post What ancient chinese series is this? - 19 November
  • This has been bugging me for quite a while. I can't remember what series it is. I remember the emperor was a bit crazy in the series though. One night he ordered the execution of every lady in the forbidden walls if they did not have their hair done. The head maid tried saving one girl and ended up killing herself (because her hair fell down).

    The main girl's hair also fell down, but the main guy saved her butt last second. I can't remember much! Help!!
  • post Re: I am looking for english sub of this wuxia series > 达摩祖师 第02集 吕良伟 屈中恒 王跳跳 俞小凡 - 18 November
  • Any update?
  • post cheapest gold wow People gold sellers wow save - 18 November
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  • post You'll often need huge quantities of Embersilk to produce cloth gear - 17 November
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    I understand a few obsidian deposits spawn nearby also, to ensure might also be beneficial to a person with Mining.I was also buying a fairly decent number of Embersilk cloths, together with plenty of vendor items and BoEs.You obtain about 100 honor for losing, 300 for winning. Heroic normally takes a comparable time, at an exchange of 375 justice points for 250 honor points, every heroic completed may be worth about 200 roughly honor points.

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  • post or if you want to buy runescape accounts - 17 November
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  • post One place that we found excellent for farming Embersilk Cloth - 17 November
  • Stuff normally would be difficult to send between factions so that as previous posters have said pandaren before level 10 features a neutral faction. But Account bound heirlooms seriously isn't based n factions though. Therefore you will find there's mailbox you need to be capable of sent it to your pandaren. Other stuff than account bound cant be sent unless you can be a a part of a faction. But ofc if Blizzard removes the mailboxes (again it they what food was in the beta version) then we cant sent heirlooms. But again why must blizzard stop the likelihood make use of heirlooms from level 1?

    Mailboxes are NPCs and in addition they fit in with either towards the Alliance and the Horde. That is why you can't communicate with mailbox in hostile faction settlements. Storywise-we've just discovered it, how come it have mailboxes without delay?Systemwise-It would allow individuals mail horde-alliance or alliance-horde considering that the panda wouldn't have chosen a side, completely voiding the cross faction auction house.One place that we found excellent for farming Embersilk Cloth was the floating Alliance ship in Deepholm.

    While using the Potion of Treasure Tracking I was easily buying 15+ stacks 1 hour, along with around 150 cheap wow gold in vendor trash. Not so high up on vendor trash drops, but cloth wise this can be a best I've found.
    Being a warlock i find farming Embersilk Cloth at Needlerock Slag in Deepholm with potion of treasure to be probably the most efficient place. Plenty of mobs to AOE, the drop rate of cloth through the troggs seriously isn't awesome but loads of mobs ends up with lots of treasure chests! Embersilk cloth can be incredibly expensive, and sometimes an issue around the ah. ui80lmp
  • post server lag world of warcraft expansions cheap wow gold us - 17 November
  • :)
    wow gold fast on with 24/7 online service! What teh ehck you mean ? lol i'min school for gameart design work in 3ds max 2010 all teh time, and i still can;t make much sense of tom's buy wow gold 8% off on benches here , are tehy mesuring in render time or what ?? who the f they get the scroes ect ect , i want to see actual render times , would i benfit at all , if i wow Dark Portal replaced my gaming card with one of these ? sorry toms but epic fail on this comparison this time , why on earth you show 3ds max render tiems for comercial card benches Warlords of Draenor Expansion Release but not work station cards is beyond me. Just makes no sense, especially sicne consumer graphic cards DO NOT make a damn difference in 3ds max because when you use Warlords of Draenor Expansion Release a comercial vid card all renders are done on the cpu not the gpu..
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    For wow gold EU, just visit:

    I love series from Shishi liu!
  • post Re: What to watch? - 17 November

  • I don't understand. Can you description for me?
    If I do it same you. How can I do it?
  • post Re: Young Detective Dee: Rise of the Sea Dragon - 17 November

  • Amazing!!! How can you do it? Anything else you can do?
    Can I do it same you?
  • post Re: The Investiture of the Gods 封神英雄榜 - 17 November
  • thanks!
  • post Re: Yun Zhong Ge 云中歌 Song in the Clouds... - 16 November
  • when is it going to air? I've come to term with the actors and actresses choice for characters in Yun Zhong Ge except for Meng Jue. I just can't swallow Du Chun as Meng Jue. The series looks exciting, hopefully the acting also does^^
  • post Re: Yun Zhong Ge 云中歌 Song in the Clouds... - 16 November
  • Quote from: Shakespeare on September 12, 2014, 07:07:07 AM

