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  • tonysmith15: Logging in again after a few months. If anyone has a good recommendation for wuxia, I will take it. :D
    May 13, 2018, 08:26:34 PM
  • megamarie: we'll i guess they're no longer updating this site.
    January 16, 2018, 07:33:03 AM
  • tonysmith15: this blog is pretty much inactive as far as I'm concerned :(
    January 12, 2018, 11:39:36 PM
  • Putry_E-za: Is this blog still active? Where can i see Princess Returning Pearl Zhao Wei version for season 2 and 3?
    December 14, 2017, 05:43:25 PM
  • simplicity: Hey guys~ Thinking of translating 墓王之王, check out my post for more details thanks :)
    August 15, 2017, 11:46:25 PM
  • Roviel: Im excited for Condor Heroes 2017
    January 05, 2017, 03:34:30 AM
  • artemist: hi..anyone can give me the link for wind and cloud season 1 with english sub ?? thx
    June 27, 2016, 06:38:06 PM
  • tonysmith15: Hello again, I am looking for a good wuxia to watch this week. Any recommendations?
    June 04, 2016, 02:26:56 AM
  • Hanjaya: tes
    December 19, 2015, 06:09:05 PM
  • Miyuki1988: Hi, do u know where i can watch princess lang ling king with eng subs?
    June 28, 2015, 12:22:26 PM
  • qosimath212: romance return of the condor heroes
    May 22, 2015, 07:18:59 AM
  • qosimath212: romance return of the condor heroes
    May 22, 2015, 07:18:46 AM
  • tonysmith15: does anyone know where to get the subtitles for legend of chu and han?
    April 02, 2015, 01:45:35 AM
  • ffrhad: Crystal Liu
    March 16, 2015, 09:46:54 AM
  • Roviel: any1 know where to get the BGM used on series scenes of Condor Heroes 2014?
    February 08, 2015, 06:36:12 AM
  • JohnnyBigStarZ: hi can any help how a can a open up a discussion
    January 17, 2015, 12:23:34 AM
  • bjharm: yes great if you looking to buy drugs
    January 07, 2015, 03:57:55 AM
  • Roviel: I dont like CG on fighting scenes. They should go back to using powders!
    January 03, 2015, 08:33:06 AM
  • chaosdrgonlord: seems to be a lot of new spammers and bots in the forums nowadays :(
    January 01, 2015, 12:40:32 AM
  • Roviel: the great protector - needs sub
    December 31, 2014, 10:26:35 PM

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  • post Re: Xiao Ao Jiang Hu 于正版《笑傲江湖》今开机 演员阵容大曝光 The Swordman 2013 - 13 September
  • I know it's been so long.. but I need to say I miss this series
  • post The Buried City of Shimao - 28 August
  • The Shimao ruins are in Shaanxi, China, in the Loess highlands and they date from approximately 4,300 BC, far older than the foundations of the Great Wall. The ruins were not discovered until 1976 and not excavated by archaeologists until 2011. Since then, Shimao has been revealed to be the largest pre-historic ruins in China and is now a protected national monument. It is believed to have flourished for half a millennium and may have been the biggest city in the world at one time.
  • post Angelababy 楊穎 - 01 July
  • Angelababy
    Sauter à la navigation
    Sauter à la recherche
    Yang Ying
    Description de cette image, également commentée ci-après
    Angelababy en 2014.
    Données clés Naissance 28 février 1989 (29 ans)
    Shanghai, Chine
    Nationalité Drapeau de Chine Chinoise
    Profession actrice, chanteuse, mannequin

    modifier Consultez la documentation du modèle

    Yang Ying, plus connue sous le nom de Angelababy, est une mannequin, actrice et chanteuse chinoise née le 28 février 1989 à Shanghai1.


  • post China in bronze age - 23 June
  • How was it like to live in bronze age China, under Shang dynasty?
    We can see the territory of the Shang dynasty here.

