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  • FalconG: xuan yuan
    October 25, 2014, 08:19:22 AM
  • 55wayne55: can somebody help me figure this seres out?
    October 13, 2014, 01:13:46 PM
  • 55wayne55: hello there... m looking for a chinese series that i watched years ago but cant remember the title or the whole story.... just remembered a part that he learned his inner strength by copying dolls that was given to him, and a part where he was invited to look at scriptures inside a cave but because he is uneducated and does not knw how to read... took the scriptures as pictures and was able to learn the martial arts there. also, because of his innocence he drank 3 bowls of wine that the others wont because of suspicion of poison, but turns out to be helpful to add your inner strenght
    October 13, 2014, 01:13:05 PM
  • chaosdrgonlord: so y isnt Legend of the Ancient Sword here on this list? :D
    September 29, 2014, 12:03:21 AM
  • WJV: almost done with condor heros. i dont want it to end
    August 31, 2014, 07:03:50 PM
  • rexon: helo
    August 27, 2014, 11:42:07 PM
  • hafizadam: to much spam I see
    August 22, 2014, 08:19:15 PM
  • ay2014: sorry guys i am new at this.
    August 13, 2014, 10:43:47 PM
  • ._.: Youtube channel terminated D:
    August 08, 2014, 03:32:38 AM
  • Roviel: Laughing in the Wind
    August 07, 2014, 09:37:54 PM
  • Roviel: mischievous Princess:
    August 07, 2014, 09:37:18 PM
  • aringkingking: i was watching wuxia from youtube and everythings gone i couldnt watch it from the net coz our net is not yet fixed
    August 07, 2014, 09:31:50 AM
  • aringkingking: guys can someone help me how can i download the mischievous princess from here
    August 07, 2014, 09:31:14 AM
  • marjeza: i want to follow ba suzhen on facebook. . . . please help anyone . . .thanks
    July 22, 2014, 03:25:19 AM
  • moeini711: Laughing In The Wind episode
    July 21, 2014, 06:04:31 PM
  • mohamad amar badri ismail: hello admin..can you please reupload series The Spirit of the Sword 浣花洗剑录 (Huan Hua Xi Jian Lu ) [RS][English Subbed]? the link is not working..thanks
    July 11, 2014, 10:53:09 AM
  • Roviel: download and watch so we have the files
    July 06, 2014, 12:40:58 AM
  • Roviel: [link]
    July 06, 2014, 12:31:58 AM
  • Roviel: loch 2008
    July 06, 2014, 12:31:50 AM
  • andreasg0502: looking for legend of condor heroes 2008 but youtube link already been blocked... any other link?
    July 03, 2014, 04:53:42 PM