    Yang Ying 杨颖 , Lu Yi 陆毅 , Du Chun 杜淳 , Chen Xiao 陈晓 , Yang Rong 杨蓉
  • post it is not surprising - 14 November
  • Another State is C Ronaldo Ozil, in the case of Greece frozen Gomez, Muller and Podolski were unchanged in the main Özil Loew said his high esteem. But not too much to say about fut 15 coins everything and Mourinho development. FIFA 15 South Africa two years ago, fitness than Özil, Özil better now, the field is more impressive. As the former German star Schuster said, 'Özil mature, and fought for two years at Real Madrid have a great relationship. It can be obtained in the primary position and competition Kaka undoubtedly much greater confidence. I am particularly happy for him that victory tonight in Germany was not his goal, but the judges still ranks as the best. This shows that people are no longer simply scoring the only measure of the players also indicates that Ozil has the ability to compete in the Golden Globes. 'He said Del Bosque and Luis Aragones any differences, then trust and reuse Alonso is one of them. FIFA 15 team in the final of the Spanish Cup Seine for a single defensive midfielder, is a bold move. But considering the short-term risk of FIFA 15 FIFA 15 FIFA 15 and Forest left Alonso and Busquets together. This is to fight again the media 'conservative game,' said one, and give full play to the potential for Alonso. Alonso's situation without the ball Busquets has become a part interception, under the condition of the ball, with all Spain before being pushed Harvey says otherwise limited golfers More recently he a long-range sniper do. Lengshe that had broken out in the first seven minutes of FIFA 15, then steals. 'Gang of prolific Alonso' In fact, it is not surprising (leading the national soccer team FIFA last four years the number of goals Forest Habitat Villa only), but can be a hundred in their national Mui FIFA FIFA Ultimate Team 15 seconds degree is their joy. Forest in late speech at the party spoke highly of Alonso: 'I heard a lot of disparaging comments Alonso and Busquets, but which are actually balancer FIFA Ultimate Team, who are now in the field of ingredient for the defense Alonso country played FIFA 15 100, is impeccable. He and Busquets for the national team in FIFA Ultimate is very, very important.
  • post meteorologists Rutherford think of the big shark - 14 November
  • Today this record to FIFA 15. 10 11: the next steps playoffs, contributing most of the players club? The answer is that Real Madrid are a total of 11 players. Bayern also 9 Chelsea, Barcelona, ??Juventus, Liverpool and Manchester City have seven. 17: In this FIFA 15 was born 60 goals, there are 17 of the header, the proportion reached 28.3%, setting a record for FIFA 15. Previously, the highest 77 goals in 31 FIFA 15 There was a header 17, the percentage was 22%. 21: England and Ukraine game, the England left-back Ashley - Cole 21 times for the Three Lions debut in the continental competition (FIFA 15 and FIFA 15) He transcends Hilton and the record of David Beckham for FIFA 20, 15, became the king . in English history. 23: September 4, 1-0 loss to Belarus, holds the record for the tournamentFIFA 23 unbeaten 15. Today, they lost 2-0 to Sweden, across this abrupt end. 43: Since 1969, Sweden has never beaten France. Mount the group stage, they won the qualifying event hopeless 2-0 record 43 years in many embarrassing end. 673: England and Ukraine war, Rooney has risen. He sent a shot in FIFA 15 to help promote the victory of England. Meanwhile, Manchester United chubby also ended his tournament in fifa coins England scoreless in 673 minutes of shame. And FIFA 15 before the media for the young and optimistic about a lot of experience running unanimously tactics and strong German FIFA Ultimate Team Germanic chariot rolling Italy and Spain will be the final meeting. So everyone does not think that seasoned Italian trust their 'before God' Balotelli emerging strong repel Germany. And that bothers people crying scene, meteorologists Rutherford think of the big shark. FIFA 15 octopus Paul expected due to the success of the eight FIFA 15 wins and immediately became popular, animal provided that began to appear in FIFA circles, but also for the competition this year, Tencent sports will also find their own forecasts animals - - Large shark and turtle story. Although the two began their journey, but the performance was impressive, shark success I think this is a case in Italy may overtake Germany.
  • post Re: What to watch? - 09 November
  • Hello there. New here

    I'd to introduce you a serie which is; Xin Luo Shen 新洛神.

    U can find it on youtube in HD, it's a story during 3kingdoms era, it's not actually talkin about 3kingdoms but about the family of Cao Cao, especially about his 3rd, Cao Zhi and Zhen Fu.

    It's a drame story, and sincerely I really loved it that why I want to share with you.

    But to watch this series u need a minimum knowledge in Chinese ( myself, not excellent at it ) since there is some act where actor sing while telling their feeling. It's kind of like The legend of white lady snake style.