    How developed was ancient China in that period, comparing to other civilizations?
  • post What is the Silk Road? - 20 April
  • In spite of its name, the Silk Road was not one single road, but rather, a network of roads that connected the East and the West. It may be remarked that this name was only given quite recently, as it was coined in 1877 by the German historian and geographer, Ferdinand von Richthofen. ‘Officially’, the Silk Road was established when the Han Dynasty of China began to trade with the West, commonly said to be in 130 BC. This overland route continued to be used up until AD 1453, when the Ottoman Empire, which had conquered Constantinople in that year, decided to stop trading with the West, and therefore closed the routes.
  • post Re: Xin Zhi Lei 辛芷蕾写真 - 20 April
  • She is Very Beautiful and one my favorite actress.
  • post Re: Asura: The Realm of Desire, The Beginning of A Legend 阿修罗 - 20 April
  • Hey Have not watched the movie yet but is quite excited to watch it.
    I love watching Chinese movies, they are Entertaining and always have something new to watch

    If someone has watched it pls share the review.
  • post Re: Gu Jian Qi Tan 2 ( Legend of Ancient Swords 2) Promotional clips released!!! - 20 April
  • Awesome Animation Loved it. Would like to know the main story of the game.
  • post Re: Gu Jian Qi Tan 2 ( Legend of Ancient Swords 2) Promotional clips released!!! - 02 April
  • I like your signature.
  • post Re: Strange Hero Yi Zhe Mei - 02 April
  • I like to watch Chinese series.
  • post Happy New Lunar DoG Year 2018 Everybody .... 新年快乐 - 16 February
  • Happy New DoG Year 2018 Everybody .... 新年快乐

    ! No longer available
    《2018中央电视台春节联欢晚会》 20180215 1/4 | CCTV春晚

    ! No longer available
    《2018中央电视台春节联欢晚会》 20180215 2/4 | CCTV春晚

    ! No longer available
    《2018中央电视台春节联欢晚会》 20180215 3/4 | CCTV春晚

    ! No longer available
    《2018中央电视台春节联欢晚会》 20180215 4/4 | CCTV春晚
  • post Dujiangyan irrigation system is awesome - 02 February
  • Did you know that this chinese irrigation system, Dujiangyan, is 2200 years old?
    It is still used today, and it provides water to 50 cities! :o
  • post Re: I have many beautiful music in my youtube channel - 31 January
  • Looking for recruitment websites?
  • post Re: Xin Zhi Lei 辛芷蕾写真 - 27 January
  • Xin Zhilei 辛芷蕾


  • post Re: The Renyin Plot - The Plot to Eliminate a Mad and Sadistic Emperor - 24 January
  • Brings us to the heart of quality content that is acceptable to the common people as well.
  • post The Renyin Plot - The Plot to Eliminate a Mad and Sadistic Emperor - 20 January
  • Hi,

    I was reading the other day about the Renyin Plot. It read how the 16 palace women tried to assassinate Zhu Houcong also known as Jiajing but failed. I recommend to check the article out. :)
  • post Asura: The Realm of Desire, The Beginning of A Legend 阿修罗 - 17 January

  • Asura: The Realm of Desire, The Beginning of A Legend 阿修罗

    Directed by Peng Zhang
    Produced by Zhenjian Yang
    Written by Kirk Caouette

    Leo Wu
    Carina Lau
    Tony Leung Ka-fai
    Zhang Yi Shang

    The story is set in Asura, the dimension of pure desire according to ancient Buddhist mythology. The mythical realm is threatened by a coup from a lower heavenly kingdom and the story follows from there

    Sixteen-year-old Chinese rising star Lei Wu plays the film's young hero, alongside Hong Kong veterans Tony Leung and Carina Lau. Eighteen-year-old newcomer Zhang Yi Shang is the female lead and love interest.

    Asura will be the first in a trilogy. Asura is expected to be released sometime in the summer of 2018.



  • post Zhou Dongyu 周冬雨 - 26 December

  • Zhou Dongyu 周冬雨; born 31 January 1992) is a Chinese actress, who gained recognition after appearing in Zhang Yimou's film Under the Hawthorn Tree. She was also chosen by Southern Metropolis Daily as one of the "Four Dan actresses of the post-90s Generation", along with Zheng Shuang, Guan Xiaotong and Yang Zi.[1]#cdata_escape_encode# In 2016, she won the Golden Horse Award for Best Leading Actress with her performance in Soul Mate.