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  • post the starting tragically early England - 01 November
  • 9 Optional Note first prize of the three, a single injection bonus to 2.59 billion yuan, a record of the last optional July 9, 20 bonds, the first color you work to earn 14,089 lottery contest current object per day, Sweden Pakistan A super composed. Among them, the primary wins the race only three FIFA 15, and seven other flat top four FIFA 15 off victories. Prior to the first prize of continuous open space, cumulative period amounted to 17.62 million yuan. The second prize was only 6 Note that a single injection bonus 650,000. Optional September 68 Note first prize, a single injection of money 120,000 yuan; July 21, the first color that 14,090 lottery win, the current object by the super race in Sweden, Norway and Pakistan A super Composite Medium difficulty game. Note the first prize of 34, broke the previous 17.62 million yuan of accumulated gold, a single injection of money 960,000 yuan; optional 9 2130 Notes, a single injection bonus 4649 yuan. This June, FIFA 15 has become the hottest topic on several occasions. Four Annual FIFA 15, so we are concerned about more than a football event, a number of developers on the FIFA 15 for the marketing war to begin. Property variable frequency turbulence in the FIFA 15 FIFA 15 half swing heavily in Brazil in 2014, but the enthusiasm of the fans watching day and night in exchange for a series of events disrupt. Italy lost unexpectedly less optimistic about Costa Rica, but also the starting tragically early England, Spain 0: 2 Chile sorry, FIFA 15 final was lost at a frequency of discomfort, such as the behavior of the market house is also very variable. High inventories to melt slowly prices fell, watching the first half was concentrated in 2014 amid the downturn in the housing at the end. January-May this year, Hunan significant cooling real estate, real estate sales volume and price down. Since June, the Changsha characteristic sharp drop in sales in the first week, the second week of the new fall in house prices, but a small network Signed sequential growth of more than 3 percent, while the third week and the unexpected appearance of the amount of the write-up situation.
  • post we need to love football - 01 November
  • Naver, said that since the defense is bad, needs a good performance on the offensive end, but a total of only Asian team last scored only nine goals, including South Korea, Australia 3 balls, 2 balls Japan, Iran a ball . Asian final teams last time, there is a common disadvantage in that the defensive vulnerability, the probability of the second half 30 minutes appeared to be the ball very good, even the strength of the final Korean team also has the advantage of 30 minutes after the first two of the 15 FIFA physical decline. The coach is also a lack of response measures, after the FIFA 15 in Japan, Iran coach held responsible and dismissal. Naver continued last four teams do not get a win for the first time since 1990, when the team finally end only two Asian teams to participate. Also known as the strongeste ultimate team in Japan only a draw and 2 losses, lost in Australia is 3, and the apparent gap between the world-class team finals, playing good defense of Iran into a ball, making it the lowest score FIFA 15 Ultimate Team ball This is shameful. Feeling Naver worth of Asian football was trampled, 3 draws and 9 negative results, fans worry about demand in Asia will continue to decline, while Asia was reduced to the number of participants will be the five continents have also caused great dissatisfaction. FIFA 15 has a brutal knockout introduced, the fans in the stadium as the state of FIFA 15 and its updates, low mood, but from the Chinese fans watching the FIFA 15 at the same time, more worried about the future development of Chinese football. Qingwei Hu told reporters, including FIFA 15, including that he had gone to the scene saw three consecutive FIFA 15, but he saw the figure of the Chinese team in the final third FIFA 15, which is said to FIFA 15 Coins do something Chinese football. Hu Qingwei think the future of Chinese football depends on young children, so small children to play well we need to love football, so this year club a Happy Star Huqing Wei in Shanghai established in March football, specifically recruit children 4-12 years cultivating his love interest in football, and after the age of 12, the talented players who are interested in Europe and Brazil and other countries to participate in specialized training and coaching will be expected to lead in China 2030 FIFA football players 15 travel to Brazil to the FIFA 15, which also released the final football team to 13 men to see, ready for the performance of the final local team in Brazil with three FIFA 15, allowing players to see of the self culture of Brazilian football, feel the charm of Brazilian football.
  • post Re: 山水情-Feelings of Mountains and Waters - 30 October
  • I want you took a video like this often.
  • post Re: Zhang Xinyu Viann 张馨予 - 30 October
  • Amazing. How can you do this? I've never seen.
  • post Re: The 36th Chamber of Shaolin (1978) - 28 October
  • This is an awesome movie. One of the best, if not the best Kung Fu movie ever. A true classic. Just watch it and you will be excited about it too.
  • post Re: Legend Of Condor Heroes 2008 - 28 October
  • I actually liked this version quite a lot, especially Hu Ge and Ariel Lin. However, Justin Yuan was annoying as Yang Kang (although I liked his brotherly chemistry with Hu Ge). He was too confused of a character. He was better than the 2003 Yang Kang, but when compared to Michael Miu (1983 version) he lacks. My favorite characters (after Hu Ge) were Li Jie as Ouyang Ke and Beardy as Hong Qigong.

  • post Re: Favourite Adaptation - 28 October
  • My favorite adaption is Legend of the Condor Heroes 1983. Despite having seen both the 2003 and 2008 versions, I still believe that none of them has managed to surpass the 1983 version. Felix Wong is just what Guo Jing should be like (Hu Ge also comes very close) and Michael Miu is by far the best Yang Kang. Bonus is that martial arts choreography is just awesome. It reminds me of Shaw Brothers Wuxia movies.