    So if u guyz have some time to spare, people check it.
  • post Re: Zhang Xinyu Viann 张馨予 - 06 November

  • The information can be used in daily life very much. Beneficial to everyone
  • post Re: 山水情-Feelings of Mountains and Waters - 06 November

  • Post this to educate a diverse lot. Ask you to take the good posts like this again.
  • post Re: Hennings still scored three goals for Karlsruher - 05 November
  • Post Your Funny Logs And Enjoy this topic
  • post Re: Link to watch Qin's Moon Movie (My upload) - 05 November
  • It is unbelievable that will be easy. I don't know if you can't tell me.
  • post Legend of the Condor Heroes: Zero - 04 November
  • So apparently Perfect World in China has created this. Similar to Age of Wushu but definitely different and apparently better than Swordsman Online. Comparable to more a bit like Tera and Dragonnest because of the non-target Action MMO. Non-target AMMOs imo is more realistic and fluid than target AMMOs and would love to give this a try if they ever bring over globally. ;D

  • post Re: Qin's Moon Season 5 Special Edition!! - 02 November

    Is this the official channel? I just found it today, and it seems very new!

    And just to add some comments about the lines..
    "life is already cheap originally"
    Just gonna reword this as 'Life was originally cheap.'"Life may be more tenacious if one strives hard"
    Maybe 'determined' is a better word? Or purposeful..."Que Ge have its new owner again."
    In this case it's Nong Yu. Technically speaking the general owns it, but this is like a way of speech?
  • post the starting tragically early England - 01 November
  • 9 Optional Note first prize of the three, a single injection bonus to 2.59 billion yuan, a record of the last optional July 9, 20 bonds, the first color you work to earn 14,089 lottery contest current object per day, Sweden Pakistan A super composed. Among them, the primary wins the race only three FIFA 15, and seven other flat top four FIFA 15 off victories. Prior to the first prize of continuous open space, cumulative period amounted to 17.62 million yuan. The second prize was only 6 Note that a single injection bonus 650,000. Optional September 68 Note first prize, a single injection of money 120,000 yuan; July 21, the first color that 14,090 lottery win, the current object by the super race in Sweden, Norway and Pakistan A super Composite Medium difficulty game. Note the first prize of 34, broke the previous 17.62 million yuan of accumulated gold, a single injection of money 960,000 yuan; optional 9 2130 Notes, a single injection bonus 4649 yuan. This June, FIFA 15 has become the hottest topic on several occasions. Four Annual FIFA 15, so we are concerned about more than a football event, a number of developers on the FIFA 15 for the marketing war to begin. Property variable frequency turbulence in the FIFA 15 FIFA 15 half swing heavily in Brazil in 2014, but the enthusiasm of the fans watching day and night in exchange for a series of events disrupt. Italy lost unexpectedly less optimistic about Costa Rica, but also the starting tragically early England, Spain 0: 2 Chile sorry, FIFA 15 final was lost at a frequency of discomfort, such as the behavior of the market house is also very variable. High inventories to melt slowly prices fell, watching the first half was concentrated in 2014 amid the downturn in the housing at the end. January-May this year, Hunan significant cooling real estate, real estate sales volume and price down. Since June, the Changsha characteristic sharp drop in sales in the first week, the second week of the new fall in house prices, but a small network Signed sequential growth of more than 3 percent, while the third week and the unexpected appearance of the amount of the write-up situation.
  • post we need to love football - 01 November
  • Naver, said that since the defense is bad, needs a good performance on the offensive end, but a total of only Asian team last scored only nine goals, including South Korea, Australia 3 balls, 2 balls Japan, Iran a ball . Asian final teams last time, there is a common disadvantage in that the defensive vulnerability, the probability of the second half 30 minutes appeared to be the ball very good, even the strength of the final Korean team also has the advantage of 30 minutes after the first two of the 15 FIFA physical decline. The coach is also a lack of response measures, after the FIFA 15 in Japan, Iran coach held responsible and dismissal. Naver continued last four teams do not get a win for the first time since 1990, when the team finally end only two Asian teams to participate. Also known as the strongeste ultimate team in Japan only a draw and 2 losses, lost in Australia is 3, and the apparent gap between the world-class team finals, playing good defense of Iran into a ball, making it the lowest score FIFA 15 Ultimate Team ball This is shameful. Feeling Naver worth of Asian football was trampled, 3 draws and 9 negative results, fans worry about demand in Asia will continue to decline, while Asia was reduced to the number of participants will be the five continents have also caused great dissatisfaction. FIFA 15 has a brutal knockout introduced, the fans in the stadium as the state of FIFA 15 and its updates, low mood, but from the Chinese fans watching the FIFA 15 at the same time, more worried about the future development of Chinese football. Qingwei Hu told reporters, including FIFA 15, including that he had gone to the scene saw three consecutive FIFA 15, but he saw the figure of the Chinese team in the final third FIFA 15, which is said to FIFA 15 Coins do something Chinese football. Hu Qingwei think the future of Chinese football depends on young children, so small children to play well we need to love football, so this year club a Happy Star Huqing Wei in Shanghai established in March football, specifically recruit children 4-12 years cultivating his love interest in football, and after the age of 12, the talented players who are interested in Europe and Brazil and other countries to participate in specialized training and coaching will be expected to lead in China 2030 FIFA football players 15 travel to Brazil to the FIFA 15, which also released the final football team to 13 men to see, ready for the performance of the final local team in Brazil with three FIFA 15, allowing players to see of the self culture of Brazilian football, feel the charm of Brazilian football.
  • post Re: 山水情-Feelings of Mountains and Waters - 30 October
  • I want you took a video like this often.
  • post Re: Zhang Xinyu Viann 张馨予 - 30 October
  • Amazing. How can you do this? I've never seen.
  • post Re: The 36th Chamber of Shaolin (1978) - 28 October
  • This is an awesome movie. One of the best, if not the best Kung Fu movie ever. A true classic. Just watch it and you will be excited about it too.
  • post Re: Legend Of Condor Heroes 2008 - 28 October
  • I actually liked this version quite a lot, especially Hu Ge and Ariel Lin. However, Justin Yuan was annoying as Yang Kang (although I liked his brotherly chemistry with Hu Ge). He was too confused of a character. He was better than the 2003 Yang Kang, but when compared to Michael Miu (1983 version) he lacks. My favorite characters (after Hu Ge) were Li Jie as Ouyang Ke and Beardy as Hong Qigong.