    Zhou Dongyu was born in Shijiazhuang on 31 January 1992, and graduated from the Beijing Film Academy in 2015

    2010–2015: Rising recognition

    In 2010, Zhou was picked by Zhang Yimou to star in his film Under the Hawthorn Tree, despite having no acting experience prior to taking on the role.[4]#cdata_escape_encode# She rose to fame for her appearance in the film and won several awards, including the Best Actress at the 56th Valladolid International Film Spain Festival, Outstanding New Actress at the 14th Huabiao Award and Best New Performer at the 20th Shanghai Film Critics Awards.[5]#cdata_escape_encode#[6]#cdata_escape_encode#[7]#cdata_escape_encode#

    In 2011, she starred in Barbara Wong's romance film The Allure of Tears; and also featured in war film The Road Of Exploring, playing Yang Kaihui, the wife of political leader Mao Zedong.[8]#cdata_escape_encode#[9]#cdata_escape_encode#

    In 2013, she starred in The Palace, the fourth installment of the Gong series by Yu Zheng. Variety praised her performance saying, "Zhou holds the screen very well, turning an initially daft personality into an angsty but stoical heroine".[10]#cdata_escape_encode#

    In 2014, she starred alongside Lin Gengxin in youth romance film My Old Classmate.[11]#cdata_escape_encode# The film topped China's box office and Zhou was praised for her "acting breakthrough".[12]#cdata_escape_encode#[13]#cdata_escape_encode# The same year, she featured in comedy Breakup Buddies. Opposite to her usual pure and fresh image, Zhou challenged the role of a "Smart"[14]#cdata_escape_encode# in the film.[15]#cdata_escape_encode# Breakup Buddies became one of the highest grossing films of all time in China.[16]#cdata_escape_encode#

    In 2015, she starred opposite Ethan Juan in suspense film The Unbearable Lightness of Inspector Fan and youth series The Ark of Mr. Chow alongside Sun Honglei.[17]#cdata_escape_encode#[18]#cdata_escape_encode#[19]#cdata_escape_encode#
    2016–present: Critical acclaim

    Zhou achieved breakthrough with her performance in the film Soul Mate, based on the novel of the same name by Anni Baobei.[20]#cdata_escape_encode# Zhou received the Best Actress award at the 53rd Golden Horse Awards together with her Soul Mate co-star Sandra Ma,[21]#cdata_escape_encode# and also won Best Actress at the 28th Hong Kong Film Critics Society Award.[22]#cdata_escape_encode# The same year, she won the Best Actress award at the 8th Macau International Movie Festival for her performance in the film Never Said Goodbye.[23]#cdata_escape_encode# Zhou also starred in her first television series, spy war series Sparrow. The series was commercially successful, and became the highest rated war series to date with a peak rating of 2.46 and 11 billion online views. Zhou was praised by both the audience and director for successfully tackling a challenging role.[24]#cdata_escape_encode#[25]#cdata_escape_encode#[26]#cdata_escape_encode#

    In 2017, Zhou starred alongside Takeshi Kaneshiro in romantic comedy This Is Not What I Expected. The film grossed over 100 million yuan and received a 8.9 out of 10 score on Maoyan. Along with the success of Soul Mate, Zhou was coined the representative of Chinese chick flicks.[27]#cdata_escape_encode# The same year, she starred in science fiction wuxia film The Thousand Faces of Dunjia directed by Tsui Hark.[28]#cdata_escape_encode#




  • post Crystal Zhang Tian'ai 张天爱 - 26 December

  • Crystal Zhang Tian'ai 张天爱, born 28 October 1988), also known by her English name Crystal Zhang, is a Chinese actress and model. She is best known for her breakout role in the 2015 hit web-series Go Princess Go.


    After she studied overseas in Japan, Zhang came back to China and trained under Beijing Film Academy.

    In 2009, she starred in the Korean short film Cherry Blossom alongside Korean actor Kim Soo-hyun.[1]#cdata_escape_encode# After which, she continued to appear in minor supporting roles.[2]#cdata_escape_encode#
    2014–2015: Breakout

    Zhang first gained attention in 2014 when she acted alongside Sun Honglei in The Legendary Sniper.[3]#cdata_escape_encode# She won the Best Supporting Actress award at the 2nd Hengdian Film and TV Festival of China for her performance.[4]#cdata_escape_encode#[5]#cdata_escape_encode#

    Thereafter, she starred in the web series Go Princess Go. The low-budget series unexpectedly became a commercial hit, and shot Zhang to fame.[5]#cdata_escape_encode#
    2016–present: Rising popularity