    For ROCH, I have seen the 1983, 1997 (Singapore) and 2006 versions and I liked the most the 1983 version because they added much more staff (like many more subplots and characters). I never really liked ROCH. I've read the novel, but it did not draw me as much as LOCH.

    As for HSDS, I've seen the 1986 and 2009 versions and the first few episodes of the 2003 version (which I did not complete because of a combination of being bored watching the same story again and bad effects, although the acting was alright). The 1986 version shines. I especially liked how it did not focus on Wuji's parents only, but also focused and on other characters.

    EDIT: By the way, you should watch the Brave Archer Trilogy with Fu Sheng. It is just awesome.
  • post Re: The Empress of China 武则天 Wu Zetian - 21 October

  • ...
  • post Re: Fei Yu Fu Xiu Chun Dao 飞鱼服绣春 / Brotherhood of Blades - 20 October

  • I've been looking forward to and keeping an eye on this one for quite a while.
  • post Re: Link to watch Qin's Moon Movie (My upload) - 19 October
  • THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!! I'll enjoy this... 5th season is coming soon. Can't wait as well. Again, thanks!
  • post Re: Ballad of the Desert 大漠谣 (Da Mo Yao) - 19 October

  • post Re: Qin's Moon Season 5 Trailer!!!! - 18 October
  • They are making Qin's moon into a series...
  • post break my impressions into four sections - 16 October
  • For the second year, and Fenerbahce Vice President Omar Temelli taken to tell. Twitter for the masses, which will include the ultimate team in the next FIFA 15 in the last year, of course, that did not happen, but it deserves a response post.In Forum user FIFA Onur because it believes he speaks again, - 'Is Fenerbahce in FIFA15' issue 58, which results in vague, said 'Yes' So once again the question of whether his words mean that the integration will join Galatasaray in a section of the damned, or if it was all a license Turkey Süper Lig presents itself. Offered the league since FIFA 12, with rumors ranging from why the allegations of match-fixing FIFA and the University of failure agreement.Last fiscal year, FIFA has made to achieve the license, adding a huge boost several leagues in South America and licenses T-Mobile Ekstraklasa well. It would be great to see that continue this year, but due to the fact that the same comments made during the past year, and we will use this with a grain of salt now.FIFA recently to invite us to join other FIFA Fan Festival's 15 in Seattle, New York and Portland met playing FIFA 15 with members of the community and hang out with FIFA players. It will break my impressions into four sections - the three cities we were in, and the fourth part in FIFA 15 impressions.SeattleWhen got Seattle, and really did not have any idea how big of a city that was FIFA. I knew I had Saunders is one of the most exciting clubs in MLS, but beyond that, it is hoped that the coffee a little stuffy and expensive it was. I came to find that FIFA Coins is huge - Sounders jerseys I saw much more than the Seahawks (NFL) and the Mariners (MLB). CenturyLink Field Stadium was incredible. Was sitting very stylish, good food, views.We big tour in the stadium, and when we got to the locker room for the player, Saunders discovered hanging from the coffers of the players. Custom groups with our names very impressive stuff.For fan festival, FIFA has to play 15 when we arrived and club room with about 20 screens and objects from the Xbox, we met girls boys FIFA, and mix a little bit before the presentation on the FIFA 15 is part of the design and features that were larger a source of pride. One thing that struck me was how everyone was crazy FIFA FIFA. Total FIFA 15 fans, FUT, and most of them knows more about the statements I Futhead.
  • post Hennings still scored three goals for Karlsruher - 16 October
  • What makes this even more impressive is that he is only in the area for 24 minutes.?ukasz Teodorczyk - ST - 68 Still a hat trick and half IF.SubstitutesLukas Hradecky - GK - 68 Lukas made nine saves and saving a penalty in Brondby 1 -0 win.Jason Puncheon - RM - 73 what Pulis has done for Palace is excellent, OGS, on the other hand, with Cardiff. That showed the weekend beating Cardiff 3-0 Palace, Puncheon are the most important man in scoring twice.Dalibor Stevanovi? - CDM - Dalibor scored 64 goals three sides, all from headers peices. However, his team managed to draw 3-3 and two players from the Polish competition must be seen, which is hard to say.Goran Karanovic - ST - 58 Another player who came off fifa 14 coins the bench to score three goals was Goran those 3 ofGallen in their 4-1 win.Rouwen Hennings - ST - 66 However, another hat but it contained in a fine. Hennings still scored three goals for Karlsruher and lack of options in the Bundesliga this week I think will be able