  • post Re: Favourite Adaptation - 28 October
  • My favorite adaption is Legend of the Condor Heroes 1983. Despite having seen both the 2003 and 2008 versions, I still believe that none of them has managed to surpass the 1983 version. Felix Wong is just what Guo Jing should be like (Hu Ge also comes very close) and Michael Miu is by far the best Yang Kang. Bonus is that martial arts choreography is just awesome. It reminds me of Shaw Brothers Wuxia movies.

    For ROCH, I have seen the 1983, 1997 (Singapore) and 2006 versions and I liked the most the 1983 version because they added much more staff (like many more subplots and characters). I never really liked ROCH. I've read the novel, but it did not draw me as much as LOCH.

    As for HSDS, I've seen the 1986 and 2009 versions and the first few episodes of the 2003 version (which I did not complete because of a combination of being bored watching the same story again and bad effects, although the acting was alright). The 1986 version shines. I especially liked how it did not focus on Wuji's parents only, but also focused and on other characters.

    EDIT: By the way, you should watch the Brave Archer Trilogy with Fu Sheng. It is just awesome.
  • post Re: The Empress of China 武则天 Wu Zetian - 21 October

  • ...
  • post Re: Fei Yu Fu Xiu Chun Dao 飞鱼服绣春 / Brotherhood of Blades - 20 October

  • I've been looking forward to and keeping an eye on this one for quite a while.
  • post Re: Link to watch Qin's Moon Movie (My upload) - 19 October
  • THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!! I'll enjoy this... 5th season is coming soon. Can't wait as well. Again, thanks!

xxa beautiful city to visit

October 16, 2014, 08:59:05 AM by dada0312 | Views: 61 | Comments: 0

It was really great to see the guys play assembling much.After wanted it for some time, Brad Evans and Sounders Lamar Neagle become. Images are captured, shook hands, then we need to throw them in FIFA 15 both were very good, but not as good as the next guy, DeAndre Yedlin. This man was a nail in the World Cup, the United States of America, and so good at FIFA. Won three FIFA 15 in Seattle.We some Tottenham Roberto Soldado connected and Kyle Naughton also. Legend Ledley King also stopped to adjust all the scarves and shirts with Tottenham's new for us, everyone was cast teaser as beautiful as can be. It was very surprising to him yet. Soldado scored a hat-trick ... with himself. I'll let you...


June 30, 2014, 02:07:18 PM by zhaohui | Views: 336 | Comments: 0

love it see it. such a wonderful serials.

xxSeveral game modes are available as FIFA

June 30, 2014, 06:00:35 AM by cheapfifa14coin | Views: 346 | Comments: 0

Several game modes are available, including the Road to World Cup FIFA which allows you to take control of one of 203 selections and make the whole competition, starting with the qualifications to reach the final . Then you are in the shoes of coach and present your list of buy FIFA 14 Coins based on a preselection.

Small flat, you can choose between 40 players to compose your list, the national pool is not present as in FIFA 14 , which is still understandable given the large number of countries. If you do not want to go through the playoffs, then you can get started in the fashion FIFA World Cup 2014 to start directly with the group stag...

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