    Following her fame, Zhang was suceedingly cast in bigger projects. In 2016, she starred in the romance film I Belonged to You alongside Deng Chao.[6]#cdata_escape_encode# The film was a commercial success and earned more than 800 million yuan ($118 million) at the box office.[5]#cdata_escape_encode# The same year, she was cast as the female lead in fantasy-action series Martial Universe.[7]#cdata_escape_encode#

    In 2017, she starred in comedy film Father and Son with Da Peng and Fan Wei, and in fantasy adventure film Legend of the Naga Pearls with Darren Wang.[8]#cdata_escape_encode#[9]#cdata_escape_encode# She also featured in the war film The Founding of an Army as Soong Mei-ling,[10]#cdata_escape_encode# as well as fantasy-mystery film Legend of the Demon Cat directed by Chen Kaige.[11]#cdata_escape_encode#

    In 2018, Zhang will star in the romantic comedy series The Evolution of Our Love alongside Zhang Ruoyun.[12]#cdata_escape_encode#

    Year English Title Chinese Title Role Notes
    2009 Cherry Blossom 落櫻 Zhang Lina Short film
    2014 Uncle Victory 勝利 Cameo
    2016 I Belonged to You 從你的全世界路過 Yao Ji
    2017 Father and Son 父子雄兵 Liu Wen
    The Founding of an Army 建军大业 Soong Mei-ling
    Legend of the Naga Pearls 鮫珠傳 Hei Yu
    Legend of the Demon Cat 妖貓傳 Yu Lian

    Television series
    Year English Title Chinese Title Role Notes
    2013 The Second Life of My Husband 老公的春天 Guest appearance
    Mop Lady's Spring 抹布女也有春天 An Di
    2014 Strange Coffee 怪咖啡 Zhu Liye Web series
    The Legendary Sniper 二炮手 Ling Zhiyu
    2015 Go Princess Go 太子妃升職記 Zhang Pengpeng Web series
    2016 My Fair Lady 我的朋友陳白露小姐 Hai Tang
    2018 Martial Universe 武动乾坤 Ying Huanhuan
    The Evolution of Our Love 爱情进化论 Ai Ruoman
    If I Can, I Will Never Love You 如果可以,绝不爱你 Zhou Ran


  • post Trying to find a song title - 20 December
  • OK so; I recently found a song I had in my head, its a good nice soothing yet also up beat song, no words or singing just music. And it was used for a Nicholas Tse & Fan Bingbing show Amazing Twins, the music video was really nice, and I cant for the life of me find the NAME of the song used.

    All I remember is the melody and the end of the video which had a young boy placing flowers at some graves before focusing on Nicholas' face. All I need is the name of the song used. Its so hauntingly beautiful I want to download or try to buy it

    Anyone know ?
  • post Princess Returning Pearl - 14 December
  • Please upload more of the season...2 and 3..the Zhao Wei version please...
    I love that one..not the renew one..
  • post Re: Qin's Moon Season 5 is out!! - 23 November
  • Quote from: lenitao on November 23, 2017, 08:05:52 AM
    agh, at least it's not the Qin's Moon studio that made the claim

    I was planning to watch A Portrait of Jianghu: Spirit Master, at some time :/
    You can watch Spirit Master here:

    All episodes seemed to be uploaded there by the website. I think. xD I don't know who did it.

    I did the subtitle-timing from episodes 1-21, but they are not the original timing I made. It's not the original video either because I provided the characters' names in hard-subs each time they show up on the screen. But I think people can still live with it.
  • post Re: Qin's Moon Season 5 is out!! - 23 November
  • agh, at least it's not the Qin's Moon studio that made the claim

    I was planning to watch A Portrait of Jianghu: Spirit Master, at some time :/
  • post Re: Qin's Moon Season 5 is out!! - 22 November
  • Quote from: lenitao on November 22, 2017, 09:21:53 AM
    yaaay!! that was fast : ) thanks for all your amazing work

    why did they close the other one? is this channel safe?
    The company who made A Portrait of Jianghu: Spirit Master claimed their rights and YouTube took those videos down, resulting a suspension to the old channel.