to see on side.Tom Hitchcock safe enough - ST - 59 Tom is the third player to score a hat trick sofa week.Declan O'Brien - ST - 58 Another useless SI Irish scored a hat-trick. For those ofyou who are offline FIFA 14 players who enjoy a career mode instead of one of the hot topics of each year covers the sliding control FIFA 15 and what settings you should go for. Well, we have some testing done ... and we think we have a better experience than the defect is just some of the values ??of EA let us change adjust. Of course it would be nice to have more options slider but these are the cards that we have dealt.To access to FIFA 14 FIFA 15play Sliders go to FIFA 15 Settings and then use R1 to the user and CPU Customisation.FIFA 14 FIFA 15play FIFA 15play sliding Difficulty Settings scroll was: World Class / Professional FIFA 15 Speed: Normal Shooting / Passing / Crossing or Manual -Semilabrados by balls -Owner ** Adjust the following both the user and the CPU sliders Customization FIFA 15play Sprint - 46Shot Error - - 47Acceleration 50Pass Error - 54Shot speed - 48Pass - 52Injury frequency - 70Injury Gravity - 50Goalkeeper Capacity - 50Positioning: Brands - 65Positioning: Run Frequency - 70Positioning: Line height - 52Positioning: Line Length - 57Positioning: Line Width - 54Positioning: - Error 54First Touch Control - Fullback Positioning 47Power Bar - 50AS always treat it as a reference, these values ??because at the end of the day, FIFA 15 is an individual experience and should always be adapted to the way you want to play match play. We welcome all comments on their experiences with these institutions, good and bad in the comments. Because of the negative feedback to the user,
  • post Fixes have been made to the appearance of players - 16 October
  • As I appreciate any comments / advice this series. Finally, here is a short video showing some of the above in action. The countdown to the page has almost zero and marked today at 18:00 GMT the next generation Xbox console will be revealed to the world through live and the next generation of FIFA 15 as well. * Experience the next generation console #XboxReveal Theinnardsof streaming Link * Microsoft, codenamed 'Durango' are doing the rounds on the internet for many months through various leaks and most expect a reasonably close match Sony PS4, yes GDDR5 packing some serious power. But the most disturbing rumors NextBox havecenteredaround 'always on' Internet connections required, blocking used FIFA 15 and if the entertainment rather than the competitions take the lead role.This Microsoft is the ability to well and truly put things already and the E3 around the corner, it is unlikely that there will be anything (including the console) of the table, so expect big things when the show begins the new console later Microsoft tonight.Seeing, of course would be great, but to be honest are, the prospect of the next generation of FIFA 15 is well and truly stole the show for us, so let's get this show on the road. Fast. UPDATE: Streams can be difficult at times, so in addition to the relationship, it can also be transmitted through or FIFA Furthermore, it can be sent through your 360, there is a link on the dash.If you stuck somewhere and can not watch the stream, we will live to chat about the juicy brands on twitter so make sure to follow us. tic tac .... been a long time coming, but finally the first FIFA 14 Pro Clubs data have arrived. There is a very detailed blog on the site of EA SPORTS FIFA 15, but we have the changes in the list is reduced below. Pro Clubs fans think? FIFA 14 Pro Clubs First DetailsAttribute levels have been re-adjusted to the physical characteristics such as height and weight.The Global Virtual Pros peak in balance is to be reduced, so that players in the top-end feels less powerful .de and ldquo realistic ; ALL option has been removed from Drop-In Matches.Drop-in are now reduced to a maximum results of5v5.Drop user kits and team competition goods or stadiums.A new statistics screen for Pro online FIFA 15 includes guest parties, fut coins form tables, general statistics , and the ability to sort by position.Fixes have been made to the appearance of players.Players CPU to keep numbers kit FIFA 15.A renovated Club invite system now has a screen transfers and adequate warnings that appear on your EASFC hub.You Your club can nowrecommend other friends if you do not can now search for specific positions.This a manager.You clubs allows players to find or attract players based on the position play.Organising Club party is now easier asyou can now send messages to all members of the club online, even if everyone is playing different modes.The old Top 100 leaders have returned, plus a few extra screenshots Seasons leaderboard.A are below. And the same update is 'coming soon' to Xbox One.
  • post Re: 秦时明月 Qin's Moon - 15 October

  • Lu Yi 陆毅
    Michelle Chen 陈妍希
    Jiang Jinfu 蒋劲夫
    Sun Yi Chau 孙艺洲
    Xuenv 雪女
    Gao Jianli 高渐离
    Zhao Gao 赵高
    Siming 司命
    Feng 白凤

  • post Hello! I really like what you write, which is very appealing to me! Thank you ve - 15 October
  • Hello! I really like what you write, which is very appealing to me! Thank you very much!
  • post Re: What to watch? - 13 October

  • hello there... m looking for a chinese series that i watched years ago but cant remember the title or the whole story.... just remembered a part that he learned his inner strength by copying dolls that was given to him, and a part where he was invited to look at scriptures inside a cave but because he is uneducated and does not knw how to read... took the scriptures as pictures and was able to learn the martial arts there. also, because of his innocence he drank 3 bowls of wine that the others wont because of suspicion of poison, but turns out to be helpful to add your inner strenght

    please help me.... ??? ???
  • post Re: What to watch? - 13 October
  • Hi, how about Strange Hero Yi Zhi Mei?
  • post Re: Qin's Moon Season 5 Trailer!!!! - 13 October
  • OMG!!! The TRAILER! I can't wait for Season 5!! Please be ON AIR right now! LOL

    Wondering who the 'General' is, maybe he is one of the four characters?
    Han Xin met Zhang Liang, that means Liu Bang should appear soon??

    Gao Jianli injured and telling xuenu that there is a spy in the group!?!?
    Any idea about who is the spy??? I guess that he is saying Zhang Liang. ;)

    I wish I knew more Chinese so I could understand what was being said... like, what happened to Shao Yu's eyes at 2:06?
    Nothing is mentioned about what happened to Shao Yu's eyes, the voice just said that Shao Yu will see more things in the darkness, no matter he wish to see it or not.
  • post The Magic Blade 2012 - Eng sub? - 12 October
  • Hi guys, I've been wondering if you guys know where i can find The Magic Blade 2012 with english sub? I've been searching everywhere with no luck. It'd be much appreciated too if anyone can work on it.
  • post Re: Qin's Moon Season 5 Special Edition!! - 12 October
  • Thanks for doing that. I think these are the answers to your questions.

    "Afraid that you will lose too badly." ("lose too badly" seems a bit awkward...)

    instead of "too badly" how about "pretty badly" or "terribly"

    "What’s most important is that the dead are able to extricate themselves." (extricate?)

    What’s most important is that the dead are able to "free" themselves

    "Let's have a bet." (It seems more like a competition than bet?)
    Bet since that's what it means, competition doesn't imply a promise to do a deed

    "life is already cheap originally" (I'm not sure is "cheap" works here...)

    cheap = worthless?

    "Life may be more tenacious if one strives hard" (I'm not sure if "tenacious" works here...)

    no comment
    "Que Ge have its new owner again." (Is Nong Yu the owner, or does the Han general own Que Ge while Nong Yu resides in it?)

    Nong Yu I believe, since it's a golden cage and she a is a trapped bird.

    "Other ladies are weeping every day, but she is different." (Why are they weeping?)