    I don't know how long the new channel will stay, but we will keep the same name Mooncakes Team on YT no matter what. xD
  • post Re: Qin's Moon Season 5 is out!! - 22 November
  • yaaay!! that was fast : ) thanks for all your amazing work

    why did they close the other one? is this channel safe?
  • post Re: Qin's Moon Season 5 is out!! - 21 November
  • Quote from: lenitao on November 21, 2017, 09:25:49 AM
    OMG the channel is down, nooooo, damn youtube

    please do something guys, I'm even considering learning Chinese at the moment >.
  • post Re: Qin's Moon Season 5 is out!! - 21 November
  • OMG the channel is down, nooooo, damn youtube

    please do something guys, I'm even considering learning Chinese at the moment >.
  • post Re: Princess Agents 《特工皇妃楚乔传》 2017 - 16 November
  • There's a couple of "Journey of Flower" pics and possibly one other series mixed in there.
  • post 2200 years old Xiognu jewelry discovered - 20 October
  • A few days ago archaeologists discovered old jewelry that belonged to Xiognu!
    It is 2200 years old, and it is made of coal, jade, and coral. Experts say that owners are most like from Trans-Baikal region or Mongolia. It would be nice to have it :D
  • post Our Time Will Come - 02 October
  • Our Time Will Come
    Ming yue ji shi you

    Director: Ann Hui

    Zhou Xun
    Deanie Ip
    Wallace Huo
    Eddie Peng
    Tony Leung Ka-Fai

    Year 2017
  • post Re: Season 5 Proofreading - 30 September
  • Episode 54

    ...and won't fight properly.

    However, we won't be able to see her right now.

    ...or do you want to prove...
  • post Re: Season 5 Proofreading - 29 September
  • Episode 54:

    4:04 - "...and won't fight properly."
    4:17 - "... Young Master fall into the water so easily."
    5:45 - "...depart for the..."
    16:36 - "...half of the power of the Six Halls is in..."

    Xiao Gao, noooooooooooooooooo!
  • post Re: Qin's Moon Season 5 is out!! - 29 September
  • Season 5 episode 54 Draft video:
    Proofreading notes/comments at:

    Season 5 episode 53 has been set to the public~ Thanks for the work, everyone!
  • post Re: Qin's Moon Season 5 is out!! - 27 September
  • Episode 55 :
    SpoilerEPISODE 55 : 临危诡局