    It's obvious because they will be forced to be his concubine, they are crying because they might end up dead or locked away forever. A lot of warlords grab the next pretty lady or was offered the pretty lady who are often unwilling especially with his rep.
  • post Re: Qin's Moon Season 5 Special Edition!! - 10 October
  • Thanks for the link to Shao Siming's episode, icrayray!

    And I have a link for all of you! It took me a while due to school and technical complications, but here is the first White Phoenix episode with English subtitles. I just used the translations that series series provided on page 2 since I am still only at a very beginner level of Chinese:

    I did tweak some of the phrasing in a few places, so let me know if that made the translation less accurate. Also, I had some questions about the wording that I did not change:
    "Afraid that you will lose too badly." ("lose too badly" seems a bit awkward...)
    "What’s most important is that the dead are able to extricate themselves." (extricate?)
    "Let's have a bet." (It seems more like a competition than bet?)
    "life is already cheap originally" (I'm not sure is "cheap" works here...)
    "Life may be more tenacious if one strives hard" (I'm not sure if "tenacious" works here...)
    "Que Ge have its new owner again." (Is Nong Yu the owner, or does the Han general own Que Ge while Nong Yu resides in it?)
    "Other ladies are weeping every day, but she is different." (Why are they weeping?)

    I hope my questions don't sound harsh. I'm very grateful for the translations, and I will keep working on subtitling the other episodes as well! It may take a while because of the papers I have to write for school right now, but I hope everyone can keep being patient until I have the next subtitled episodes ready. ^_^
  • post Re: Ballad of the Desert 大漠谣 (Da Mo Yao) - 10 October
  • I love Hu Ge!! So I will watch this series but he doesn't get the girl... :(
  • post Re: Ballad of the Desert 大漠谣 (Da Mo Yao) - 08 October

  • ...
  • post Re: Looking for a dama. please help - 06 October
  • tian ya ming yue dao
  • post Re: Looking for a dama. please help - 05 October
  • bump
  • post Re: Qin's Moon Season 5 Trailer!!!! - 05 October
  • Ah! How exciting!
    We have been waiting so long for season 5!
    I wish I knew more Chinese so I could understand what was being said... like, what happened to Shao Yu's eyes at 2:06?

    Haha, the ending where there was the promotion for the game is also quite funny!
  • post Looking for a dama. please help - 04 October
  • I'm looking for a series that was on viki but had been deleted and I can't remember the title.
    These are the things i do remember though
    Male Lead
    -The main character was a man who wore white and black clothes.
    -He had a huge sword that was named and famous.
    -In the beginning episodes everyone was trying to fight him.
    -everyone thought he was a statue in the 1st ep
    -His mother was really evil and beat him with a whip

    The lead female
    -she pretended to be drunk to still money from a pervert to help a group of orphan kids
    -cross dressed in the beginning where she met a 2nd main character who was also cross dressing (as a woman)

    There was a lot of martial arts in this movie. One scene that sticks out was when the 2nd male lead went to find the fist male lead and he to defeat moving (living) rocks

    I don't think this series was hugely popular, but i was enjoying it and really want to finish it. Any and all comments are appreciated!!
  • post Qin's Moon Season 5 Trailer!!!! - 04 October
  • I believe this is the long awaited, ACTUAL season 5 (not the special edition) trailer!!!

    I'm so excited about this, they finally have a trailer!! StarQ finally got started on season 5!!! Although, the trailer is relatively short and does not tell us much about season 5....

    But we do see....
    The seven sword slaves in action!!!
    Gao Jianli injured and telling xuenu that there is a spy in the group!?!?
    Yan Lu accepting a challenge from shengqi! Wonder how this fight will carry out!!!
    In the beginning they mentioned, in order to succeed on the "road to the kings" they must find four characters!?!?!

  • post Re: Qin's Moon Season 5 Special Edition!! - 04 October
  • Great job on the translations and thanks alot!!

    OMG so I'm not sure if any of you were aware of this but there is a new episode out about Shao Siming's past. This episode was actually released in august. Unfortunately, Shao Siming's past only encompasses one episode, I don't think they will do another episode on her past. Technically her episode was a means for promoting the Qin's Moon online game.