    ----- RECAP OF EPISODE 54 -----

    Long Jv : 高先生有危险

    Ge Nie : 现在情况未明
    我们先前往蚩尤堂 再做判断

    Ying Bu : 这是醉梦楼

    Ji Bu : 放心 没把她卖了

    Zhu Jia : 田虎已经拿下了墨家的高渐离和大铁锤

    Liu Ji : 眼下的情况 他们的对手就只剩我们了

    Zhu Jia : 这个地方 进可攻 退可守 司徒老弟 你选的有眼光

    Si Tu Wan Li : 有诈

    ----- END OF RECAP FOR EPISODE 54 -----

    ----- EPISODE 55 -----

    Zhu Jia : 你们 背叛了我
    杀 不必手下留情

    Si Tu Wan Li : 保护朱堂主

    Man A : 堂主此时正前往蚩尤堂
    可咱们兄弟 却只能窝在这守门

    Man B : 就你这三脚猫功夫 去了也是送死
    再说 之后二当家就要前往炎帝六贤冢了
    那是什么地方 咱们农家的圣地啊
    为堂主而死 好得很

    Man A : 谁要是敢伤害堂主 我第一个跟他拼命

    Man B : 看你这馋样 其实是对堂主有意思吧

    Man A : 我们堂主有头脑有手腕 又够风骚
    是个男人 谁不两眼放光

    Man B : 那也轮不到你小子 堂主新招进来的那个英布

    Man A : 对了 胜七这叛徒 之前竟然自己送上门来了
    听说他要找咱们堂主麻烦 这是怎么一回事

    Man B : 有些事 你刚入农家不久 自然不晓得
    当年胜七的兄弟好本事 不仅当上了总管

    Man A : 好大艳福

    Man B : 但胜七这家伙 外面这么多野花不摘
    某一天 胜七趁他兄弟不在的时候
    便来硬的 想让堂主从了他

    Man A : 兄弟的女人都下得了手 这胜七真不是个东西

    Man B : 后来大当家及时赶到 总算没让胜七得逞
    不过胜七狗急跳墙 竟下狠手杀死了兄弟

    Man A : 那堂主后来是如何上位的

    Man B : 听说她和好几位堂主 私底下都有

    Man A : 堂主对付男人的手段 我也想领教一下啊

    Ji Bu : 我进去探了探 田蜜此刻似乎并不在堂内

    Ying Bu : 我想也是 走吧

    Soldier A : 河面似乎不太对劲

    Long Jv : 河水
    那是 几截木头规律地被插在河上 通向

    Soldier B : 将军 有人接近

    Soldier A : 衣着上看不出端倪

    Long Jv : 你们是
    英布将军 没力气了吗

    Ying Bu : 小子 你力气不大 口气倒是不小

    Long Jv : 看到你还活着 很好

    Ji Bu : 龙且将军 幸会 我是季布

    Long Jv : 季布 那么你就是统领着影虎军团的

    Ji Bu : 都是过去的事了

    Long Jv : 那么你之前 便是一直跟随在昌平君 王的身边了

    Ying Bu : 腾龙军团

    Long Jv : 几乎就不在了
    但我们在最绝望的时候 遇到了少主

    Shao Yu : 小龙 你带着项氏一族的虎符
    告诉所有的将军 所有的士兵
    他们的统帅 楚国最强的项氏一族已经回来了

    Long Jv : 我此刻便是奉他的命令
    前往各地 召集过往所有楚国的旧部
    英布将军 季布将军
    为了建立一个全新的楚国 少主需要每一份力量

    Ji Bu : 我苟活至今 等的就是这一刻

    Long Jv : 英布将军重披楚国战甲 再与我并肩作战

    Soldiers : 将军 回来和我们一起战斗吧
    回来吧 将军 少主需要我们
    英布将军 别走啊

    Ji Bu : 当年楚国战败后
    他 受了很大打击
    后来 他遇见了一个很重要的人
    就算拼上性命 也必须护她周全
    但那人此刻正身陷危机之中 命在旦夕
    惟有这么做 我们才有可能找回以前的那个英布

    Long Jv : 我理解 即便是少主 也曾经怀疑过自己
    但他却以更强大的姿态 重新穿上了七海蛟龙甲

    Si Tu Wan Li : 不好

    Man C : 放

    Si Tu Wan Li : 不行 这里地势开阔 敌人数量太多
    弓箭凶猛 我们完全暴露在他们的视野之中 难以反击

    Liu Ji : 不好 有埋伏


    Zhu Jia : 刘季老弟 现在还不能掉以轻心

    Liu Ji : 司徒兄 这两个木桩你们先拿去用
    大哥 这究竟是怎么回事 这里不是你主动选择的战场吗

    Zhu Jia : 我也很想知道他们为什么会突然叛变
    此番叛变 难道是事前就已经安排好的
    如果是这样 我倒反而被算计了
    究竟是谁 在暗中布了这个局

    ----- END OF EPISODE 55 -----

    ----- PREVIEW FOR EPISODE 56 -----

    Si Tu Wan Li : 我们也差点被你炸回老家去了

    Zhu Jia : 你当这是表演吗

    Mr. Jin : 看得很清楚
    你很忠心 可惜 你马上就是个死人了

    Dian Qing : 动手吧 三娘

    ----- END OF PREVIEW FOR EPISODE 56 ----
  • post Re: Season 5 Proofreading - 25 September
  • Episode 53:

    16:43 - "...were in front."
    16:52 - "not a good idea..."
  • post Re: Qin's Moon Season 5 is out!! - 25 September
  • Sorry guys. Almost done with season 5 episode 54 translation. 8) I'll get it done after work tomorrow.

    EDIT: Done with season 5 episode 54 translation. Draft video will come later. This weekend, I will shift back to 9 Songs and hopefully I will have time for season 5. ^.^
  • post Re: Season 5 Proofreading - 24 September
  • Quote from: cynthaiz on September 23, 2017, 11:23:50 PM
    Though we may be opponents, we are ultimately still brothers.

    Thanks for this edit! I just couldn't think of something as close as what was said in Chinese. xD It sounds close to me.
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  • Episode 53

    3:59 - 4:05
    That army relies heavily on their infantry, with their cavalry supporting it, similar to the former state of Wei's military soldiers.

    However, after Ghost Valley disciple Sun Bin had enticed the enemy's main force...

    Though we may be opponents, we are ultimately still brothers.

    Gao Jianli's freezing move reminds me of Katara's when she froze Azula in the last season of Avatar
  • post Re: Episodes Translation for "9 Songs of the Moving Heavens" - 23 September
  • Episode 31 looks fine to me.
  • post Season 5 Proofreading - 23 September
  • Episode 53 Draft Video:

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