    Here's the link to Shao Siming's episode and enjoy!

  • post Re: Ballad of the Desert 大漠谣 (Da Mo Yao) - 01 October

  • ....


    :D :D :D
    Hu Ge Theme @ Ep 1 @ 2

    Ep 3 @ 4


  • post Re: Ballad of the Desert 大漠谣 (Da Mo Yao) - 30 September

  • ...




    Sound of the Desert 片头:彭于晏为你平定天下MV

  • post Re: Legend of the Ancient Sword 古剑奇谭 (Gu Jian Qi Tan) - 29 September
  • I heard about the game from my friend after posting my new love interest for the show of this game haha. I would love it if there is a translated version of this game. I can also help with proof-reading English too if it helps. I also heard from my friend that this game has so much DLC because some of the things are open-source and thus people make a lot of things such as outfits. Which is pretty cool IMO, something like Gaia Online, but in a form that we love. :D
  • post Re: Ballad of the Desert 大漠谣 (Da Mo Yao) - 28 September

  • MV for themesong 《为你平定的天下》

    Della Ding will be also included on the OST



  • post What to watch? - 27 September
  • Hello, can anyone recommend any good movie / series to watch?
    I'm looking for action/fantasy/comedy/ martial arts/mystery categories (the less romance the better).
    Any recommendations?
  • post 金光布袋戏 Golden Light puppet theater - 27 September
  • Opening of the current season

    The history of this series could be traced back to Shi Yan-wen the Scholar Swordsman (1970), the first Wuxia television puppet show in Taiwan ever.
    The continuity is long and complex, so it's quite difficult to get a synopsis for this series, but it's always Wuxia stories with some political and fantasy elements.

    In the respect of the traditions of the folk art, all dialogues are spoken in Southern Min instead of Mandarin, and the series never use more than one voice actor, the sole voice actor even take the role of singing the opening song sometimes!

    Puppets in action
  • post Re: The Legend of Qin Official Fan Site - 25 September
  • What happened to the official fan site? The link no longer works.... :(
  • post Re: Gai Nie - Ge Nie's English name change - 25 September
  • I'm usually opposed to these kind of changes (Cao Cao I can understand, but I don't think Ge Nie is anything like "genie" unless you combine "Ge" and "Nie" to make "Genie.")

    Still, I guess if you pronounce Gai Nie fast enough, it sounds about the same, no matter what spelling. :)
  • post Re: “Thousands Flowers of Bones” 花千骨 / The Legend of Hua Qian Gu 2014 - 25 September
  • 6







xxa beautiful city to visit

October 16, 2014, 08:59:05 AM by dada0312 | Views: 30 | Comments: 0

It was really great to see the guys play assembling much.After wanted it for some time, Brad Evans and Sounders Lamar Neagle become. Images are captured, shook hands, then we need to throw them in FIFA 15 both were very good, but not as good as the next guy, DeAndre Yedlin. This man was a nail in the World Cup, the United States of America, and so good at FIFA. Won three FIFA 15 in Seattle.We some Tottenham Roberto Soldado connected and Kyle Naughton also. Legend Ledley King also stopped to adjust all the scarves and shirts with Tottenham's new for us, everyone was cast teaser as beautiful as can be. It was very surprising to him yet. Soldado scored a hat-trick ... with himself. I'll let you...


June 30, 2014, 02:07:18 PM by zhaohui | Views: 315 | Comments: 0

love it see it. such a wonderful serials.

xxSeveral game modes are available as FIFA

June 30, 2014, 06:00:35 AM by cheapfifa14coin | Views: 324 | Comments: 0

Several game modes are available, including the Road to World Cup FIFA which allows you to take control of one of 203 selections and make the whole competition, starting with the qualifications to reach the final . Then you are in the shoes of coach and present your list of buy FIFA 14 Coins based on a preselection.

Small flat, you can choose between 40 players to compose your list, the national pool is not present as in FIFA 14 , which is still understandable given the large number of countries. If you do not want to go through the playoffs, then you can get started in the fashion FIFA World Cup 2014 to start directly with the group stag...

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